The Spiritual Identity System Intervention



The Spiritual Identity System is what defines a person's identity and develops the personality traits that are in keeping with this identity.


The Development of the Self-Made Identity System

In the beginning of the Creation, beings were directed by the Source to provide the Material Energy needed for the Source to create for them a Source-Created Identity System.  This Identity System could then support their work of developing a Heaven Agent Identity through which their Soul could express itself in the Suit.  The Soul could work through the Heaven Agent Identity like a hand in a glove, the glove being the Heaven Agent Identity.


When beings refused to work with the Source to receive the Source-Created Identity System, they began to try to develop an Identity System of their own to organize the fragmented and chaotic identities that they developed for themselves.  These identities were based on how they defined themselves based on their self-designated needs and desires.  Since the Suits had many disparate and conflicting desires, they developed many different identities.


For example, in our current times you can see this kind of chaos in the contradictory identities that many men in certain cultural contexts create for themselves.  On the one hand, they develop a Family Man Identity  which features them as devoted husbands and fathers, loyal to their wives and children.  On the other hand, they develop a Playboy Identity that they celebrate in parties with their male friends which feature prostitutes as the entertainment. They combine the two identities when they have family gatherings with all of their respective wives and children, celebrating their Family Man Identity while exchanging glances and knowing looks with one another about their Playboy Identity exploits that their wives do not suspect.


These contradictory identities are developed to fit into a social system that demands that they play out the contradictory roles assigned to them in the society.  In certain cultural groups, such as the one that I describe above, the men want to be good Family Men because the society expects this of them but their male subculture also expects them to develop the Playboy Identity in order to prove that they are not ruled by their wives but do whatever they want in keeping with their idea of the duty of males to band together to keep women in their place by deceiving them and taking away their ability to make an informed decision about what is happening in the relationship.


The Self-Made Identity System that people develop adapts to the pressure to conform in the society and promotes the development of whatever identities enable the person to fit into the social order.


As culture has become more complex and many different kinds of anonymous social contexts have evolved in urban settings and on the internet where anonymous interactions can occur, people have developed even more identities than they would have developed in small towns where everyone knew what everyone else was doing and there was some accountability.  


For example, a person might develop in their circle of friends and in their religious community an identity as a moralist against child molestation.  They might also develop an alternate identity that avidly pursues child pornography on the internet or even engages in opportunities to molest children who have been forced into prostitution.  These two identities might not have easily played out without the anonymity of the internet with its many opportunities to make social connections that do no come under the surveillance of a person’s local community.


The Meltdown

Even when the identities developed are not as contradictory as the examples that I have described, the development of multiple identities of any sort accelerates the Disease of Fragmentation and leads inevitably to a weakening of the Self-Made Identity System.  Eventually the Identity System can’t control all of the different Fragment Clusters that are jockeying to promote separate and competing identities.  A Spiritual Meltdown then occurs where the Identity System loses control. 


The Meltdown might result in one of the identities assuming control over the Suit and acting out tendencies that were formerly repressed.  Violence, sexual perversions, rage, crime, and other socially unacceptable behaviors may emerge, seemingly out of nowhere, surprising those who have known the presenting personality of the person and have never previously seen the identity that gains control over the Suit.  


In others a rapid cycling through of many different identities occurs, each identity holding the floor, as it were, for only a short time, only to be ousted by another identity.


It there are too many identities in a Suit, it only takes a certain amount of emotional overload to crack the Identity System and cause a Meltdown.


The Underlying Character of The Identity System

In a Meltdown the underlying character of The Identity System becomes apparent. There are different levels of negativity in any Self-Made Identity System.


The Level One Identity System

These Identity Systems are developed and controlled by the intelligence of the Suit.  The Suit may develop many conflicting identities to fit in with the many conflicting social niches, as I discuss in the example of the Family Man and the Playboy Identities, but the choice of these identities is largely within the control of the intelligence of the Suit.  It is heavily influenced by socialization and by other social controls, but it is the Suit that is choosing the identities that are supported by the Identity System that it has created.


The Identity System is designed to retain some kind of integration by setting a standard for what kind of identities are allowed and what kind need to be weeded out.  People with Identity Systems of this sort will work on eliminating identities that they feel are not in keeping with who they want to be in their life.


For example, a person who likes to think of themselves as disciplined and doing what is right for their health, will be appalled by an identity that engages in substance abuse or  in an eating disorder.  They may seek help to weed out the offending identity so they can maintain the sense of themselves as disciplined and proactive with regard to protecting their health.


A parent who prides himself on being a caring and nurturing person might seek professional help if he finds himself  acting out abusive behaviors toward his children which might arise from an identity introjected from an abusive parent.


This weeding out of negative identities is promoted by the standard set by the Self-Made Identity System.


The Level Two Identity System

This is an Identity System that is partially controlled by the Suit and partially controlled by the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.  In this case, the desires of the Suit can be overrun by the Negativity who has claimed part of the real estate of the Identity System and moves into the Suit the identities that it wants to see controlling the activities of the Suit.


The Suit is partially possessed by these identities even though some of the identities that it has created are also playing out in the Suit.  Examples of this kind of behavior are instances in which someone surprises themselves and others with behavior that is outside of the range of what they would consider to be a normal part of their repertoire.  They may not recognize what triggered the behavior or have any way of understanding how that behavior got into the picture of their life.  


For instance, acts of violence can come from an intruding Negative Identity that temporarily controls a Suit that had formerly led a non-violent and socially conforming life.  The person may be shocked at their own behavior and have amnesia about the incident when the Negativity Identity countermanned the Suit.  Cases of people suddenly murdering all of their family members or gunning down people in schools and public places are often instances of this kind of compromised Identity System.


Level Two Identity Systems are often created by people who have experienced trauma in their lives such as childhood physical and sexual abuse and who have developed Identity Systems that are designed to generate new identities whenever the presenting identity feels cornered or unable to cope.  As more and more identities are developed to handle the stresses of life, the Identity System weakens and the Negativity can break in and start setting into place its own identities.


Often break ins to the Identity System occur when a person is under anesthesia, is weak from an illness, unconscious after an accident, or suffering from some level of dementia in old age.  These can happen even in the case of otherwise fairly functional Self-Made Identity Systems.  


Any acceleration in the level of Fragmentation in the Suit can result in an opening to the Negativity who can then move in and install identities of their own creation.  During the Vibrational Shifts many Suits were compromised by the Negativity in this manner when the Identity Systems did not provide a high enough level of integration to keep the energy boundaries of the Suit intact.


The Level Three Identity System

This is an Identity System that has been taken over by the Negativity and is completely controlled by them.  Such Identity Systems can use existing identities that were formerly developed by the Suit prior to the take over as presenting identities that are designed to deceive others into thinking that the Suit is a trustworthy with nothing going on inside it that is out of the ordinary.


When others trust a Suit of this kind, they get drawn into the Harvesting Net of the Suit which then begins to crash their energy boundaries and install Negative Identities in their Suit.  These invasions weaken the existing Self-Made Identity System and make if more prone to take over by the Negativity. In the most advanced stage of the invasion, the Negativity gains control over the entire Identity System of the victim which it edits to reflect the objectives that it has for the life of the Suit.


Suits with Identity Systems that are manned by the Negativity are dangerous because the Negativity can work behind the veil of the socially acceptable identities of the Suit to reel in other Suits which then become a part of its army of destruction, totaling out other Suits that come into its range of influence.


The most dangerous Suits out there are often the ones that present as Good Citizens because this is the disguise used by the Negativity to enable them to continue on with their Harvesting Operation undisturbed by the kind of actions taken against Level Two Identity Systems that cause social havoc and are countered by stringent social controls. 


What Happens to the Self-Made Identity System at Death

When the organic Suit dies, the Self-Made Identity System dies with it.  The identities travel with the Suit and try to re-assert themselves in a new Identity System in the next lifetime.  


The new Identity System that is developed in the next lifetime will be influenced both by the carry-over identities from the previous lifetimes that exert pressure on the Suit to develop an Identity System that will accommodate them and also by the pressures exerted by the social system into which the Suit is born.  The socially acceptable identities are the Story Character identities that fit in with the Cultural Story of the society.  A person’s place in that society, which is determined by their gender, race, and social status, determines the range of Story Character roles they are allowed to play in that Cultural Story. 


The Suit will seek to develop an Identity System that accommodates both what it has brought with it into the life and what it feels it needs in order to fit in with the existing Cultural Story.  The Identity System that it develops is based on the Personal Story that the Suit develops about who it is and what happens to someone like it in the Cultural Story, and what it believes it needs to be happy.  The Identity System then develops the identities that fit with this Personal Story.


For example, a person who might have been a refined and genteel person in a privileged class in one lifetime might become a roughneck in another lifetime if they are born into a disadvantaged minority group where they are abused and learn to engage in criminal behavior in order to survive.  The kind of identities that the Identity System develops in this context will differ significantly from what was developed in the previous lifetime although some of the carry-over identities will get organized into this new mix of identities.  For instance, the Suit's desire for the kind of prestige and respect enjoyed in the privileged class of the former life might prompt the development of a criminal identity that strives to gain status and privilege within the criminal community.


The Role of the Socialization Process in the Development of the Self-Made Identity System 

Socialization is, in large part designed to force the Suit to develop the kind of Identity System that will enable the Suit to fit in with the expectations of the existing social order. Those trying to develop an integrated Identity System are often forced by the society to fragment themselves in order to play out the roles assigned to them that require contradictory identities.


For instance, a boy taught in a pacifist household to not engage in violence of any sort might develop another identity to attack and kill if he is drafted into the military and forced to do the very things he was taught as a child to think of as violations of what is most sacred.  While some people can hold to a more integrated identity and just conform in order to survive their stint in the military, most people tend to develop another identity that makes whatever is socially acceptable be what is acceptable to them even if it is in conflict with what is socially acceptable in other social contexts. They just shift from one identity into another in order to maintain a sense of being a person who is doing what is socially acceptable in whatever context in which they are operating at the moment.


The Loss of Spiritual Intelligence

A Suit that is divided by many identities is a Suit that lacks Spiritual Intelligence. In order to work effectively with the full range of the Spiritual Intelligence System created by the Source for the Suit, it is necessary to have one Source-Created Identity System and one Source-Created Identity – the Heaven Agent Identity – that represents the Soul.


The Heaven Agent Identity is not fabricated to fit in with the roles of the Story World but to hold its alignment with the Source and maintain the The Standard of Heaven which enjoins it to seek Source Truth and do Right Action which includes doing no harm on the Inner and Outer Planes, engaging in Correct Exchange with the Source and all other beings, and fulfilling its Mission in life which is to build the aspect of the Heaven of True Happiness that it was created to build for itself and for all others.  This orientation of the Heaven Agent Identity that is supported fully by a Source-Created Identity System that maintains this integrated identity and only this identity, enables the Heaven Agent Identity to access and work effectively with all of the aspects of the very complex Spiritual Intelligence System of the Suit.  The result is a high ranging brilliant Spiritual Intelligence who can work easily at a Universal Level as well as navigate on the ground at the organic level.  This kind of Intelligence is what is needed to experience the Heaven that the Source can help it to manifest in its life and in the world.


This is in mark contrast to what happens in a suit with a Self-Made Identity System that is promoting conflicting identities that all vie to control the Spiritual Intelligence System. When one identity gains control over one aspect of the Intelligence System, it knocks another identity out of this part of the System and then tries to isolate the part of the System that it controls.  This contracts the energy around the lights of Spiritual Intelligence in the captured part of the Spiritual Intelligence System. The end result is that the lights of the Intelligence often are dimmed or extinguished, leaving the Suit without necessary aspects of the Spiritual Intelligence that it needs to navigate in the world.  The capturing identity then moves out to claim other aspects of the Spiritual Intelligence System, warring with other identities for the control of this territory.


The end result is the loss of massive amounts of the Spiritual Intelligence System.  What this looks like is a person who can't think beyond their immediate needs, has lost their Universal Range and lives only in the moment in their physical context, and who lacks the Intelligence to recognize the Source or to understand a higher spiritual reality.  Such an Intelligence is incapable of experiencing Heaven and, therefore, believes that the pursuit of base, physical pleasures is all that life is about.  They enter into the competitive arena to secure for themselves whatever they think they can get often without any real concern for the damage that this will do for others.  They are only concerned about this damage if it will result in social disapproval or the loss of something else that they desire.


In short, a Suit with very few lights of the Spiritual Intelligence System lit up is a Suit that will be incapable of real discernment and love and of transcending the greed/need modality of the Story World.  It will morph into many different identities in order to get its needs met without thinking about whether these identities really belong together  in one life or promote their own well-being or the well-being of others.




The Source Solution


The Source Solution to this dilemma of the Self-Made Identity System that generates multiple Story Character identities that vie for control of the Suit, is to bring through the miracle of The Spiritual Identity System Intervention.  


This Intervention allows you to make the Executive Level Decision to eliminate the Self-Made Identity System and replace it with the Source-Created Identity System that your Suit was designed to run on when it was first created by the Source.  


Only this Intervention can allow you this choice.  If you try to edit the Self-Made Identity System from within the System, the System will control the identity through which you are working to edit the System itself.  It will see your efforts as countering its standard for maintaining all of the conflicting identities that it believes you need to adapt to life in the social order and it will set out to destroy you – the identity – that is mutinying against it.


The only power that you can exert is to ask the Source to assist you by replacing the Self-Made System that rules over you with a Source-Created Identity System that support who you really are as the Soul.


There are two phases to the Intervention:

Phase One

In Phase One the Source eliminates the Self-Made Identity System and immediately replaces it with the Source-Created Identity System.


All of the negative identities and personality traits that were supported by the Self-Made Identity System go out with the System leaving only what is conducive to the experience of Heaven. This includes the identities that were not willfully created by the Suit but which were developed from negative life experiences.


For instance, it is not uncommon for someone to carry over for lifetimes a trauma-based identity that was developed when they were a victim of a violent crime or of a terrible injury.  As long as this identity remains in the Suit, it exerts a magnetic force that organizes the energies in a person’s life to replicate this kind of event. Each replication of this kind of trauma strengthens the identity and makes it more likely to manifest a replication of the event in future lifetimes or within the current lifetime.  For example, in some studies it has been noted that rape victims are more likely to experience a recurrence of rape in their life.  From the Source Perspective, this is because they carry the identity of a rape victim which attracts those who are looking for a victim of this kind.  While release of the trauma of a rape can help to decrease the power of a negative identity of this sort, until the identity itself is erased from the Identity System, it exerts a magnetic force that attracts to it the abuser identities that match up with its victim identity.  The same is true of victims of child abuse who often marry people who replicate the experience of their abusive childhood.


Phase Two

In Phase Two, the Source brings in a new Heaven Agent Identity that carries over all of the good traits without retaining any of the bad traits.


Once this Identity is in place, the new Source-Created Identity System begins to support the evolution in consciousness in the Suit that enables it to bring the aspects of the Heaven Agent Identity into the Conscious Range thoughts and behaviors of the Suit.


This is a process that plays out over time, with the Source-Created Identity System supporting the evolution.


The Miracle Effected by The Source-Created Identity System 

Those who have a Source-Created Identity System are no longer devolving through being run by a Self-Made Identity System that is promoting conflicting identities that accelerate the fatal Disease of Fragmentation.


They are safe from the efforts of the Negativity to crack into their Identity System.  A Source-Created Identity System holds its integrity against anything that would compromise the expression of the perfection and purity of the Soul through the Suit.


The Intervention leaves the Suit with only the personality characteristics that are reflective of the Soul.  These are organized by the new Source-Created Identity System into a structure that works well with the Heaven Agent Identity that is brought through to provide the structure for a single, integrated identity.  


This enables the lights of Spiritual Intelligence to turn back on and for the Suit to operate with the full range of Spiritual Intelligence.  Only with this full range of Spiritual Intelligence is it possible to experience Heaven in your life.  The Heaven Experience requires a range of Spiritual Intelligence that can’t be compromised if the experience is to manifest in your life.  


To give you an analogy, trying to experience Heaven in your life is like trying to download from your Spiritual Right Brain a complex graphic that has to be viewed in your Spiritual Left Brain in order for you to have the experience.  If your Spiritual Left Brain doesn’t have the hard drive space, as it were, to view the graphic, you can’t see the graphic.  What precludes the Spiritual Left Brain from showing the graphic is the clutter of conflicting identities and personality traits that take up all of the space and fragment the Intelligence System of the Left Brain so there isn’t enough space in which to process the graphic for your review.


Once you remove the clutter and your Spiritual Intelligence System is able to operate at full capacity, a whole new world of experiencing opens up to you.  Feelings of love and joy and celebration that were impossible in the frenzy of conflicting identities that existed previously, become possible and become the norm in your everyday life.  The experience of Heaven becomes your reality – a reality that gets deeper and richer with every passing day.


The Spiritual Identity System Intervention is one of the most profound transformational miracles of the Source Perfected Universe.  


It enables a being to choose to wipe the slate clean and begin again with the Source-Created Identity System that it has needed since the beginning of the Creation.  It takes away the struggle to evolve that has been happening for those working on developing a Heaven Agent Identity and experiencing an inner war staged by the Self-Made Identity System that pits the various Story Character Identities that are a part of its System against the Heaven Agent Identity.


It gives beings a Fresh Start that enables them to experience the Heaven of having a beautiful identity that reflects the perfection and beauty of who they really are as a Soul.


A Fresh Start is possible even for the Suits that have suffered a Spiritual Death because of the Disease of Fragmentation and who have lost their Souls.  It is now possible for the Source to create a new Identity System and Heaven Agent Identity for Empty Suits.  While the new Heaven Agent Identity does not reflect the Soul, which in most cases can’t be relinked to the Suit, it does reflect the perfection of what it is created to be and is, therefore, a manifestation of Heaven in its own right.


It is this Intervention that is giving hope not only to those who have become Empty Suits but to the Creation as a whole that has been gravely threatened by the negative identities working through the Empty Suits to destroy life in the Creation.


Through this Intervention it is now possible for all forms of life despite their level of Fragmentation, to reach the levels of Spiritual Integration that are needed to survive and thrive in the Source Perfected Universe. 




The Source Call to Action


The Spiritual Identity System Intervention can undo the damage of the Disconnection from the Source at the most profound level.


This Intervention gives you back the chance to have a Life that is Heaven by restoring the most important aspect of the Heaven you experience in your life – which is the Heaven that you yourself become.


It is only when you are the Heaven that you were created to be that you can transition every aspect of your life into a Heaven Way of Life.


Too many people try to set up the trappings of Heaven in their life without remembering that if they don’t transition themselves into the Heaven that they were meant to be, they will not be able to enjoy the Heaven that they create in their lives.


The Spiritual Identity System Intervention gives you the chance to make the Executive Level Decision to undo the damage and have a Fresh Start.


It gives you the ability to achieve the level of Spiritual Integration that you will need to achieve in order to meet the Standard of Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe as it reaches fruition.


This miracle has been long in coming and have been brought through at great risk against very stiff opposition from the Negativity who realizes its potential for freeing beings from the Harvesting Traps they are caught in.  


It is time now to do what is yours to do to receive this miracle into your life and to help to bring it into the lives of others.  This is your way of contributing to the work that the Source has done for you to help you in your current life and to help you build a world in which you can be protected and cared for in all of your lifetimes to come.




The Correct Exchange 


The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Spiritual Identity System Intervention is US $2400. This is $1200 for Phase One and $1200 for Phase Two.




How to Request The Spiritual Identity System Intervention


To request The Spiritual Identity System Intervention you can access the link provided below.  


If you provide the full amount of Material Energy in a single exchange, you will receive the maximum amount of power coming through this Intervention.


If you need a Payment Plan, I can borrow the Material Energy from The World that Works Fund on your behalf and enable you to space out the payments.  You can email me to explain your circumstances and how much you can afford per month and I will check with the Fund to see what kind of Payment Plan is possible.  I will then email you with a recommendation.







The Identity System Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention.


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