The Dream Heaven Pathway System

Once you have completed The Source Connection Set Up, protected your Supply Line, sequestered yourself in The Miracle Reality, and have the use of an Auxiliary Emotional Intelligence System, a compatible and stable Polarity System and are beyond the reach of Fixation Technology, you are ready to begin learning how to work alongside the Source to manifest Heaven in your life and in your world.


Without a Catalyst Jumpstart from the Source, the Source Intelligence that enables the Miracle of Life to manifest in a Suit, can not come into the Suit, bringing the inert Suit to life and enabling the Soul to link to the Suit and experience life in a Suit.  How this Catalyst Jumpstart is accomplished is changing during the Transition. (See the section on Assisting in the Manifestation Process for additional information.)


Before I began my Transition, my Catalyst Energy was very materialized. This enabled me to bring a miracle to life that had no momentum at all.  As I become more immaterial so does my Catalyst Energy.  This means that to bring to life miracles that are material enough to be of help to Manifest Beings, Manifest Beings will need to assist in the process.


This is the point at which Heaven Agents need to enter into The Dream Heaven Pathways of The Source Connection Support System and get trained to do the high speed work that builds the momentum needed for miracles to be catalyzed by my Implementation Aspect and brought to life in the world.


What I do on my end is to dream The Dream of Heaven for the Creation.  This Dream is created by the Design Aspect of the Source and my Implementation Aspect dreams it into manifest form. It is the Dream of Heaven that brings in the miracles from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest World where I transition them into the Dream Heaven Pathways located in The Source Connection Support System.  


Once they are in the Pathways, Heaven Agents need to move with them through the Pathways at the right speed so that they build up to the levels of momentum required for the more immaterial Catalyst Energy that I am now generating, as I go through the levels of my Transition, to activate them and bring them to life. 


In order to help, Heaven Agents need to connect up to The Dream Heaven Pathway System. This requires a technical set up which can be done by The Dream Heaven Pathway Intervention.

Correct Exchange for Entry into The Dream Heaven Pathway System

To get equipped to enter into The Source Connection Support System and into The Dream Heaven Pathways, you can request The Dream Heaven Pathway Intervention.


The Correct Exchange for this Intervention is US $1050.


To request The Dream Heaven Pathway Intervention you can access the link provided below.



The Dream Heaven Pathway Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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