The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention


Positive spiritual changes break old Spiritual Structures in order to free the Suit to evolve into more complex and advanced new Spiritual Structures. During the transition between one set of Spiritual Structures and another, there is a heightened risk of Spiritual Fragmentation.


Being in the presence of someone going through a major spiritual transition can result in shockwaves from their spiritual process that can shatter the Spiritual Structures of those nearby, leading to accelerated Spiritual Fragmentation.


Being in the presence of Spiritual or Physical Death Energies can also shockwave a Suit, causing it to fragment at an accelerated rate, which could result in Spiritual Death.


Because we are facing all of these kinds of situations in the time ahead as individuals rapidly evolve in order to achieve a 100% Source Connection during The Transition, it is apparent that some form of Emergency Care that could be available to Suits throughout their lives is urgently needed.


When I asked the Design Aspect of my Source Function for a Source Solution,  The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention was created. At first I thought of this as focused solely on Emergency Care, but as I began to explore what made up the Intervention, I discovered that, in order to provide the range of Emergency Care of which it is capable, it also had to set up in the Suit the conditions in which the Suit can regenerate itself.


These conditions are:

  • the restoration of the Source Connection to the Suit that had been severed to varying degrees by The Disease of Fragmentation
  • the resetting of key Spiritual Dials in the Suit to regeneration. They had been set to degeneration by the Negativity.


With these regenerative elements in the Intervention, it became apparent that the Intervention is not only capable of providing Emergency Care, but of providing a Foundation for Regeneration that is key to not only recovering from The Disease of Fragmentation, but to the prevention of aging, which is a disease resulting from extensive Fragmentation.


People are used to the phenomenon of aging and have thought of it as a natural part of life, but it is a disease that does not occur in the Prototype Communities, where the lines of communication with the Source have been re-established and the dials in the Suit set for regeneration. In the Prototype Communities, beings live a full life in perfect health and cross over at death without experiencing any impairment in the functioning levels of their Suits.


With this intervention, a major step forward has been made with achieving this goal for those living outside of the Prototype Communities. While it is not the complete answer to counteracting aging, it contains critical elements that replicate what has worked successfully in the Prototype Communities.


The powerful regenerative nature of this Intervention has made it a cornerstone Intervention for those seeking to manifest the Total Abundance of Perfect Health.



How the Intervention Works

The Intervention provides the Suit with a Perfected Intelligence that is like an onboard medic there to provide the Suit with immediate Emergency Care whenever there is any threat of Fragmentation from either an internal eruption of emotion or negative energies or from Fragmenting Energies in the environment. This Perfected Intelligence works closely with the Source to provide the Suit with whatever it needs to survive the challenges of rapid spiritual changes, no matter what their origin.


The Tranquility Energy that the Intervention pumps into the Suit:

Heals Fractures in the Spiritual Structures of the Suit

The Spiritual Structures of the Suit hold the Spiritual Particles of which the Suit is made together. Fractures are like fault lines in the Earth. In the earthquake-like shockwaves that occur during massive spiritual change, the Spiritual Structures can fracture along the fault lines, creating accelerated Fragmentation.


Helps Hold the Spiritual Particles Together

Through providing metered doses of Source Love Energies administered through the calming Tranquility Energies, the Spiritual Particles of the Suit are able to calm down and not gyrate to the point at which they break apart the Spiritual Structures that they form, triggering Spiritual Disintegration.


Enables the Suit to Become Elastic

Tranquility Energies administered in the right doses enable the Spiritual Structures of the Suit to become more elastic so they flex rather than break.


Builds a Buffer Field

When a Suit is undergoing a shift in vibration, even if it is a shift triggered by its own evolution to higher levels of Spiritual Integration, it can be very easily impaired by the negative energy of people and places. The Intervention builds a Buffer Field around the Suit to shield it from these fragmenting energies so the Suit can quietly transition and adjust without being shockwaved by the raucous energies of those who are Fragmented impinging on it in its time of transition.


Builds a Temporary Spiritual Structure to Support Integration

During an emergency, the Intervention can build a temporary structure that holds the Spiritual Particles together to prevent disintegration. Other Interventions are needed to rebuild the Spiritual Structures on a more lasting basis.


Breaks Up Energies that Fragment the Suit from Within

During a Shift, the Suit may experience waves of fear that can careen through the Suit, causing severe Fragmentation. The Intervention is able to break up whatever fragmenting energies are being released in the Suit before they cause damage to the Suit.


Prevents the Suit from Fragmenting Other Suits

The Intervention can destroy the Fragmented Energies that the Suit produces in a rapid transition before they form a Field of Fragmentation around the Suit that can cause Fragmentation in other Suits.


Clears Fragmenting Energies in the Field around the Suit

The Intervention is capable of destroying Fragmenting Energies in the energy field around the Suit to protect the Suit from further Fragmentation. These energies might be the energies of other Suits that are fragmenting or the extremely fragmenting energies of Spiritual Death.


Provides Other Levels of Emergency Care as Needed

There is a long list of technical kinds of care that the Intervention is capable of administering, including resuscitating a Suit that did not have the Intervention and has just collapsed into Spiritual Death and creating the conditions in which the Soul can relink to the Suit, and countering the damaging effects of Spiritual Death Energy in those who did not have the Intervention and have already died.




Many radical changes in the Spiritual Structures of the Suit and the Creation have to be made to achieve the Standard of Perfection. Beings are growing and changing in a world which abounds with Fragmentation Energies. This is not the optimal environment in which to undergo the massive spiritual changes that are needed to evolve and meet the standards of the Source Perfected Universe.


In order to meet the challenge of these changes safely, it is important to have the Perfected Intelligence of the Intervention as your resident medic, watching over your evolution and making sure that everything is going well. It is protection against the devastation of accelerated Spiritual Fragmentation. It is also the Foundation for Regeneration that will build toward the Total Abundance of Perfect Health.



Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention is US$1200.


This is for a lifetime of support in every important transition of your spiritual life.


Life that Works Contributions

To request an Intervention for yourself or someone else that you know personally, access the link below to complete the Correct Exchange.  In the Comments Box that you will find as you complete the exchange, you can mention who the Intervention is intended for if it is someone other than yourself.  Providing information on their name, age, gender, and any specifics that you feel are relevant is helpful.



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World that Works Contributions

To gift this Intervention to others in the Global Community who you do not know personally, you can fill out The World that Works Form below. If you are contributing more than $4000, then email me for instructions on how to proceed.   This Intervention can help those who are in very Fragmenting energy circumstances such as war, natural disasters, sexual slavery, child abuse, torture, etc.  Those who can't be reached by any other form of support from the community can be reached by this Source Intervention. It can save and rehabilitate lives that would otherwise crumble into a perpetual experience of Hell. 




The Emergency Anti-Fragmentation Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 


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