Team of Miracles

The Heaven Infusion Miracle The Source Love Miracle



The Source has created a Team of Miracles that can provide a very necessary level of Source Support to enable you  to transition out of a Story Life in which the suffering of illness, misfortune, scarcity, and struggle is the norm into a Heaven Way of Life  in which you can experience the Heaven of True Happiness. 


What is provided below is:


The Overview


The Team Work of these two miracles:

Brings the purity of the Source-Created Heaven into the most material level of the Creation

Prior to the advent of The Heaven Infusion Miracle, no aspect of the purity of the Source-Created Heaven had ever materialized to the physical plane of existence at the level of materiality at which most beings live.


(Note: The Spiritual Substance of which the Spiritual Energy Body is made varies in levels of materiality.  Energy Bodies/Suits have become much more densely material over the past 3000 years, making it increasingly difficult for the generally less material energies of Heaven to manifest at a level at which densely materialized Suits can experience them. With The Heaven Infusion Miracle the energies of Heaven can now manifest even at the most materialized levels of the Creation making it possible for all beings to experience them.)


The Heaven that has been enjoyed by the members of the 14 Prototype Communities has been experienced because their Suits ascended to a less material state where Heaven could be perceived.  They also have had to be protected in a domed Spiritual Space in order to safely enjoy the Heaven Energies that were sent to them.  (For more information on the Prototype Communities you can watch the video entitled: The Miracle.)


In our current times, it is not practical for beings to become this immaterial and not possible to cordon off the entire Spiritual Space in which beings live in the Creation to enable beings to be safe enough from the activities of the Negativity – the criminal element that operates on the Inner Plane – to enjoy the experience of Heaven.


The Heaven Infusion Miracle is the Source Solution for materializing Heaven in the midst of a densely materialized world that is fraught with the opposition of the Negativity.  The Source Love Miracle is the aspect of this Source Solution that helps Suits become receptive to the Heaven Energies coming in from The Heaven Infusion Miracle.


Clears Away Negative Energy and Forms the Foundation for Inner Peace & Love-Based Relationships

The Heaven Infusion Miracle infuses the entire manifestation of a being with Heaven Energies that dissolve the Negative Spiritual Structures that sustain the Negativity.  This frees the Suit – spiritual body/mind – from the hold that the Negativity has on it that leads to suffering on mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.  From this hold comes a myriad of different dysfunctional coping mechanisms such as addictions, fixations, fears, anxiety, anger, self sabotage and other destructive behavioral patterns that destroy personal happiness and set the stage for unhappiness in the family and the community. The Infusions clear the Negative Spiritual Structures of these dysfunctional coping mechanisms as well.  


The Heaven Infusion Miracle partners with The Source Love Miracle if there is very deeply rooted negativity that is beyond its reach.  The Source Love Miracle moves in with pure, high power Source Love and not only routs the negativity out of the deepest levels but restores the Source Connection in aspects of the Suit that have become fundamentally mutated and devoid of any intelligence with which to connect to the Source.  


Together, The Heaven Infusion Miracle and The Source Love Miracle are able to free the Suit of the most heavy duty forms of the negativity and suffuse the Suit with the Heaven Energies that are a necessary foundation for a sense of well-being.


When the Suit is cleared, the Infusions move into the energy field around the Suit and begin clearing up the Auric Field and then move out to clear up the energy space of the place the person lives in and to expand out into the region.  Since Heaven Energies naturally expand to a wide radius, the clearing process can affect a 2 mile radius around the Suit.  This means that the person is able to live in a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that enables the miracles that make life Heaven to land in the field. 


Those in the presence of this love feel better, more uplifted, and more kindly toward the person who is radiating this protective and comforting field of energy.  This fosters a deeper level of genuine caring in interpersonal relationships that enable people to transition out of the greed/fear-based relationships that characterize life in the Story World into the Love-Based Relationships that characterize life in a Source-Connected World.


Builds a Protective Buffer Zone around the Suit

The Heaven Infusion Miracle builds a Buffer Zone around the Suit that wards off the Negativity. This is the counterpart of the domed Spiritual Space of the Prototype Communities.  This Buffer Zone grows stronger with time as it is bolstered by infusions of Heaven Energies.  With this Buffer Zone it is possible to enjoy living in a Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that is protected from the attempts of the Negativity to infiltrate the space and try to introduce the negative energies that lead to discord and suffering on every level.


Builds a Foundation for a Deep Sense of Well-Being through Assisting in the Development of The Love Connection with the Source

As the negativity in the Suit is cleared, the Suit is able to relax and open to the love of the Source and to the deep and abiding experience of The Love Connection with the Source.  Most Suits can not expand their range of perception out of the physical realm when they are fighting against a high level of negativity within their Suit and impinging on their Suit from their environment.  They tend to focus on the next physical pleasure that can assuage the sense of stress and fear about what they sense is happening to them on the Inner Plane which most Human Suits have screened out of conscious awareness. This anxiety about the 90% of the life of the Suit that is battling against unseen negative forces on the Inner Plane expresses itself in depression, anxiety, phobias, ritualistic behavioral patterns to try to gain a sense of control, anger, and personality disorders which are failed attempts on the part of the Suit to cope with the constant attack that most Suits are under on the Inner Plane.  When Heaven Infusions stop these attacks healing can occur and the Suit begins to relax and become capable of sensing the subtle beauty of Heaven that can only be perceived when a certain level of inner peace and well-being has been established.

When the Suit is more at peace, the Connecting Energies that are a part of the Heaven Infusions, enable the Suit to move into alignment with the Source, an alignment that has been lost for most Suits as the result of a number of  the massive Universal Changes that I describe in the article entitled: Massive Universal Changes Tip the Scale.  

As the Suit moves into closer alignment, the sense of well-being grows into a profound sense of Connection. From this Reconnection to the Source comes a sense of joy at rediscovering the one relationship in which a perfect and eternal love can be experienced.  As beings learn to love as well as to experience the love of the Source, they open to The Heaven Experience.  

The Heaven Experience begins first in their inner life and then expands as they work with the miracles of the Source to build the Heaven of True Happiness in their outer life through working toward Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment. Finally, their consciousness transcends to a level of awareness that enables them to experience The Ultimate Heaven Experience which is an experience of the Heaven that their Soul is experiencing in its connection to the Source and the best of the Heaven that their Suit is experiencing in the Heaven that it has built for itself in its inner and outer life.  

Empowers a Being to Become a Catalyst for Transformational Social Change

When your Suit is emanating Heaven Energies in a two mile radius around you wherever you go, you become a catalyst for social change.  Those who are in your protective, calming, and energizing energy field will begin to sense the possibility of a way of life that is beyond fear and is founded in gentleness and Source Love.  This will inspire them to follow the Heaven Energies to their point of origin in the Source and to make a better Source Connection. From this Source Connection will come a spiritual awakening that will enable them to understand what they need to do to Reconnect with the Source and with the Heaven that their lives can be.


In this way you can begin to build a community of people who understand the nature of True Happiness because they can feel the reality of it and who will not trade it for the Pseudo Happiness of the Story World. Your own personal transition into a Heaven Way of Life will trigger the transition of others around you so that a community of like-minded people who have understood the possibility of Living Heaven emerges.


In summary, The Heaven Infusion Miracle coupled with The Source Love Miracle enable you to:

  • experience Heaven at your level of materiality
  • gain freedom from the Negativity and the negative defense patterns developed in response to the Negativity 
  • build a Buffer Zone around you that is protective and enables you to relax and feel the Heaven that manifests in your life in this protected Spiritual Space
  • experience a deep sense of well-being through restoring the Source Connection which is essential to survival and to the experience of Heaven
  • become a catalyst for building a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own


Maintaining a steady flow of The Heaven Infusion Energies is central to transitioning into and enjoying a Heaven Way of Life.  

Maintaining the protection of The Source Love Miracle is essential to not only clearing the most difficult levels of the negativity but enabling your Suit to establish and maintain the high quality Source Connection which is essential to your suvival and your happiness in the Source Perfected Universe.




Correct Exchange

There are two concepts that are pivotal to understanding the Correct Exchange with regard to these miracles.

The first concept is the concept that your Suit will need to run on these Heaven Energies and be receiving whatever Source Love Interventions are needed for the rest of its life if you are going to experience Heaven at the physical level of reality and protect your investment in the Heaven Way of Life that you are building.  

This situation is similar to that in the Prototype Communities where they understood the essential ingredients for a Heaven Way of Life and agreed to do their parts in providing the Source with the Material Energy needed to ground the miracles that make this way of life possible for them.

Manifesting Heaven in the midst of the world we live in is not something that can be accomplished by attending a webinar here or there or asking for a couple of Source Interventions.  

Realizing the potential for Heaven on Earth requires:

  • dedication to the outcome
  • the miracles given by the Source that make this reality possible
  • working on your end to provide the Material Energy that grounds these miracles in your life

In the work of manifesting Heaven on Earth, the Source working through my Manifestation, which is the Implementation Aspect of the Source,  does 70% of the work of manifesting the Heaven that you and all beings can enjoy.  The 30% that Manifest Beings need to do is providing the Material Energy that grounds the miracles that I work with to make this reality possible.  Manifest beings generate this Material Energy through providing the Heaven Agent Work that is essential to transitioning into and maintaining a Heaven Way of Life. 

When the members of the Prototype Communities realized the potential for Living Heaven, they devoted themselves to learning how to do the Heaven Agent Work that was needed to generate the right amount of Material Energy for the Heaven that was possible for them. Out of this dedication came the Heaven Way of Life that they have enjoyed for thousands of years.


On the Earth Plane, humans have yet to bring into focus the simple equation that Heaven can end all suffering and provide immeasurable happiness for all beings if they are willing to do the Correct Exchange of providing the Material Energy to ground the miracles.  


All that is really required to generate this Material Energy is to do the Heaven Agent work that they need to do in any event to transition into and maintain a Heaven Way of Life.  No arduous, irrelevant, and senseless labor is involved.  Doing what helps you the most is what generates the highest grade level of Material Energy as long as you do it without self interest and out of real love and appreciation for The Work of the Source to help you have a Life that is Heaven and a real love for all beings who will benefit from your contribution to this Work.


People are willing to go to school and suffer through years of arduous work to learn a trade or a profession so they can make some money and hopefully with this money create some measure of happiness in their life.


People need to be willing to learn directly from the Source the Skill Sets that will enable them to secure not just a living wage but Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships and Life Purpose Fulfillment along with and centered in The Love Connection with the Source. 


Transitioning into a Heaven Way of Life is possible here on the Earth as long as people do what the members of the Prototype Communities did, which was to honor the opportunity and put forth the effort needed to make the Transition.  Learning how to generate the Material Energy comes naturally to those who have made the decision to go the distance.  It seems elusive and impossible to those who want to dabble and still win the prize that can only come from true dedication and perseverance.


This is not dissimilar to the situation with people who attend college and bail out and never finish their degree and attain the higher wages that could have resulted from professional training.  

As with all things in life, commitment and investment is needed to achieve any goal that is worth achieving.


Graduating into an Energy Exchange

The second concept is that while you might start with supplying the necessary Material Energy to ground these miracles through a Financial Exchange, you will need to work toward producing the Material Energy from your own Suit’s onboard Material Energy Factory to balance the exchange for these miracles through an Energy Exchange.  In this way, you will never be without the help of these miracles no matter what your financial circumstances are during the different stages of your lifetime.

In the Prototype Communities all of the Heaven Infusions that they require are supplied through the Material Energy that they themselves generate from their exemplary work as Heaven Agents and provide through an Energy Exchange.

On the Earth, Financial Exchanges can transfer some base level of Material Energy that I can work with to ground miracles but they are not the best way to ground miracles.  The best way is to use the Source Support offered through  these two miracles, as well as through the other forms of Source Support available to you through The Miracle School, to repair your Suit’s Material Energy Factory so that you can, through your Heaven Agent Work, begin to generate the high quality Material Energy that brings in the highest level of Heaven in your life.


The Source is willing to provide miracles to anyone who balances the exchange through providing the right amount of Material Energy.  It is up to you whether you invest the time and energy in getting trained and equipped to learn how to produce high quality Material Energy and, thereby, transition into being able to provide an Energy Exchange rather than a Financial Exchange for the miracles that will transform your life into Heaven.

Given the fact that most Suits are in a state of disrepair and do not produce high level Material Energy, a Financial Exchange enables people to get started getting their Suits repaired, trained, and equipped to produce Material Energy.  

What I will present below is an overview of how a Financial Exchange can work to ground the Team Work of The Heaven Infusion Miracle and The Source Love Miracle.  

The amount of Material Energy is computed on what is needed to ground The Source Love Miracle and  to set up, sustain, and defend the Spiritual Strucure of an Inner Plane Delivery System for the daily Heaven Infusions administered through The Heaven Infusion Miracle.  What follows is more detailed information on The Delivery System.


The Varying Range of Power of The Delivery System

The Delivery System can be built at many levels of power and complexity.  Those who provide more Material Energy will enable me to ground the miracle of a Full Power Delivery System which will sustain Infusions carrying much more powerful Heaven Energies than a Delivery System that is sustained by less Material Energy.  


There are five levels of power and complexity for a Delivery System.  These are the:

  • Basic Delivery System
  • Intermediate Delivery System
  • Advanced Delivery System
  • High Power Delivery System
  • Full Power Delivery System


Every Delivery System is a Source-Created Spiritual Intelligence that works closely with the Source to deliver individualized Heaven Energies to the Suit in the right time frame and with the correct degree of power.  If you think of a Delivery System as an intelligence that expands in complexity and power as it gains more life experience, then a Basic Delivery System can advance in complexity and power as it gains experience in delivering Heaven Infusions to the Suit in a wide range of different conditions. 

While a Basic Delivery System will never advance through life experience to the level of complexity and power of a Full Power Delivery System without additional upgrades in its basic Spiritual Intelligence System, which can be added on at any time, an experienced Basic Delivery System is definitely more competent and can provide higher quality Heaven Energies than a Basic Delivery System that is just starting out.


The Importance of Sustaining The Delivery System

Once The Delivery System has been created, it needs to be sustained.  If there is a break in the flow of Material Energy to sustain the System,  the Spiritual Intelligence System of The Delivery System will dematerialize and all of the data in its databank that enables it to deliver the exact kind of Infusions that a particular Suit needs under all of the conditions in which this Suit is functioning in the world, will be lost.  

A break in the continuity of the support for The Delivery System means that the Suit has to start over with a new System that lacks the experience of a seasoned System that has all the stored data that enables it to deliver precisely calibrated Infusions that are tailormade for the Suit. A seasoned Delivery System can learn overtime to deliver stronger and higher grade Heaven Energies because it understands how the Suit responds to the Heaven Energies and the challenges of the circumstances in which the Infusions are being delivered.   

The loss of The Delivery System is equivalent to the death of a Spiritual Being.  While a new Spiritual Being can be created, the one that knew you precisely and worked closely with the Source to help you in your life, is no longer with you and you are starting over with a new Spiritual Intelligence that has no life experience in the Manifest World or with helping you individually.


A continuously sustained Delivery System will gain in power and complexity through each passing month and year as its database expands and it is seasoned to work most efficiently with the Suit.  A miracle of exponential power occurs when you have a well seasoned Delivery System that has been ongoing for years.  A Delivery System of this kind can deliver much more complex, high speed, and high tech Heaven Infusions that enable the Suit to experience Heaven at a much higher level and to be protected from even the most serious forays of the Negativity. 


Maintaining your Delivery System is an investment in peace of mind and also means less work at the border of your Buffer Zone, fending off the Negativity.


With every year of seasoning, the Buffer Zone gets more and more impenetrable until it is a perfect field of protection that can withstand any attempt by the Negativity.


While the Buffer Zone is a powerful deterrent to the Negativity even in your first year with The Heaven Infusion Miracle, it needs to grow in strength to withstand any new technology that they might create. This kind of invulnerability is attained through years of building the strength of the Buffer Zone through more and more powerful Heaven Infusions which only an experienced Delivery System can deliver.


If the supply of Heaven Infusions stops, the Buffer Zone will remain in a materialized state but will be like an organic structure that lacks the flow of life through it.  It will eventually become brittle and can be broken into by the Negativity.  This will end the protection that it offered to the Suit.  


Those who invest in building this Buffer Zone need to protect it just as the members of the Prototype Communities carefully support their Buffer Zone which is the dome that defines their Spiritual Space.


Building Delivery Systems of Different Levels of Complexity

The Source will not build a Delivery System for less than a one year series of Heaven Infusions.  This is because The Heaven Infusion Miracle comes into the Manifest World for a Heaven Agent for a one year interval.  

A Heaven Agent has to commit to supplying the Material Energy for this miracle for one year in order for the Source to bring in the miracle.  


The Material Energy for this Delivery System can be provided for less than one year at a time as long as the Heaven Agent is committed to sustaining the miracle for at least one year.  


Since Heaven Energies are basic to a Heaven Way of Life, the commitment to sustaining them needs to be continuous and not just for one year, but the most basic increment of time for calculating the Correct Exchange for The Heaven Infusion Miracle is one year.


The more Material Energy provided in a single Financial Exchange, the more powerful and complex The Delivery System that can be built.


Outlined below is information on how much Material Energy it takes to both build The Delivery System and ground The Heaven Infusion Miracle and The Source Love Miracle.  The different levels of Correct Exchange are listed with the types of  Delivery Systems that can be built.


NOTE: While these categories give you a general understanding of how much Material Energy is needed to secure the different kinds of The Delivery Systems, it is possible to provide a greater Financial Exchange within any of the categories to receive more power for the Delivery System that is possible within a category.


For example, if you select an Intermediate Delivery System, you can provide an Eight Month Financial Exchange in a single payment and receive an Intermediate Delivery System that is more powerful and complex than one that can be built with the category's usual Six Month Correct Exchange.  

In a similar way, you can select a Basic Delivery System and provide a Four Month Correct Exchange and receive a more powerful and complex Basic Delivery System than if you provided the customary Three Month Correct Exchange for that category.


The principle is that the more Material Energy you provide, the more high tech the Delivery System I can build for you.





The Correct Exchange for Multiple Years –  High Power to Full Power Delivery Systems

Those who provide in a single Financial Exchange the amount of Material Energy needed for more than one year enable me to build either a High Power Delivery System (for exchanges for 2 - 9 years) or a Full Power Delivery System (for exchanges for 10 years and above).

Those providing more Material Energy through larger Financial Exchanges also benefit from The Open Door Principle that opens the door to more power for their Heaven Infusions because of the greater amount of Material Energy provided in a single exchange.  The additional miracles that come through The Open Door do not require a Financial Exchange.   This additional power adds greatly to the speed of transitioning into and sustaining the joy of a Heaven Way of Life.

The Full Power Delivery System which is, ironically, the easiest Delivery System to make, comes with a single Financial Exchange for 10 years or more of The Heaven Infusion Miracle.  For those providing the Correct Exchange for a 10 year period receive an Open Door Miracle empowerment equal to a full additional year of the Heaven Infusion Miracle.  They can either apply this for an additional year or use it to exponentially increase the power of the Heaven Infusions during the 10 year period.


The Correct Exchange for those providing Material Energy through a Financial Exchange for more than one year is US $4500/year.  The amount of the extra power coming through The Open Door Principle is computed based on the number of years being supported through a single Financial Exchange.



The Correct Exchange for One Year – Advanced Delivery System

Those who provide a Financial Exchange for a single year, enable me to build a Delivery System of maximum power for one year.  The Correct Exchange for one year only is higher than for multiple years since it takes more Material Energy to set up The Delivery System when there is less total Material Energy provided through the exchange. 


The Correct Exchange for The Heaven Infusion Miracle for one year is US $4600.  Because of the amount of Material Energy coming through in a single exchange, additional power is given to the Heaven Infusions.  The equivalent of $500 in additional power is given for the 12 month single payment Correct Exchange because of The Open Door Principle which allows more miracles to come through when a greater amount of Material Energy is provided in one exchange.  

NOTE: At the end of one year before your Delivery System is dematerialized and the miracles return to the Unmanifest Level, your credit card will be billed for a continuation into the next year unless you email me to make other arrangements.  If you would like to upgrade to a more powerful Delivery System, you can initiate this by accessing the link for a Multiple Year Delivery System. This will automatically signal the need for the upgrade.  


The Correct Exchange for Six Months – Intermediate Delivery System

If the exchange is provided on a half yearly basis, the annual Correct Exchange for The Heaven Infusion Miracle is US $4700. $260 in additional power is given for the 6 month single payment Correct Exchange because of The Open Door Principle.  The Six Month Correct Exchange is $2350.  

NOTE: At the end of six months before your Delivery System dematerializes and the miracles return to the Unmanifest Level, your credit card will be billed for a continuation into the next six month interval unless you email me to make other arrangements.  If you would like to upgrade to a more powerful Delivery System, you can initiate this by accessing the link for a One Year or Multiple Year Delivery System. This will automatically signal the need for the upgrade.  

The Correct Exchange for Three Months – Basic Delivery System

If a Heaven Agent is unable to exchange for The Heaven Infusion Miracle for a longer period of time in a single payment, they can exchange quarterly.  Because less total Material Energy is being provided initially, there is more Material Energy that is needed in each payment to set up and run The Delivery System.  The annual amount if exchanged for quarterly is $4800.  Each quarterly exchange is $1200.  The Open Door Principle provides $125 in additional power for the amount of Material Energy provided in a single payment for the quarterly Correct Exchange.


$1200 is the minimal amount of Material Energy needed to create and maintain a Delivery System that can sustain itself.

NOTE: At the end of three months before your Delivery System dematerializes and the miracles return to the Unmanifest Level, your credit card will be billed for a continuation into the next three month interval unless you email me to make other arrangements.  If you would like to upgrade to a more powerful Delivery System, you can initiate this by accessing the link for a Six Month, One Year, or Multiple Year Delivery System. This will automatically signal the need for the upgrade.



It is possible for a less powerful Delivery System to be upgraded if enough Material Energy is provided in a single Financial Exchange.  This upgrade can be triggered by providing the Correct Exchange for the kind of Delivery System you would like.  


If you have already requested a less powerful Delivery System and still have some months left on it, the Material Energy provided for the more powerful Delivery System will enable your remaining months to be at the level of the most powerful Delivery System for which you have exchanged.


For instance, if you begin with a Basic Delivery System through a Three Month Correct Exchange and wish after the beginning of month two to upgrade to an Advanced Delivery System which requires a One Year Correct Exchange, you can provide the One Year Correct Exchange and your second and third month of the Three Month Correct Exchange will be provided at the level of the Advanced Delivery System.  You will then have 14 months of Heaven Infusions delivered by an Advanced Delivery System.


Source Range Support

While having your own Delivery System and receiving all of the Heaven Infusion Energies and Source Love Miracle Interventions that your Suit really needs is essential to your ultimate ability to transition into a Heaven Way of Life, there is the back up option of calling upon intermittent Source Range Heaven Infusions which I administer through my Delivery System.

This Delivery System is not calibrated to your individual needs but is capable of delivering more generic Heaven Energies that all Suits need particularly during health crises, life transitions, to deal with severe attacks from the Negativity, etc.  While Source Range Heaven Infusions and Source Love Miracle Interventions are not designed to replace the basic flow of these supportive Heaven Energies in the life of the Suit, they can be life saving on occasion and can help a Suit get back on its feet and become capable of moving toward a Heaven Way of Life.  As the Suit becomes more functional, it can become capable of generating Material Energy through an Energy Exchange or generating a Financial Exchange through participating in The Truth Campaign or a Joint Venture with the Source to build Heaven in the world.  You can find out more about these options in the article entitled: Balancing the Exchange for Your Work in The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.





How to Request The Heaven Infusion Miracle & The Source Love Miracle


The Financial Exchange for the different Correct Exchange Options described above can be accessed through the links provided below.  If you have any questions or concerns, you can email me and I will respond by email.












Source Range Support

To request a Source Range Heaven Infusion and Source Love Miracle Intervention, you can fill out an Assessment Form where you provide information on what help you would like and I assess how much Material Energy will be required to ground the miracle of Source Range Support of this kind.  To request information on Source Range Support, you can access the link provided below.



Reports from the Field



The Source News Report

From the vantage point of the Source, the new Team of Miracles is performing so well that miraculous healings at the deepest levels are occurring.


The Source Love Miracle is able to eliminate mutations at the Spiritual Particle Level that can’t be reached by The Heaven Infusion Miracle but the Heaven Infusion Miracle is radically eliminating everything else that is above that most basic level.


Suits that have had criminal records as major Hell Agents, working with the Hell Operation Network to destroy life in the Creation, are getting cleared up and rehabilitated. 


Nothing so pervasive and effective at routing out the Negativity in every nook and cranny of the Suit has ever been created.  


Within a matter of days, Suits that were in a full attack mode, acting as terrorists on the Inner Plane, have become non-violent and increasingly constructive members of the Universal Community.


This kind of turnaround has never been possible before.


If even the most violent and hardcore criminal Suits can be reformed through these miracles, then the clean up and redirection of the Suits of beings who wish to Live Heaven and are in need of help to do so, will happen so much faster and more easily.


Heaven Agent Eyewitness Reports

In a recent Webinar, I administered a Source Range Heaven Infusion for the Heaven Agents participating in the Webinar.  This is a 10 day sequence of work with the Team of Miracles which is an ongoing Prototype for working with these miracles.


Those participating in the Webinar had a number of reactions to the work being done during the Webinar after they received the miracles.


I will summarize some of the reports so that you can get a sense of the range of awareness and experience.


Here is a sequence of responses from one Heaven Agent during the Webinar. These were interspersed amidst the comments of other Heaven Agents.


I just remembered a conversation I was having with you yesterday. I was standing in the kitchen and I was telling you that there were so many traumatic childhood wounds that humans suffer, and that going after them one by one would take forever. I was expressing a kind of wish for an intervention that could get at the deep and seemingly infinite cauldron of pain that we carry around with us, something to heal those deep wounds that interfere with our Source Connection, with all our relationships, with our ability to see the Story as a story and give credence to the workings of the negativity, and so on. The depth and the immensity of it appeared like a flash of illumination and I had suddenly felt the impossibility of the task of dealing with it as well as the utter necessity of healing for the continuation of life itself, because our traumas turned us against the Source and against one another. And now today this miracle answer of the Heaven Infusion Miracle. Hard to explain how I feel, how it feels for the answer to appear so quickly and so perfectly, and to be blessed with the experience of it.... 


Note:  Her impassioned request sent me Material Energy on the Inner Plane that enabled me to ground The Source Love Intervention which can release even the deepest levels of pain.


I felt a softness falling all around me, first like a gentle shower and then like a gossamer blanket that not only covered me but spread out all around me for at least several yards. I felt enveloped in a Heaven that was not only beautiful, precious and Heavenly, but also felt like a presence that allowed me to breathe again. Of course, I wasn't aware of not breathing, but it was as if I had been holding my breath in response to all the chaos of the Negativity. I felt a wave of relief flood my whole being. I sat in that for awhile, delighting in the Heaven and the Peace, and melting into the Love. Then I noticed a sense of work or repair or something happening within my form. I didn't see an image or get any details about it, just the sensation that it was happening. Then I saw a kind of 24 hour clock in front of me and I watched the hands going around and heard the hours being counted off. Soon I saw the hands pass 24 hours and continue on, and I thought of course, I've been in this new Heaven for a whole day, and now it's beginning the next day. It seemed so natural and it made complete sense at the time, until my conscious mind broke in and said Wait a minute, only a few minutes have passed, not 24 hours. I thought it must be happening on some Inner Plane level, not sure what it was, but I just continued with it. Soon 3 days had passed, and I felt I had entered a new phase. When I asked to see how to work with it, I saw an image of a child with its mother. The child was nestling into the mother, and the mother was complete and total love, and I felt that complete acceptance and Pure Love within me, a sense of just Being in that, completely natural, no striving, just awash in waves of Love and held within Love itself. 


Note:  This Heaven Agent is experiencing the healing work but is not aware of the content until she realizes that it is restoring the profound sense of well-being in the Suit at the level of early childhood experiences. So many children come into the world and are keenly aware that their parents don’t really love them or don’t really love who they really are – the Soul – and are simply caretaking investing in the Story Character that they will be molded to become when they grow up. This Story Character is groomed to play the role in the parent’s life that fits with their Personal Story.  A deep sense of unassuaged trauma results from a child feeling helplessly dependent on an adult who is not working for his best interests and who is, therefore, destructive to his life at a fundamental level.  This trauma coupled with the unfair and often cruel childhood experiences that can occur in a the course of childhood, often never get resolved from one lifetime into the next.  The accumulated trauma shuts down the being’s ability to arrive in a life open to the Heaven that life was meant to be.


Her perception of the urgent need to heal these accumulated childhood traumas that limit the ability of the Suit to respond to life with joy and the anticipation of happiness is being addressed by the Team of Miracles.  They are enabling her to experience perfect love from the Source who is the only intelligence that truly knows how to love and nurture and life and help it to experience the peace and well-being of that all encompassing care.


In a later post she noted:


Every time I ask to work with the Heaven Infusion Miracle I feel the energies become more intense and expanded. There's something like a thickening of the protective energies - as if they become more dense, warmer, and more protective, and I feel them more clearly. I feel sheltered and yet alive in a new way, and that new way is SO Peaceful and so quiet, and I am really loving it and relaxing into it. It's so luxurious, and such a contrast to the way I was before. It's like being unwound, although I wasn't aware of being wound up, but the change is so clear it can't be denied. The Love is palpable, and is the support that permeates the relaxation and the new way of being. I feel myself letting go an just relaxing into Love like the image I saw of the mother and child. It's as if I go to new levels of trust in the Love of the Source, and then I can let go more and just be. And resting in that brings a new cycle of Love and trust and letting go, and all the while it's so peaceful and utterly quiet. The healing goes on and I am just sitting in these beautiful energies, feeling the flow and being in the Presence. 


Note: This thickening of the protective energies is the beginning of the creation of the Buffer Zone around the Suit that shields the Suit from the Negativity and the awareness of the presence of ultimate Ill Will in the vicinity.  The cycle of love and trust and letting go that she is describing is how the miracles enable the Suit to experiencing ever deepening levels of healing.


Another Heaven Agent wrote in that he was only seeing a black, blank screen and assumed that he wasn’t benefiting from the miracles.  When I checked in I could see that he was actually healing at the deepest level. The healing was correcting a problem that had occurred  prior to his advent into the Manifest World.  The black screen symbolized the Unmanifest World which is devoid of any forms – hence the blank screen.  Far from not benefiting from the miracles, he was receiving a very powerful, high level healing that could only happen through the miracles working together to make this healing possible. 


Another Heaven Agent saw a series of images that revealed a Particle Mutation in her Suit that had resulted in an infiltration of the Negativity into the heart chakra. This mutation was cleared and her Suit was set free of all of the other related mutations that were designed by the Negativity to re-instate the Particle Mutation if it was ever removed. These replication mutations were also cleared.  Since this Particle Mutation was an open door to the Negativity into her life and into the lives of those close to her, this was a major healing that will provide her with the necessary safety to rebuild her life and help others affected by this mutation to rebuilt their lives.


Another Heaven Agent was clearing faulty understandings in the Right Brain that were preventing her Suit from recognizing Story Logic for what it is and avoiding it in her daily life.  As a result of this clearing she went on a day later, in a private Coaching Session, to make a major breakthrough that set into motion a Prototype for how beings can reverse out the damage done by their initial decision to Disconnect from the Source in the very beginning of the Creation.  

As you can see from these reports thus far, the miracles are working to clear the Suit of whatever needs to be cleared for Ultimate Spiritual Healing to occur.  For some the work goes back to the Unmanifest Level of Reality where all of life began before there was a Manifest World and for others what is clearing is damage experienced in this lifetime and in other lifetimes in the Manifest World.


The order in which problems are dealt with is based on the guidance of the Source who works through these two miracles to effect the healing that is most needed.  As always the Source as the Ultimate Spiritual Physician is the guiding intelligence behind the work of all miracles.


While one Heaven Agent reported in feeling immensely healed and comforted, others reported in being aware of energy shifts and getting some clues as to the work that was going on, but not noticing any waves of ineffable well-being.  


Both kinds of responses are well within the range of what can be expected in working with these miracles.  The response of the Heaven Agent is information about what work is occurring and how the Suit is responding to it.  There is no right or wrong way to respond.  The response is only information on what is happening.


Spiritual healing is similar in some ways to physical healing.  In healing the body, a medicine or vitamin can be taken and it may take some time before the person feels the healing effect.  In a similar way, clearing away the damage done by the Negativity and rebuilding the Suit is not necessarily a feel good process in the moment but the clarity, freedom from suffering, and ultimate capacity to experience higher ranges of intelligence, functionality, and joy are the end result.


To really benefit from the work of these miracles it will take at least a three month interval for enough of the foundational level remedial work to be done, for the Suit to arrive at a much higher level of functioning.  The longer the miracles work on the Suit the more the Suit will feel a sense of increasing well-being as it is not only more protected from the attacks of the Negativity but more healed from previous attacks and from its own dysfunctional coping mechanisms that are destructive to the Suit.


Ultimate Spiritual Healing is not a miracle that can occur in a day.  It has taken the Suit billions of lifetimes in the Hell of suffering in one lifetime after another to arrive in this lifetime in the damaged state that most Suits are now in.  With the miracles of the Source, Ultimate Spiritual Healing can occur within a matter of years of diligent nurturing of the Suit through providing it with what it needs to be safe and to receive the Heaven Energies and training that it needs to Live Heaven instead of continuing on in the dysfunctional behavioral patterns of the Story World that have led to the experience of suffering.


But beyond Ultimate Spiritual Healing is the need for the Suit to be sustained at a level where the essential Heaven Energies and Source Love that it needs to maintain a Life that is Heaven are provided.  The Team of Miracles supplies the long term support that is the necessary baseline care that Suits require in order to Live Heaven.

Register for the 10 Day Prototype

In order for all beings to understand the importance of working with The Team of Miracles to establish and maintain a Portable Prototype Community Habitat that will provide them with the Protection and Connection that they need to enjoy a Heaven Way of Life, I have developed Source Range Support that enables me to use my Delivery System to provide a more generic version of The Team of Miracles to those who are willing to contribute to a Prototype for working with The Team.  From the insights and experiences that are shared by those working on the Prototype, I can develop Secondary Code which can be sent out to beings throughout the Creation to enable them to learn more quickly how to value and connect to the Source Support offered through The Team of Miracles.


If you would like to contribute to this work and receive a 10 Day Series of Source Range Heaven Infusions and Interventions from The Source Love Miracle, then register through filling out the form provided below.


Once I begin sending you the Source Range Support from The Team of Miracles, your part in the Prototyping Work is to ask to receive Inner Source Guidance about how the miracles are working to help you.  The simplest way to do this is to close your eyes and ask your Inner Intelligence, the part of your Spiritual Intelligence that knows how to work with the miracles of the Source, to bring up any image, thought, association, kinesthetic feeling, or insight that is sent to you from the Source to help you to understand how The Team of Miracles is working with you.  The important thing to ask for is to receive Source Guidance and only Source Guidance so you are not listening to your Story Mind or trying to receive information from any other form of spiritual intelligence such as a Spirit Guide.  The goal is to strengthen your Source Connection and your ability to receive Guidance from the Source.


If you experience some physical sensation that you feel guided to share or get an image that may or may not be intelligible to you, write to me about this in The Heaven Agent to Source Comunication Center.  If you notice changes in your thoughts, feelings, or actions or in others around you or in your life circumstances, also write to me about them.


If you are a beginning Heaven Agent, your ability to interpret the Source Communications that you see and to understand the Inner Plane work of miracles may be limited.  As long as you report what you are aware of or not aware of, this is information that I can work with on my end.  The important thing is to communicate what you are observing.  Don't be discouraged if you don't receive detailed information.  Read about the range of responses from the Heaven Agents working with the Prototype in the webinar I describe in Reports from the Field.  Then open to how the Source communicates with you individually and ask to widen your range of perception to track what is happening with The Team of Miracles.  Through working with this process you will begin to develop your skills in working with the Source and the miracles sent to you by the Source. These skills will enable you to open the door to a Miracle-Based, Source-Connected Way of Life that is the only way of life that can manifest the Heaven of True Happiness.

From your observations, I will be able to track your level of understanding of the work of The Team of Miracles in your life.  This will help me to help you, through my email communications to you, to understand how The Team of Miracles is working to help you. From your understanding will come the insights from which I can build the Secondary Code that will enable me to help others.  This Secondary Code is what builds the strength of the Prototype.

In summary, follow the 2 Step Process outlined below to register to participate in the Prototype. 

Step One 

Fill out the form below to request admission into The Prototype Project.  Note that only those who are upholding The Standard of Heaven Agreement will be able to receive the miracles and, therefore, to participate in The Prototype Project. Through upholding The Standard of Heaven you establish the Miracle-Friendly Energy Field needed for the miracles to land in your life.  


If you apply and your Suit is not yet ready to participate, I will email you with suggestions with regard to how you can bring your Suit into alignment with what is needed to receive the miracles from the Source.


Step Two 

Once you have been admitted into The Prototype Project, I will begin the Source Range Support that will provide you with The Team of Miracles for the 10 Day Prototype. It is important to check in daily to see what you are noticing and to communicate your observations to me through The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center online which you can access through the link provided below.  This Communication Center provides you with a very Miracle-Friendly Environment in which to share your Reports from the Field.



Participate in the Advanced Prototype Project

When you have secured your own Heaven Agent Range Team of Miracles that sends off more complex and powerful support to you based on the level of your Delivery System, you are able to participate in the Advanced Prototype Project for this Team of Miracles.


The goal of this Project, as in the 10 Day Prototype Project, is to add to the understanding of how this Team of Miracles works so that beings throughout the Creation can more rapidly connect to it and begin to advance in their transition into a Heaven Way of Life.  In this way you contribute to the development of a Love-Based Universal Community.


Those working in the Advanced Prototype Project can communicate with me by email or through The Heaven Agent to Source Communication Center online, the link to which is provided above.



The Team of Miracles Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention. 


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