The Living the Love Intervention


At the heart of what it means to Live the Love that Makes Life Heaven is the art and science of Celebration.  When you really love someone you celebrate them – you cherish who they are and the miracle of their existence in your life. Nurturing and protecting them are natural extensions of the celebration of them in your life.


Beings were given a cache of Source Love in the beginning of the Creation which they were to use to set up The Correct Exchange System with the Source and to begin Celebrating their love for the Source and for all of Life.  This ongoing Celebration was intended to circulate the Source Love through their Suits, Energy Fields, and through the world creating the dynamic Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy into which the Miracle of Life as Heaven could manifest.


Celebrating a miracle that has arrived in the Manifest World is a key technical process that helps the manifestation to materialize completely.  The miracles that are Celebrated become Completed Manifestations. Those that are not may remain latent beneath surface. This is how you get Suits with only entity-like Story Character Personas on the stage of the life rather than the miracle of the Perfected Intelligence of the Soul on the stage.  


The Soul is a miracle that has to be Celebrated correctly if it is to manifest.  Without the proper level of Celebration, it remains in a latent form and all the life becomes is the robot Suit playing out the social roles that shape the Story Character Identity.


When beings chose to redirect the Source Love to greedily attach to the things and beings that they desired, they aborted the establishment of The Correct Exchange System and never instituted the Celebration Process that is essential to a Life that is Heaven.


The process of trying to get what they wanted at the expense of everyone else, led to tactics that promoted Stasis – the antithesis of the dynamic Dance of Life that is generated by Celebration.  They found that if they could encapsulate and slow down other beings, these beings would fall out of their alignment with the Source and lose the Source Protection that came from this alignment.  They were then easier prey.  


When encapsulated in a Static Energy Field, the Spiritual Particles of which they were made could be cut off from the gravitational pull of Source Love. Without the Integrating Force of Source Love, the Suit could be Fragmented and the Particles could be reconfigured into structures that allowed the Negativity to break into the Suit and harvest whatever Source Energies remained in the Suit.


Celebration, because it engenders dynamic Life activity that is not conducive to the Stasis that makes a Suit ripe for harvesting, became targeted for elimination by those who wanted to capture and harvest and destroy.  Because Suits instinctively know that celebrating is a key to life, the Negativity wasn’t able to entirely suppress the desire to celebrate.  Their tactic was to redirect the desire to celebrate into Pseudo Celebration that promoted Fragmentation such as the drunken Friday night party, sexuality turned into exploitation and abuse, and the celebration of culinary delights turned into addictions leading to impairments of the body such as obesity.

Many of the revered traditions of the Story Cultures created by the Negativity have at the heart of them Pseudo Celebrations that involve destructive practices that lead to illness and in some cases death.  For example, New Year celebrations result in increased drinking and highway fatalities. Fraternity Culture in the US has resulted in many cases of such extreme overuse of alcohol that death has occurred.  


Understanding the opposition of the Negativity to the Celebration of Life, I was careful when I started the Prototype Communities to enclose them in a protective Energy Dome before starting them on the Art and Science of Celebration.  This is because I knew that it was a very targeted activity.


Now we are at a point in our work of following in the footsteps of the Prototype Communities when we must initiate the Celebration Process. Without initiating Celebration at a very high level, it is not possible to achieve a high enough level of Spiritual Integration to meet the rising standards of the Source Perfected Universe.  Too much Stasis has set in and it is leading to life threatening levels of Fragmentation on individual and universal levels. 


We don’t have an Energy Dome that can protect our Global or Universal Community and there is such discord within the Community that a Dome would only lock in the discord and all the negativity that is behind it rather than protect the inhabitants of the Dome from the Negativity.


Understanding this situation, I asked my Source Function to design something that would work in our current circumstances. The Source Solution that it designed is The Living the Love Intervention.


This Intervention creates a protected Spiritual Space in which a being can Celebrate and what they Celebrate can be protected. 


I’ll describe below the various stages of this Source Intervention.


Stage One

The first stage is to install an Energy Reservoir of Celebration Energies in the heart chakra.  This should have been generated by the proper use of the Source Love Reserve in the beginning of the Creation, but since this was never done, it is easier to import the Celebration Energies to start the process.


Stage Two

The Celebration Energies are ignited in the heart chakra and begin The Dance of Life which enlivens the Spiritual Particles of which the manifestation is made so they begin to dance and move easily and naturally into the Configurations of Life that make Perfect Health possible.


Stage Three

As the Spiritual Particles move into place, the Consciousness of the being in the Extended Range, which is often outside of conscious awareness, begins to Celebrate Life – its own life, the Source who is Life, and the lives of all others in the Creation.


Stage Four

As the Extended Range Consciousness joins in The Dance of Life, the awareness of the activity of Celebration begins to reach the Conscious Range of the Suit.  It is then that the Suit awakens to the joy of Life as Heaven and begins to Celebrate at a conscious level.  This is when the Consciousness in the Conscious Range begins to clearly see the beauty of what has been Source-Created and see the difference between this and the Pseudo Creations of the Story World.  The Intervention then provides the Spiritual Structure of Celebration Traceways along which the conscious mind can travel to learn how to Celebrate only what is of Life and to stop engaging in the Pseudo Celebrations that engender death which is what results from a Fragmented Way of Life. 


Stage Five

As the continual movement of the Spiritual Particles in The Dance of Life continues on all levels, the Static Death Configurations of the Negativity that harbor the thought forms that promote the Fragmented Way of Life that engenders Death, get broken up by the high speed movement in the manifestation.  The Dance of Life becomes a more powerful force than The Dance of Death that had been prevailing in the Suit and shutting down the experience of the real joy of Life through Celebration.  Eventually The Dance of Life defeats The Dance of Death and Life prevails in the Suit and in the 6 concentric circles of the manifestation which includes the Suit and the auric field.  This is how Perfect Health is achieved on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.


If you look at the bodies of beings in the Prototype Communities, all of their Spiritual Particles are engaged in a joyous Celebration of Life.  Every encounter that they have with one another is a Celebration.  This is how their times together generate so much Celebration Energy that it is stored in a Reservoir and used to heal their bodies and prevent aging.  


To understand how Celebration Energies can be used to heal the body, you need to think of Celebration Energies as Reproductive Energies since they come from the heart chakra which is the center of The Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System which is the highest level of Intelligence in the Suit. 

Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence is complex enough to know how to align with the Source to preserve the complex manifestation of Life in a form.  It knows what the Spiritual Brain has never been able to know – the essential elements that are needed to sustain Life.  


A good example of Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence is the quality of intelligence in the Biological DNA that forms the structure of organic life. The DNA is operating from straight Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence.  It is not pontificating in a Left Brain Way about theories about what it should do next.  It is The Dance of Life incarnate, celebrating the flow of Source Love that is the essential ingredient that makes Life happen.  While there are biological processes that drive The Dance of the DNA, these are held in alignment with Life by the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence that maintains the quality controls for the biological processes.  While conditions of Fragmentation can throww off the DNA and cause genetic mutations, the majority of the time the DNA is able to produce organic forms that are in alignment with Life and which can becomes vehicles for Life.


While the Spiritual Brain is important in civilization builders such as humans, it should not override the more complex, Source-Given Intelligence of The Spiritual Reproductive System.  When it does so Pseudo Life is created that is very devoid of the energy of Life itself and is, therefore, like a cartoon world compared to the real world that is Source-Created. 


Story Culture is, essentially, like a cartoon world when compared to The Culture of Heaven that is Source-Created.  In the cartoon culture of the Story World bad things happen to people just as the cartoons children see on TV display many dysfunctional, unloving, and violent social scenarios. This is not the case in The Culture of Heaven as it is lived in the Prototype Communities.  In a Source-Created Culture, there is the security of a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own through a process of daily Celebration of who they are and the beauty of the Source Orchestrated Events of daily life that add up to the perfection of the ongoing Heaven Experiences that only become richer and more appreciated as a person progresses in their life.


When, in the Prototype Communities, people Celebrate and amass quantities of Celebration Energies, these energies have the vitality to jumpstart any part of the Suit that has declined into a more static pattern that makes it prone to disease – mental, emotional, physical, or spiritual.  When the Community spots trouble in any of the Suits of members of the Community, the Community directs the Celebration Energies to the person in need and breaks up the static energy.  When movement in the Spiritual Particles recurs, health is restored.


Because they have learned how to truly Celebrate one another, there is no hoarding of this life saving Celebration Energy.  There is only a joyous devotion to generating it and making sure that they always have enough to help every member of the Community.  This is their Community commitment to the Perfect Health that every member of the Community has enjoyed through the many thousands of years that these Communities have been in existence.


In our current era, it is no longer safe to build a Community Reservoir for Celebration Energies.  What is needed is for each person to choose to “become what is needed to support the Work of the Source through my Manifestation” and then whatever Celebration Energies they generate can be directed as they are produced to do the most good.  


In this way, the static energy fields of the Negativity that harbor the diseases that afflict the body, mind, and spirit and the social relationships of all beings, can be broken up and disintegrated.  In this way, the Global and Universal Community can begin to clean house, clearing away the negativity that resides in individuals, in social institutions and traditions, and in the energies of the physical surroundings.  Those in need of a jumpstart of Celebration Energy to preserve their health can receive it if enough members of the Community are actively working to produce this Energy through their full participation in the Celebration Process in their Conscious Range.  


Fully living an Integrated Way of Life and Celebrating it is what it takes to build the kind of Celebration Energies that stop the Negativity in its tracks and eliminate suffering in the world on every level.



The Correct Exchange 


The Material Energy for this Source Intervention has been provided by advanced members of The Universal Heaven Agent Network.  It, therefore, does not require a Financial Exchange.


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The Living the Love Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention. 


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