The Correct Exchange Intervention


Since the crash of the Universal Source Connection Channel, a Suit that doesn’t exchange correctly with the Source no longer receives Life Energies to sustain its existence.


The Correct Exchange Intervention was created to enable the Suits to disengage from the Incorrect Exchange Network of the social arena on the Inner Plane so they can give their energies to maintaining the Correct Exchange with the Source.


The Suits have petitioned me to intercede with a Source Intervention to lock in the Correct Exchange with the Source because they don’t know how to disengage from the network of improper exchange relationships with others. These exchange relationships once made extend over lifetimes. For instance, a daughter who was abused by her father 10 lifetimes ago and felt obligated to serve his needs could still be sending some of her Life Energies to him even though he might now be in another galaxy and neither one of them have any conscious memory of the other.


The Negativity has capitalized on the Circles of Attachment that beings have made with one another when they have inappropriately used their Source Love Energy to try to bind the beings they wanted for their own need gratification to themselves. These Circles of Attachment become a kind of bondage that deprive Suits of their autonomy. They are really Circles of Addiction that control the flow of Life Energies in the Suits.


The Suits know that if they don’t have Source help to get out of this multi-life entangled web of attachment and inappropriate exchange relationships, they will not have the Material Energy that they need to balance the exchange with the Source and will not, therefore, receive the Life Energies that are needed to survive. The reserves of Source Love Energy given to beings before the end of the Source-Created Universe will soon run out and beings have to make arrangements in advance that enable their Suits to function properly to balance the exchange.


This Intervention locks in the Correct Exchange Relationship with the Source so your Suit exchanges directly only with the Source. This lifts you out of the Network of Incorrect Exchange. Through the Correct Exchange with the Source, the Source supplies you with the Miracle Power to do Right Action in all of your social relationships. In this way you have the best of both worlds. You have Life which you sustain through your Correct Exchange with the Source and you have Source Support to help you deal with social relationships in a Source-Guided Way.


What this Intervention does not do is to give you everything that you need to do the Correct Exchange on every level. This takes work on your part to develop The Love Connection with the Source so you generate Level 14 Material Energy for the highest level of the Correct Exchange. This Intervention is designed only to enable your Suit to break out of the Network of Incorrect Exchange so that it isn’t pulling on your Suit demanding energy and using force to extract whatever exchange of energies others feel is owed to them.


The Correct Exchange for The Correct Exchange Intervention is: US$500.





The Correct Exchange Intervention is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Intervention. 

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