The Generic Code Intervention

What is Generic Code?

Generic Code is Code that my Source Function has created for Suits since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel.  It gives them the basic Code to do the Correct Exchange to generate enough energy to sustain their lives.

Generic Code is about 25% of the Code that a Suit needs and is not enough Code to create a Life that is Heaven in the highest sense of the word. Generic Code for abundance can create the Heaven of a certain level of abundance but not the Total Abundance that is possible with Life Code. It can improve health but not generate Perfect Health.  It can enable a Heaven Agent to develop more Love-Based Relationships but not the calibre of relationships that are created by the Life Code which orchestrates all of the events of a life to make for the Heaven that manifests in relationships


Generic Code is a stop gap type of Code that is needed in the absence of Life Code.


The Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for The Generic Code Intervention is US $1200.  It provides you with all of the basic Code you will need to build the foundation for:

  • Abundance
  • Good health
  • Love-Based Relationships
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment
  • The Love Connection with the Source 


What it can’t do is to provide you with:

  • Total Abundance
  • Perfect Health 
  • Love-Based Relationships 
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment 
  • The Love Connection with the Source


These require Individual Life Code that supplies your Suit with the specific Codes that it needs to travel the Path to this level of perfection.


When you receive the Generic Life Code Intervention you will also need a Code Activation to bring the Code to life where it is functioning optimally.  This is a Correct Exchange of $500.

I also recommend starting up a Lifetime Project Code Intensive which will provide you with the assistance of a Miracle Intelligence who will help you to work with the Code.  


NOTE: The Correct Exchange for the Generic Code Intervention is deducted from the Correct Exchange for The Eternal Life Code Intensive because it is a subset of this Intensive.

The Correct Exchange for the Generic Code Activation is deducted from the Correct Exchange for the Code Activation Intervention for Life Code since it is a subset of this Intervention. 




The Generic Code Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention.

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