The Miracle of Life Activation

Suits were created to have an Action Code that was part of The Core Source Code that was given in The Seed of Life that was latent in the Suit when it was first created. This Seed of Life contained what I have often referred to as The Miracle of Life that needs to be activated if the Suits are to live Life as Heaven.  


If beings had done their parts in The Set Up Phase of the Creation, the Source would have linked directly to The Seed of Heaven, activated The Core Source Code, and generated from the Action Code The Action Format. The Action Format would have enabled the Suit to receive precise Action Downloads that slot into the Action Format to enable the Suit to be capable of taking precise Source-Directed Action to build Heaven in the world.


When Suits refused to cooperate with the Source in following The Source Plan for The Set Up Phase, The Miracle of Life never got activated and Suits then lacked the most basic structure for taking in Action Downloads and processing them in The Action Format that would have enabled them to become Source-Directed Activists, building Heaven in their lives and in the world.


In the absence of this Activation of The Miracle of Life, Suits developed Self-Directed Action Formats designed to take in and process Hell Action Downloads from the Negativity that developed Personal and Cultural Stories about the meaning of life.  These Hell Action Downloads replicated the mutations of the Story World, which is a World of Suffering in which beings live The Hell Way of Life that leads to wars, crime, torture, and exploitation and to the diseases of the Suit that suffers from the stresses created by conflict and torment on the Inner and Outer Planes.


Suits with Self-Directed Action Formatting are not going to make it to the correct Source Directive Response Rate which rises with each new stage of The Transition. They are going to falter and fall short of the mark.


Because it was the responsibility of the Suit to provide the context in which The Miracle of Life could be activated by the Source, beings must step forward and provide the Source with the Material Energy needed for The Miracle of Life Activation.  This can now be accomplished by a Source Intervention that creates both the Miracle-Friendly Context in which this Activation can occur and carries out the multi-stage Intervention itself.


This Source Intervention:

  • creates the Miracle-Friendly Environment in which the link from the Source through to The Miracle of Life can occur
  • establishes the Link itself to The Source Code in The Miracle of Life despite the barriers of the Negativity that try to block this Ultimate Link
  • replaces the now outdated Source Code with Source Code that will provide an Action Format for life in the world as it is today, which is a world that is beset by the dangers created by the Negativity
  • sets up a Master Action Format for the Suit 
  • supplies a new Master Action Download to the new Master Action Format.  It is this Master Action Download that fundamentally orients the Suit toward The Love Connection with the Source and to becoming a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist who Stewards Life in the Creation. Without this the Suit is operating with a Master Hell Format with Hell Action Downloads that guide it into the camp of the Negativity that encourages it to continue living The Hell Way of Life designed by the Negativity to feed their Harvesting Operation.


With this Intervention, the Suit can build on a solid foundation of Source Receptivity that has been lacking without this step in The Set Up Phase being completed.


The Miracle of Life that contains the Source Code for basic levels of Suit functioning is critical to survival at this point in time.  Beings need to provide the Material Energy for this Activation so that they complete the part that they were required to play in The Set Up Phase of the Creation.  Only then can we move into The Heaven Phase where Action Downloads can come through Heaven Phase Technology to the Suit.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the Source Intervention for The Miracle of Life Activation is US $2400.

To request The Miracle of Life Activation, you can access the link provided below.


If you would like to request a Payment Plan, you can contact me with information on your financial circumstances and what amount you can pay per month and I will email you with information on whether there is enough Material Energy in The World that Works Fund to set up a Payment Plan. As you make monthly payments you would reimburse The World Fund so that the Material Energies can be available to help other Heaven Agents.  


The Miracle of Life Activation is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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