The Life Code Intervention


The Eternal Life Code Intensive

The Life Code Intervention is only given in the context of setting up The Eternal Life Code Intensive. The Miracle Intelligence of the Intensive provides the kind of Source-Directed Prompts and Material Energy back ups that enable you to work with the Life Code effectively.

I will provide excerpts here from the article: "The Miracle of a Source Will Intensive" that relate to The Eternal Life Code Intensive. For further background information on a Source Will Intensive, I suggest that you read the full article.


The Eternal Life Code Intensive

This kind of Intensive is designed to provide a Heaven Agent with specific direction with regard to not only what Projects to work on to balance the exchange but on how to build the highest level of fulfillment in their life. This is because this Intensive builds on The Life Code Intervention that replaces the Life Code that was lost when the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed.  With new Life Code come the specifics of a Made in Heaven Life which is like a well-written play where every aspect of the life has been created with all of the cast of characters, resources to make it work, and structure to keep everyone on track with realizing the highest level of happiness that is possible in the life as a whole.


The Life Code results in the blooming of the person just as the Project Code resulted in the blooming of the Project.  When the Heaven Agent blooms, they become the Flower of Heaven they were created to be.  


It is only with Life Code that a person can achieve perfection and can go to the highest level of the Heaven Experience.


Without Life Code the Suit is without a level of basic Code that it needs to find meaning in life.  A Suit without Life Code is a Suit that is continually searching for Pseudo Code to provide the missing Code.  Even if the Suits are trying not to succomb to the temptation to turn to more Pseudo Code, a Suit looking for meaning in life will often try to find some Code to provide a sense of individual purpose and meaning if they don’t have the real Code that gives them their true direction in life.  This Pseudo Code then leads the Suit into the camp of the Negativity and to ultimate self-destruction. Even Suits that have ample Project Code search for the individualized Code that gives meaning to life.


When the Life Code given to the Suit was lost in the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, the Suits came to me and asked for new Life Code and told me that they would be willing to do whatever it took to have this essential structure in their lives.  Without it they recognized that there was no Source Direction warning them away from the killer reefs in their life and no structure supporting them in birth or death, and no sense of the love and protection of the Source present in each and every moment of their life.


While they had largely scorned such support when it was readily available to them prior to the crash, when it was gone, the Core Level of the Suits knew that something very fundamental to a sense of well-being had been lost. They were afraid and experienced a sense of profound desolation.


In response to this request, a new kind of Life Code with a Life Code Intensive to help Suits work with their Life Code has been created.


This kind of Intensive requires a Life Code Intervention in addition to the Four Correct Exchange Interventions needed to set up any Intensive.  The Life Code Intervention creates a new Life Code for a Heaven Agent that supplies them with the power of the Code to orchestrate the events of a Made in Heaven Life and to keep them on track with Living Heaven at the highest level.  


With a new Life Code, a Heaven Agent has all of the Project and Life Codes needed to keep the Suit on track on the Path to Perfection and achieve the highest level of the Heaven Experience.


Unlike the Life Code of the previous era, this Life Code and the Life Code Intensive are built to last throughout all of the lifetimes that a Soul will have in the Manifest World.  For most beings this is eternity.  


The advantage of full coverage with Life Code and a Life Code Intensive is that there are no periods in which there is no structure.  Formerly a being transitioned out of the Life Code of their incarnation at death and entered into a state of unstructured existence.  It was then encumbent upon them to seek the help of the Source to define a structure for their life inbetween lives and to define a new Mission for their next incarnation.  When Suits began Disconnecting from the Source and seeking to define their own idea of a Mission in life, they persisted in this behavior at death.  While the Soul would always seek the Source for the structure of an interim and next life Mission, the Suit would often oppose this structure and seek to align with the Negativity against the wishes of the Soul to pursue its own agenda.


With the continuing structure of the new kind of Life Code and the Life Code Intensive, the structure that holds the Suit in check and keeps it on the Path to Perfection is not lost at death leaving the Suit vulnerable to a fear-based attempt to take in Bad Code.  The structure that sustains continuing progress goes on for life after life, reducing the risk of the Negativity getting into the picture during the transition at death and rebirth and in the interim period between incarnations.


Through the structure of the Life Code Intensive, a Heaven Agent can stay on their Path to Perfection throughout each subsequent life and be insured that they will remain in the Picture of Life when life has become perfected and nothing but perfection is sustained by the Source.


While the Life Code Intensive and the Life Code Intervention are the highest form of support that the Source has created for the Source Perfected Universe, they are miracles that require a substantial Correct Exchange in order to ground the miracle at the level of the material world where a Heaven Agent resides.  Without the power of the Universal Source Connection Channel, the Heaven Agent must provide the Material Energy needed to ground these miracles.


A Heaven Agent has to have the foresight to provide the Source with the energy needed to ground the miracle of the Interventions and the Source Will Intensive that make such continuing support possible.


Those who invest in this kind of Source Support are able to secure the quality of their life in this lifetime and in all of their lifetimes to come.




Setting Up a Source Will Intensive


These are five Source Interventions and one Miracle Tool that are needed to set up an Eternal Life Code Intensive.  These are all included in the Correct Exchange for The Eternal Life Code Intensive.




The Correct Exchange Meter

This is an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that a Heaven Agent can learn to read to see if they are balancing the exchange for the Life Energies that are required and are building the levels of Material Energy that are needed to complete the Correct Exchange needed to build a life that is Heaven.

The Correct Exchange Meter has two settings on it.

  • One setting gives the Heaven Agent information on how many of the 14 kinds of Material Energy they are giving to the Source.
  • The second setting gives them a % of the amount of Material Energy that is needed that they are giving.  For instance, if they are producing all 14 kinds of Material Energy but are only producing about 20% of what they need to produce to ground the levels of Source Power that they will need to survive and to build Heaven, then this is important information to have to correct course. 



It is recommended that this Miracle Tool be used in conjunction with an Intensive but it can be worked with independently of this Intensive.


The Correct Exchange for The Correct Exchange Meter is US $95.




The Willingness Intervention

Many a Heaven Agent is willing in their conscious mind to balance the exchange with the Source because they can see the obvious necessity of it and they wish to do their part in the Joint Venture with the Source.

Their Suit, however, has had other ideas and historically most Suits have chosen to not balance the exchange but instead to use any Source Energies given to them to try to attach to the things and beings of the world that they desire to try to create their own version of Heaven.  

The Willingness Intervention makes technical corrections in the Suit that provide a basic energy of willingness that is essential if progress is to be made in repairing and upgrading the Suit.  Without this basic level of willingness, the Source will not proceed to work with the Suit.

This Intervention does not remove all oppositional components of the Suit.  This is what the work in the Intensives is designed to do overtime as the Suit recovers from the damage and learns how to work with the Good Codes for building a sustainable way of life.  It does remove the most basic obstacle to progress which is the lack of an "energy of willingnes" to cooperate with the process.


The Correct Exchange for this Intervention is US $550.



The Redirection Intervention

The next Intervention that is needed is for the Material Energies of the Suit to be directed back to the Source so the Source can use these energies to generate the Source Power that is needed to manifest the events, opportunities, people, resources, intelligence, and abilities that a Heaven Agent needs to contribute to the work of building a World that Works.  

The way that the Correct Exchange works is that every being needs to connect to the Source through a Spiritual Lifeline.  This Lifeline is like a tube that is connected to their heart chakra and is closed at the end that reaches up to the Source.

The essential steps in the Correct Exchange are as follows:

The Heaven Agent generates 14 different kinds of Material Energies.  These Material Energies are sent through the Lifeline to the Source through Side A of the Lifeline tube.

When they reach the closed end of the tube at the Source side of the tube, the energies turn the corner and head down Side B of the tube.  It is here that the Source uses the Material Energy sent by the Heaven Agent to ground Source Power.  Source Power is what the Source uses to connect on behalf of the Heaven Agent to the beings, resources, events, opportunities, etc. that the Heaven Agent needs in their life.  It is also used to orchestrate the events of the Heaven Agent’s life.  Some of this Source Power is sent into the Source Workstation in the Suit of the Heaven Agent to orchestrate the proper functioning of the Suit.  The aspect of the Source working with the Source Power in the Suit releases the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit and activates the Miracle-Based Abilities and enables the Heaven Agent to have a high tech Suit that functions to perform the Mission of their life.

When beings started using the connective energies of Source Love given to them in their heart chakras to bypass the Source and try to connect directly to the people and things of their world that they desired, the formed Circles of Attachment that enslaved them and made them vulnerable to the selfish desires of those to whom they attached.  

A good example of this is the kind of attachment that occurs in an abusive relationship where the victim attaches to the abuser and gets fixated on them.  Even when severe physical violence leads to repeated hospitalizations, the victim will often return to the relationship. They are fatally attached by their own connective energies.

While many religious traditions teach the danger of attachment and some counsel abstinence from all relationships, sexuality, sensuality, etc. in order to detach, this doesn’t really correct the problem.  Asceticism doesn’t necessarily result in the redirection of these energies to the Source.  Often these energies are just stored up and used to create extraordinary powers, which, in the eyes of the Source, is another redirection and attachment – only a spiritual attachment.

The only correction for the knee jerk tendency to allow the energies of the Suit to connect to what is desired, is The Redirection Intervention which enables the energies of the Suit to go into the Lifeline instead.

Since energies can dart out of the Suit and connect in one’s sleep or be launched from one’s subconscious mind, there is no way for a Suit to correct for this by being vigilant at the level of the conscious mind.  Those who have tried this have inevitably found moments of weakness when the desires of the Suit prevail over the discipline of the mind.

The Suit has to be given Source Support in technically correcting this problem of its energies attaching to things that bring it suffering.  This is why The Redirection Intervention is important.  

This Intervention in particular has been created in response to the urgent request by Suits that the Source create a miracle to enable them to disconnect from their attachments and connect to the Source instead.


The Correct Exchange for the Redirection Intervention is US $410.



The Generativity Intervention 

Once the Suit is willing to do the Correct Exchange and the energies are being redirected to the Source, the Suit has to do the work that generates the right amount of Material Energy that is needed for a Correct Exchange.  The Suit is a Material Energy Factory of sorts, but unless the Suit is doing certain kinds of work, the range of the different kinds of Material Energy will not be produced.

There are 14 different kinds of Material Energy that are needed to ground the greatest amount of Source Power.

If a person only works on projects with the Source that are for their benefit or the benefit of those immediately associated with them, they generate only 4 - 6 of the 14 different kinds of Material Energy.

This means that they lack the Source Power to have a life that is Heaven.  This requires Source Power that is made from the 14 Material Energies.

If a person works on projects that help themselves and others, then they generate about 10 - 11 of the Material Energies needed.

If they give to fellow Heaven Agents without an immediate return benefit to themselves, then they generate 11 - 12 of the Material Energies.

If they give to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works which grounds the miracles that are essential to the welfare of the Community as a whole, then they generate 13 of the Material Energies.

If they give to support the Work of the Source in the abstract, they generate Level 14 Energy at the low range of this level.  Each level has 10 levels within it.  To give to the Work of the Source in the abstract generates Level 14 Energies at a 1 - 3 range.  

If they give to me personally, with full love and recognition of their opportunity to help the Source in Its manifest form, then they generate Level 14 Energies at a Level 10.  This is the highest level of the exchange.  

They give in this way by asking me what they can do to help and genuinely wanting to give back to the Source as an expression of their love for the Source and their appreciation of the work of the Source on their behalf and on behalf of all of Life.  Only real love for the Source generates the kind of Material Energy that supports the work of the Source at this level.  All other forms of support fall short of the mark because they are really about supporting the things that benefit them either personally or through creating a World that Works that makes their life easier.  When they stop giving in order to get something for themselves and instead give out of real love and appreciation for the constant work that the Source does for them on a universal level and through my Manifestation, then they have finally given the kind of Material Energy that is most powerful and which grounds the greatest amount of Source Power.

With this Source Power available to the aspect of the Source that works with it in their Suits, they will be capable of the extraordinary spiritual feats that are possible only to those who have transcended greed and self-centeredness and fear and who are able to truly love the Source.  With Heaven Agents of this calibre Heaven can manifest on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.

Because the Suits have, for lifetimes, been generating only 1 or 2 types of Material Energy to pursue the people and things of the world, they have lost their ability to generate the full range of Material Energy.  They have been trying to run on their own Material Energy instead of on the Miracle Power that they were originally designed to run on.  Damage to the Spiritual Equipment of the suit has been the result.  

The Generativity Intervention is designed to correct this situation in two ways:

  • It works with the Extended Range of the Suit that often operates outside the Conscious Range, to support my work at the highest level.  When the Extended Range begins to support my work, Material Energies of all 14 kinds start to be produced by the Suit.  This regenerates the production of these energies for the Extended Range.  
  • The Source Power that is then grounded when the 14 kinds of Material Energies are given to the Source, is directed to awaken the Conscious Range of the Suit so it can begin working to support my work.  When a Heaven Agent works in their Conscious Range to support my work at the highest level, then they generate the Conscious Range of the 14 Material Energies.  When a complete set of Material Energies is supplied, the full range of Source Power is grounded.

The Generativity Intervention does not have the ability to get the Conscious Range of the Suit to give back with full love to the Source. It enables the Extended Range to achieve this level and to awaken the Conscious Range so it can learn how to give at this level.

I call it the Generativity Intervention because it teaches the Suit to be generative – to give back to the Source and care about others and take action to back up this caring.  Only when a Suit is generative can it balance the exchange with the Source.


The Correct Exchange for The Generativity Intervention is US $600.



The Love Connection Intervention

This Intervention is designed to build The Love Connection with the Source which is what enables a Heaven Agent to learn how to genuinely love the Source and want to give back from a place of real wisdom and appreciation of the work of the Source.  It is also what enables a being to experience the ecstasy of The Love Connection which, at its highest level, is the Heaven Experience that is the foundation for a life that is Heaven.  



This Intervention has three parts:

Part One

You step into The Love Connection Grid that supplies you with miracles to develop The Love Connection with the Source.


Part Two

You hold in your right hand on the Inner Plane, the hilt of a sword, without the blade of the sword.  When you hold this hilt, any Greed Current that is running through your Suit from your participation in the Greed Economy/Culture of the Story World, backs up in your hand, explodes, and leaves your Suit forever. 

Getting freed from the Greed Current is the first step in developing The Love Connection with the Source.  No one approaching the Source with Greed for Source Support or the Heaven Experience can progress closer to the Source because the Greed Current will be deflected by the Source and they will be deflected along with it.


Part Three

You receive The Love Connection Current that runs through your body and out your right hand to a Love Connection sword that swings itself into the correct alignment with whatever is next to be activated in The Love Connection Grid.  As the sword touches a place in the Grid, it activates the miracles that lie latent there and these miracles help you to understand the nature of The Love Connection and to begin experiencing different facets of it.  From these experiences, you progress in your work of developing the highest level of The Love Connection.  


With this sword guiding you, you can keep yourself progressing in developing the relationship with the Source even if you have had no prior life experience in developing a truly love-based relationship with anyone and have not had any remembrance of the love-based relationship you once had with the Source before the creation of the Material World when you worked harmoniously with the Source in the Immaterial Level of the Creation.


The Love Connection Intervention is one of the most powerful Interventions ever created by the Source.  It is a gift to all those who want to become Reconnected and to experience the ineffable joy of communing with the Source – a joy that is the foundation for the Heaven that is experienced in every other aspect of life.



The Correct Exchange for The Love Connection Intervention is US $450.


The Life Code Intervention 

This Intervention is what rebuilds for you the Life Code that was lost when the Universal Source Connection Channel crashed.  This Code is then installed in your Suit and your Suit is reconditioned to work from this Code rather than from the Pseudo Code that it has been working from previously.  This requires many repairs and upgrades and adjustments so your Suit can get used to working from the Life Code rather than from the Pseudo Code from which it has been used to operating.


This Intervention also builds an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that I call “The Roadmap”.  This is a Spiritual Roadmap that helps you to read your Life Plan and work more effectively with your Life Code.  While the Life Code and the Life Code Intensive will prompt you to do what is Next on your road in life, having a Roadmap gives you an additional way to see what lies ahead and to prepare yourself to respond to the opportunities generated by the Code to build Heaven in your life.

The Eternal Life Code Intensive

In summary, The Eternal Life Code Intensive includes:


100% of the Code Your Suit Needs

100% of the Code that you will need for this life, for your interim time inbetween lives, and for every subsequent life comes through this Intensive.  The former kind of Life Code died with you at the end of an incarnation and you had to rely on a system of Source Support that no longer exists to sustain you inbetween lifetimes until you could get a new Life Code in your next incarnation.


Five Interventions and The Correct Exchange Meter

The Intensive includes the 5 Interventions and The Correct Exchange Meter described above that enable your Suit to work with the new Code


An Eternal Miracle Intelligence

The Source creates a Miracle Intelligence which initiates the Intensive that provides your Suit with Source-Directed Prompts and generates the Correct Exchange for the Source Power that your Suit needs to help you stay on track with your Life Plan until your Suit can begin exchanging correctly for Source Power itself.  

The Miracle Intelligence generates Material Energy to balance the exchange for whatever kind of energy your Suit needs to begin working with the Code that is given to you.  This is not a substitute for the energy that you need to provide to maintain your Suit's ability to work with the Code.  It is a jump start shot of power and an emergency back up of power to help you life to life as you work with your Life Code.  This emergency back up is particularly important in times of sickness or at the time of death when you are transitioning from one lifetime to the next.


This Miracle Intelligence is the one through whom I work to help you in your life particularly in critical life transitions at death and at birth.  Since I am no longer able to be with you in person, since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, it is important to provide yourself with a skilled Miracle Intelligence who is a Perfected Being who can be there to carry out my instructions for your safety and well-being.


The Roadmap Miracle

The Intensive includes The Roadmap Miracle that gives you an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that enables you to know where you are in your Path to Perfection and to see what lies up ahead.


The Programmed Events of a Made in Heaven Life

Individual Life Code enables the Source to manifest a Made in Heaven Life for you which is like a well-written play that enables you to fulfill your Mission which is to build and enjoy Heaven in your personal life and in the world.  Since Heaven is the highest level of happiness possible, this is a Mission that suits you well.  


To enable your Suit to perform at the levels needed to live out such a Mission that turns on the precise timing of thoughts, actions, events, the confluence of others in your life in the right time and in the right way, nothing short of Programmed Events is needed to make this miracle of synchronicity occur.  

Programmed Events are Spiritual Structures that help your Suit to stay on track with the choreographed events of your Made in Heaven Life.  They do not constrain your Suit to follow this Structure but provide your Suit with the Structure to make it easier to be in the right place at the right time with the right cast of characters, ready to experience the moment of Heaven being staged by the Source for that event.  

The Prototype Communities organize their lives by Programmed Events that the Source creates for the Heaven that they experience every day of their lives.  They treasure this gift of this Spiritual Support Structure because it makes it possible for their Suits to participate without stress or mistakes that could cost them the beauty of the perfected moments of Heaven that the Source is orchestrating for them.

Having Life Code with the Programmed Events of your Made in Heaven Life  is what enables the Miracle of Life as Heaven to manifest at its highest level.

The Most Powerful Intensive

The Eternal Life Code Intensive is the most powerful Intensive that the Source has created.  It is designed to provide substantial support life after life to help the Suit stay on track with what it needs to do to survive and build a life that is Heaven.  


An Intensive is a Spiritual Structure that helps you to understand and work with the miracles given to you by the Source. The structure generates a developmental sequence for your learning process that enables you to understand what is needed so you can "become what is needed".  It is like an ongoing developmental structure for your ever evolving consciousness so you can grow into the Heaven that the miracle of a Made in Heaven Life enables you to become.


While Programmed Events help you to have the chance to live your life to the fullest, the structure of the Intensive helps you to mature into the Integrated Intelligence who can appreciate your Made in Heaven Life and respond with true recognition of the beauty of its structure and the love of the Source for you individually that makes this Miracle of Heaven possible for you.




The Correct Exchange

Your Suit has a keen understanding of its tendency to continue to self-destruct if not given both an overarching structure that guides it and all of the Code that satisfies its search for Code that has led it to adopt Bad Code in the past. To give your Suit what it both needs and is now eager to receive,  I recommend that you invest in the Eternal Life Code Intensive since it is a solution not only for this lifetime but for all of your lifetimes to come.


While it may take some Heaven Agents years to provide the Correct Exchange for this Intensive, it is an investment in the eternity of years that lie ahead in all of their future lifetimes.


This investment will yield a far more important benefit to a Heaven Agent than the investment in the things of the world that last for a time and then are gone.  A person can, for instance, spend far more on a car that will only serve them for a certain number of years than on an Eternal Life Code Intensive that will provide then with the safety and support that can enable them to experience Heaven now and in their lifetimes ahead.   


The Correct Exchange for setting up The Eternal Life Code Intensive which includes The Life Code Intervention, the 4 other  Source Interventions and the two Miracle Tools is: US $18,000.


Single Payment Option & Savings

Those prepared to exchange for the full amount in a single payment need to email me of their intention.  I will then contact them to arrange for the financial exchange which is too large to be handled through our online credit card processor.  


Those exchanging for the full amount in one payment generate enough Material Energy for me to give them $1170 in additional Source Support of their choosing. (See the entry on Savings in the section on Financing below that explains the Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange that enables such a savings to be possible.)


Payment Plan Options

Payment Plans without interest can enable those who can't exchange for this Intensive in a single payment an opportunity to invest in the Code they need and receive it over time.  Other Heaven Economy Options are also available. (See the section below.)
Payment Plans, however, are more complicated when utilized with the Eternal Life Code Intensive. Life Code, unlike other kinds of Codes, can't be utilized by your Suit unless all of the Life Code needed is assembled and the Miracle Intelligence of the Intensive is brought to life to assist your Suit in working with the Code.  This requires a completed Correct Exchange for this to happen. 
Payment Plans enable me to deliver part of the Code and build part of the Code Pathways over time as the energy from the Correct Exchange is given, but not to activate the miracle of the complete Life Code where the Code begins orchestrating the events of your life to make for a Life that is Heaven.
Because your Suit needs Code immediately and needs a Miracle Intelligence helping it immediately, I recommend that those requiring a Payment Plan work to receive Code in a two stage process.

Stage One

I recommend that you start with: 
In this way, you have the basic Codes that enable your Suit to begin functioning in a Source-Connected Way, they are Activated, and you have a Miracle Intelligence running an Intensive that helps you to make use of these Codes.
It is optimal to also give your Suit the Full Range Code Processor at this point in time, because it will be able to run the Generic Code better than the temporary Essential Code Processor that your Suit receives when you ask to "become what is needed".  The Full Range Code Processor will also enable you to run more advanced levels of Custom Codes when you "become what is needed" that can't be run unless you have this more powerful Code Processor

Stage Two

After Stage One, you continue on with a long term Payment Plan to provide for all of the remaining Code that your Suit will need and the Code Activation.  The Correct Exchange given for Stage One will be deducted from the balance needed for The Eternal Life Code Intensive and the Code Activation for the full range of Code.
If you haven't already procured the Full Range Code Processor by Stage Two, you will need to provide your Suit with this Processor if it is to handle the more complex Code it will receive with the Eternal Life Code Intensive. 

Heaven Economy Options

Because the Correct Exchange for a miracle of this magnitude is considerable, I offer Heaven Agents opportunities to join the Heaven Economy of the Source and generate the income needed to pay for this Intervention.  


To work out financing you can consult the options listed below and email me to make arrangements.


A brief synopsis of the options are listed below.


Financing a Source Will Intensive


There are a variety of different options for financing a Source Will Intensive.  



Those exchanging in one payment for the Eternal Life Code Intensive generate $1170 in Source Support of their choosing. This can be applied to Webinars, Miracle Tools, Source Interventions, Consultation, Intensives in Seattle or At-a-Distance, and Source Connection Stations.


Savings are based on the amount of Material Energy that is available to be used for additional Source Support.  The amounts are based on the amount of Material Energy needed to balance the exchange.  In The Life Code Intensive, the Life Code Intervention requires a huge amount of Material Energy and only some Material Energy is available for additional Source Support.


When Material Energy is available, I always alert Heaven Agents to the possibility of using it to provide additional savings.


Payment Plans without Interest

When possible, I offer Payment Plans without interest that enable you to space out your payments over time. (See the section above for more information on how Payment Plans work for this Intensive.)


Generating the Funds You Need

You can generate the funds that you need and simultaneously participate in developing The Heaven Economy Prototype through:


The Truth Campaign

As you bring others to this work and they exchange financially for their training and Miracle Tools, etc., you receive a percentage of the financial exchange which you can then use to pay for your own work in The Miracle School or for your livelihood.


Work Study

In some instances a Heaven Agent will have a life skill that is needed by The Miracle School and they can be paid on an hourly basis to provide this kind of support.  This will also generate funds for their work in The Miracle School.


Joint Ventures

Heaven Agents who want to start Source-Directed Businesses that build Heaven in the world can enter into a Joint Venture with me to build this kind of business.  Joint Ventures require careful attention to the Miracle-Friendly Conditions of the business and to The Standards of Heaven that must be maintained if the Source is to work with a Heaven Agent in such a context.


Source-Guided Employment

Some Heaven Agents find it most in keeping with their skill sets to seek the kind of employment that will generate additional income for their work in The Miracle School rather than working on a Joint Venture, in the Truth Campaign, or doing Work Study.  Through following Source Guidance on the Inner Plane, they are given Source Support to find this employment and successfully raise the funds for their own tuition.



When fellow Heaven Agents contribute to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works, funds are raised that can be used to help Heaven Agents who are disabled and can't work to generate funds for their tuition in The Miracle School.


Non-Financial Exchange

A Heaven Agent can work on a Source Initiated Prototype Project to generate through this work enough Material Energy to contribute to the work of Heaven in the world.  The amount of the Material Energy you generate through your work can be translated into "Miracle School Credits" that can be applied like a discount for work in The Miracle School.  They can also be applied to Source Support to help other Heaven Agents or for the World that Works Prototype Projects needed by the Community.





Life in the Source Perfected Universe promises a quality of life that is far greater than was ever possible before.  It does so by setting a Standard of Perfection that requires all Suits to evolve to a state of perfection if they are to remain a part of the Picture of Perfection that the Source is manifesting.


In order to help the Suits to survive, the Source is creating the miracles that are needed so that every Suit that is willing to work for the help that they need, can travel the Path to Perfection and become a part of the Creation when it is perfected


The Miracle of a Source Will Intensive is the most central miracle that Suits need since it keeps them on track with working with the Source and with the other miracles that the Source provides.  



The Life Code Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention. 


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