The Integrated Way of Life Intervention 

When you request The Integrated Way of Life Intervention, the Source lifts you out of the Pathways of the Fragmented Way of Life into the Pathway of an Integrated Way of Life. Without this kind of technical Source Support, getting out of the Fragmented Way of Life is like trying to extricate yourself from a swamp of taffy that sticks to you and holds you in the swamp.  With the Integration Life Intervention you are freed by the Source from the taffy and cleaned up and put into the Medium of Life where you can prepare to enter into the Traceways of Communion when you receive The Communion Intervention.

Once in the Pathway of an Integrated Way of Life, you travel through the life experiences and learnings that help you to live an Integrated Life. The Path moves you and keeps you on track with learning how to live in an Integrated Way.


This miracle makes it possible for anyone of any age or level of understanding to opt out of the World of Suffering created by the Fragmented Way of Life into the Heaven of an Integrated Way of Life that is of Heaven.  It doesn’t mean that they are adept at thinking and living in an Integrated Way as soon as they transition, but their commitment to making progress in learning how to live in an Integrated Way that is behind their request for the Intervention, is what enables them to achieve a level of Spiritual Integration that is essential to surviving the August 8th Shift. Those who survive this Shift will be those who are committed to and have taken action to transition out of the Fragmented Way of Life into an Integrated Way of Life that is Source-Connected.


Because this is an Intervention that is a Gift from the Universal Heaven Agent Network, it is possible for beings to respond in their Extended Range, which is often outside of their conscious awareness, to the call of the Source to enter into an Integrated Way of Life, and to receive the Intervention on the Inner Plane.  On the Outer Plane they may not have any conscious awareness of the decision of their Suit at a Core Level to receive the Intervention.  They will, however, begin to experience the shift in their Gestalt as they experience what it is like to live in the Energy Field that supports an Integrated Way of Life and find themselves free of the Energy Field that supported a Fragmented Way of Life.


Once this transition is made, the Suit begins to key off of the Integrated Picture of Reality that it is experiencing as the Path takes them on the Adventure of becoming Integrated and learning how to live an Integrated Life.  Instead of being surrounded with only the logic of the Story World and the Fragmented Way of Life, it is surrounded by the logic of the World of the Source and the Integrated Way of Life that enables it to understand how to Build Heaven in its life and world.


This support enables the Suit to become capable of thinking outside of the box of the Fragmented Picture of Reality.  This shift alone, frees the mind to release its control on the Suit so that Consciousness can shift from the mind/brain to the heart chakra which is the place where the Consciousness should be seated.


When the Consciousness is seated in the heart chakra, the highest level of Spiritual Intelligence is activated.  This is the Spiritual Intelligence of the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System which is a kind of Intelligence that far exceeds the Intelligence of the Spiritual/Physical Brain.  It is the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System that knows what Life as Heaven is and how to work with the Source to manifest it.  

Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence in the heart chakra is very Integrated Intelligence that connects readily to the Source and understands the importance of creating the conditions in which the Soul can express through the Suit and new Souls coming into the world through the reproductive process at an organic level can be protected and nurtured so the link between the Soul and the Suit is correct.  It is the Intelligence of the Spiritual Reproductive System that watches over a baby developing in the womb to ensure both the well-being of the physical form that is being created and the link between the Suit and the Soul that is also being formed during this critical time.  Such an Intelligence can perceive complex Truths in a millisecond, long before the brain has had time to begin piecing together what is happening.


The Brain, by design, breaks down any Picture of Reality into its component parts – like dividing up a picture into puzzle pieces.  It then analyzes all of the puzzle pieces to understand or create a Picture of Reality.  This process can produce a conscious mind understanding of an Integrated Picture of Reality but it is not like the very fast intelligence of the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System that can in a millisecond see an Integrated Picture of Reality and understand the complexity of it without ever having to dissect the Picture and understand each of the component parts.


The Brain uses a kind of Fragmented Way of perceiving and working with the parts to assemble them into a whole.  It was designed to be supplied with the Integrated Picture of Reality by the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System in the heart chakra and supervised by this Intelligence so it would work only with the correct puzzle pieces and put them together to form the correct Integrated Picture of Reality.


When the Consciousness is seated in the Brain and not in the heart chakra, it can become deluded when it tries to understand the nature of reality.  It can accept puzzle pieces/understandings that are not from the Source but from the Story Culture and piece these puzzle pieces together to form a Picture of Reality that is false and not of Life.  This is how the Fragmented Picture of Reality of the Story World was created. The mind can create a 2-Dimensional Reality where everyone is reduced to the roles they play in the Cultural Story rather than being known for the true spiritual intelligences that they really are.  


The mind can become content with assembling the pieces of the puzzle that are valued by the culture and create a false sense of an Integrated Reality. For instance, instead of a woman understanding herself as an eternal Spiritual Intelligence with a Mission to complete in this lifetime, she can define herself as someone’s wife and mother and spend her lifetime playing out the social roles that go with this Cultural Play. 

While being able to create the Picture of Reality that is endorsed by the culture can afford the Suit a sense of control, accomplishment, and fulfillment, the Suit gets so dumbed down by this 2-Dimensional Reality that it begins to disintegrate, Fragmenting into disease and death.  


The mind then creates a culturally acceptable story about the experience of being diseased. It is often only when death occurs that the person awakens from the Cultural Story and realizes that the Consciousness that is leaving at death is not the Story Character but who they really are as the Soul which was never acknowledged or supported in the lifetime.  This is a tragic realization that comes too late for any real experience of meaning and purpose to have been lived in the lifetime.


When a person works with The Integrated Way of Life Intervention, they not only enter into the River of Life that takes them back into what is naturally of Life and, therefore, Integrated, but they begin to relax their mental control over the Nintendo World of their Story Mind where they are featured as just another Nintendo Character, and they begin to allow their true Spiritual Intelligence to rise up in their heart chakra.  As they become receptive to the Integrated Picture of Reality that naturally arises from the heart chakra, their Consciousness which has been seated in the brain begins to seat itself in the heart chakra where it belongs.  


Once their Consciousness is thinking in the Integrated Way of the heart chakra that immediately sees the Integrated Picture of Reality without having to know it through analyzing the puzzle pieces and piecing them together to see the completed Picture of Reality, they have taken the first major step toward living an Integrated Way of Life.  


This is one of the Interventions gifted to you by the work of the Heaven Agent Network.  You can request this Intervention by filling at the form that you can access by clicking on the link below. An Outer Plane request grounds more power in the Intervention than simply asking for it on the Inner Plane which is also possible.



The Integrated Way of Life Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.  


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