The Pathway Intervention 

Central to your ability to see the Integrated Picture of Reality, is your ability to see what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality – what I call the Inner Plane.  There is a Pathway in the Spiritual Mid-Brain that must be opened up fully for you to easily see what is happening on the Inner Plane.  Some people gradually open up this Pathway through interacting with me and with the miracles that I create for them – particularly with Miracle-Linked objects that give them a more physical and tangible connection to the spiritual energies of the Inner Plane.


It is important for people to accelerate their ability to see an Integrated Picture of Reality which includes the Inner Plane so they can understand how to support it in their lives.  I have, therefore, brought through a miracle that I call The Pathway Intervention that opens up the Pathway in the Mid-Brain that enables the Suit to pick up more accurately what is happening on the Inner Plane.  As you attune to the Inner Plane level of Reality, you can begin to experience what 90% of your consciousness is experiencing.  Once you can see what is happening on the Inner Plane, you can begin to work with the Source to build Heaven here where it must first be built before it can be built on the Outer Plane.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for The Pathway Intervention is US $500.



The Pathway Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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