The Code Activation Intervention

Once you have your new Spiritual Code Processor and the correct Spiritual Genetic Code, this Code needs to be “Activated” so it will begin generating the aspect of Perfection it was created to manifest.  This Activation is what gives any Code “Life”.


Suits that thought that a Code Processor and Code would add up to Life miscalculated. They didn’t realize that there is a component of Source Intelligence and Source Support that enables the Miracle of Life to manifest.  Without this Source Work to bring Life through and to sustain it, all the Code in the world is inert and unable to manifest anything that is of Heaven. 

What manifests from inert Pseudo Code is an imitation of life – a lifeless mechanical activity level that lacks the Source Intelligence that is the essence of Life. Without this Source Intelligence the Suit lacks the Intelligence to manifest the Soul and is only equipped to manifest the artificial self-made intelligence of the Story Character invented by the Root Intelligence.  This very mechanical computer-like intelligence can present a very animated persona, but it isn’t anything like the true beauty and perfection of the Source-Created Intelligence of the Soul.  The Intelligence of the Soul is far greater than the mechanical Intelligence of the Suit through which it expresses.  It is the difference between computer generated tunes and the music created by a brilliant composer that is Source-inspired.


When an Activation occurs, the Code gets the equivalent of the ignition that activates the Spiritual DNA and starts the growth process.  It is also given everything that it needs environmentally in order to grow to fruition. 

If you think of Source-Created Code as a Seed of Heaven, the Activation is what catalyzes the DNA to start the germination process and provides the sun, rain, environmental conditions, soil conditions, etc. that are necessary for the Seed to grow into the Flower of Heaven it was created to be.  Without these elements, the Seed can’t achieve the blooming and produce seeds for the next generation of its kind.


While farmers can simulate the conditions in which a seed can grow to fruition in a greenhouse, no Manifest Being can provide what it takes for the Seeds of Heaven to reach fruition. Only the Source can provide what it takes for "Life" to manifest. There are Source Energies and Source Work that are needed to bring Code to fruition on the Spiritual Level of Reality.


Code Activation is needed for both the personal Codes that manifest the correct functioning of the Suit and the Codes that manifest Suits working in harmony with one another to build a Love-Based Community. Code Activation Recordings can give Suits struggling with oppression and scarcity the Code that is needed to take action to bring about the social changes that are required to pull out of the suffering of these circumstances.  Heaven Agents playing Code Activation Recordings are working with a powerful Spiritual Activist Miracle Tool to support Suits in populations that are in need of Source Support.

There are three kinds of Code Activations:

Generic Code Activations

There are Code Activations for Generic Code which is the general code given to all beings to have the basics of what it takes to survive and build a Source-Connected Way of Life.  While it is possible to receive Generic Code from working over many years in The Heaven on Earth Prototype Project, it is also possible to exchange for it as a unit and receive it in a fully prototyped and integrated format that your Suit can use immediately.  


When Code is given in this way, it comes with all of the Pathways along which your consciousness can travel to immediately begin working with the Code.  Code without the Pathways can take years of Heaven Agent time and effort to build the Pathways that enable the new understandings and behaviors to become an integrated part of life.


If you opt to receive it as a unit, then it needs a Code Activation.


Life Code Activations

There are Code Activations for Life Code which is the Code created specifically for a particular person that gives to them everything that they need to have a Life that is Heaven. These Activations cover the range of both Generic and Life Code that are included in The Life Code Intervention.  


As with the Generic Code Activation, all of the Pathways for consciousness are given along with the Code and the Code and all of Pathways are activated in a Code Activation Intervention.


Custom Code Activations

There are Code Activations for Custom Code that is created for unusual events or circumstances for an individual or for a group of people.  Even though Life Code is very comprehensive, there are unusual circumstances which are sometimes precipitated by the activity of the Negativity that require Custom Code to circumvent the problem and keep the Heaven Agent on track with their Mission.  


Custom Code is often given when a Heaven Agent asks to "become what is needed".  


Some Custom Code can be specifically created to deal with a particular issue someone is facing in their life.  This kind of Code requires a Correct Exchange in order for it to be created and Activated.


For instance, a family might be faced with a crisis and Custom Code can be given to all of the family members to handle the crisis in a Source-Directed Way.  Or a Heaven Agent might be dealing with someone in their life who is unable to understand how to be constructive in a situation where dysfunctional behaviors have been traditionally evidenced.  Custom Code gifted to the person can offer the Suit an alternative that can ease the strain of the situation and move it to a constructive resolution.


Spiritual Activist Code Activations

When an individual wishes to give Code to a group of people – themselves and their family or work group or local community – or to the population in a particular region, they can elect to work with a Code Activation Recording which will disseminate Custom Code or Generic Code that is fully Activated.  In this way they can provide select populations with a Code Alternative to the Pseudo Codes that are creating suffering in their lives.



Correct Exchange


The Correct Exchange varies for the type of Code being Activated.  


Generic Code Activation

If the entire range of Generic Code is Activated, the Correct Exchange is: US $500.





Life Code Activation

If the entire range of Life Code is Activated, the Correct Exchange is: US $5100.





Custom & Generic Code Activation

Custom and Generic Code for personal and Spiritual Activist situations requires a determination of the Correct Exchange which will vary according to the type and amount of Code being Activated.  


Those interested in a Custom Code Activation or a Specific Generic Code Activation (rather than the complete Generic Code Activation described above) can email me to request information about the type of Code for the purpose they have in mind and the Correct Exchange for both the Code and the Code Activation.




For more information on the different kinds of Codes, you can go to the section entitled:  "Getting 100% of the Spiritual Genetic Code Your Suit Needs".




The Code Activation Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention. 


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