The Rest Cycle Intervention


The Spiritual Rest Cycle enables the Spiritual Energy Body to regenerate itself.  This regeneration on a Spiritual Level is what enables regeneration on a Physical Level to occur.


The settings for The Rest Cycle are unique to each individual. They are based on the being's unique spiritual function in the Creation. If the settings are exact, then the Suit regenerates throughout a life time. This is the best counteractive to the degeneration of aging which is, in part, the result of the decline of The Rest Cycle in the later years.


Most people have incorrect Rest Cycle settings due to the tampering of the Negativity as well as to life stresses which can interrupt The Rest Cycle and even stop The Rest Cycle. People suffering from Post Traumatic Stress Syndrome generally have a host of emotional and physical problems that result from a serious disruption of The Rest Cycle. People suffering from war, crime, childhood abuse, poverty, and the like, also have Rest Cycle disruption.


Incorrect Rest Cycle settings can also be passed down through the generations.  Black people, who are descendants of slaves, often have lost their Rest Cycle as the result of the extreme trauma engendered by slavery. This destruction of The Rest Cycle can lead to stress, anxiety, and depression that make life feel hard at a fundamental level.


Since the Negativity is trying to Harvest the low vibrational energies of people suffering from a damaged or missing Rest Cycle, it is necessary that a person receiving The Rest Cycle Intervention, which will replace a missing Rest Cycle or reset a damaged Rest Cycle, be in a protected Spiritual Space that the Negativity can’t enter to try to reset The Rest Cycle after the Intervention.


This protected Spiritual Space is a Life Support Station, which is a new kind of Miracle Tool that is strong enough to repel the kinds of suggestions and energies that can damage a newly replaced or repaired Rest Cycle.  


It is now possible and necessary for beings to live in a portable Life Support Station and to transform their residence into one as well.  I speak to the need for this in the article on The Life Support System which can be accessed at:



In terms of what it takes to reset The Rest Cycle, it requires a Source Intervention that resets it once and then the safety of The Life Support Station to ensure that the Reset holds because it is protected from the Negativity.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Rest Cycle Intervention is US $400.


How to Request The Rest Cycle Intervention 

When you have secured a Life Support Station for yourself, you can request The Rest Cycle Intervention and I will be able to provide it for you.  


To request this Intervention, you can access the link provided below.



How to Help Black People Receive The Rest Cycle Intervention

There are many Black people in America who lack a Rest Cycle, due to the legacy of slavery, who are in need of help by the White community to provide the Material Energy to restore The Rest Cycle.

It is important that White people step forward to provide the Material Energy either through an Energy Exchange or through a Financial Exchange.  In this way, this fundamental level of damage can be redressed and Black people can be given back the baseline of well-being that springs from a functioning Rest Cycle.

To contribute to helping Black people to receive The Rest Cycle Intervention, you can enter the amount of your Financial Contribution in The World that Works Fund below.

Contribute to The World that Works Fund

I would like to contribute $.00 to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works.


The Rest Cycle Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 


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