The Integration Intervention

When a person moves closer to the Source, they are suffused with Source Love which brings all of the particles of which they are made, which have been scattered in a state of Spiritual Fragmentation, back into a state of Spiritual Integration. These Spiritual Fragments come together like pieces of a puzzle that complete the picture of a spiritually integrated being.


While a state of perfect Spiritual Integration is the goal, when Spiritual Fragments that have become imbued with negative thought forms and are operating as negative intelligences vying for control of the Suit are brought back into alignment with one another, they can form negative alliances that can attempt to overpower the Spiritual Fragments that have a genuine desire to become Source-Connected. 


This phenomenon is something like land masses that have separated from a continent, coming back and re-joining the continent.  If on the land masses are high tech criminals that can now board each other’s land masses and form alliances and attack the mainland where those seeking to remain Source-Connected reside, then a potential insurrection that could overpower the mainland could occur.


While the Source-Connected Suit Container that beings received in 2014 has prevented Negative Networks between Spiritual Fragments, it has not prevented the kind of alliance that happens when Spiritual Integration combines the Spiritual Fragments back into an integrated unit.


Since Negative Spiritual Fragments far outnumber Positive Spiritual Fragments in most Suits, this threat is significant.  


Before I began my Transition, I had the kind of material Catalyst Energy that could prevent such an insurrection from occurring.  Now that I have less material Catalyst Energy, it is necessary for beings to seek the help of The Integration Intervention.


What this Intervention does is to put a container around all of the Negative Spiritual Fragments to prevent them from interfacing with one another to form Negative Alliances. This gives the being a chance to understand the content and choose to release from it without having an insurrection overtake the Suit.


When the being releases the negative content in the Spiritual Fragment, the container destroys the content, leaving the part of The Field of Consciousness on which the negative content existed intact. This is like clearing the returning land masses of the criminals on it and enabling the being to regain control over the territory that it needs to live out a fully manifested Source-Connected Life.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Integration Intervention is US $500.  To request this Intervention you can access the link provided below:



The Integration Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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