The Spiritual Intent Intervention


Spiritual Intent Energy is a potent catalyst energy in the center of the heart chakra.  If it is fired off when a person desires an outcome and this outcome is clearly articulated in their Left Brain, it provides the energy that enables the Third Eye to create a container on the Inner Plane which attracts the energies in the universe that are needed to manifest the desired outcome.  The container shapes the energies, somewhat like a jello mold shapes the jello.  When the structure of the desired manifestation is achieved, it manifests in a person’s life.


Much of the interest in manifestation has focused on formulating a clear visualization of what is desired.  Usually when someone gets really clear on what they desire and desires it passionately, the Spiritual Intent Energies are activated and the manifestation process gets underway.


In many cases, however, a very articulated visualization remains a concept in the Left Brain that doesn’t spark the Reproductive Intelligence of the heart chakra which releases the Spiritual Intent Energies which are the necessary spark of life that brings in the manifestation.  They add the “attraction” component that only reproductive energies can add to the jello mold that attracts in the kinds of energies that are needed to materialize the manifestation.


Some people know how to add reproductive energies to the mix.  Others only intellectualize the process and find that it only helps them to direct the usual Brute Force Energies to bring their desired outcome to fruition.  People teaching others to manifest try to inspire and trigger more imaginative ways of relating to what is desired in order to trigger the Spiritual Intent Energies.  This often activates the reproductive energies of the heart chakra and results in a manifestation.


Advertisers often add a mix of sexual sales tactics, such as positioning an attractive woman next to a car they are selling, to try to hook the reproductive interest of the buyer and draw in the Spiritual Intent Energies so they will be motivated to make the purchase.  Often the Negativity uses this kind of tactic to reel in the Spiritual Intent Energies of the potential buyer so they can drain them off directly whether or not the person make a purchase or not.  Those hooked into by the Negativity in this way can lose a great deal of their limited Spiritual Intent Energies without ever having known how to fire these energies up themselves.


The problem with this kind of manifestation technology is that it leads to a depletion of the finite reserve of Spiritual Intent Energies that is given to the being at birth to enable them to complete their Mission in life and cross over safely at death. If their reserve is completely depleted, it leads to Spiritual Bankruptcy which means that the being doesn’t have any ability to manifest even the most basic things of life.  Whether this Spiritual Bankruptcy occurs because a person squandered their own Spiritual Intent Energies through misusing them to try to manifest what they desired, or their energies are stolen by the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity, the end result is the same.


Spiritual Intent Energies directed to the Self-Centered Desires generated by a being, manifest the Hell of a life that becomes increasingly Disconnected from the Source, Fragmented, and headed toward ultimate destruction.  While wealth or recovery from an illness or the securing of a desired relationship can manifest, each firing of Spiritual Intent Energy that is Self-Directed rather than Source-Directed, diminishes the supply of Spiritual Intent Energy that the being has.  Eventually, they run dry and can’t catalyze any of the outcomes that they desire.  Sometimes they run dry only at the end of their life but find themselves at death unable to use their Spiritual Intent Energies to cross over safely and fall into the hands of the Negativity at their most vulnerable point.


When the Spiritual Intent Energies Reserve is 100% depleted, a Reproductive Entity comes into the Suit, unlinks the Soul from the Suit, and becomes the presenting personality in the Suit.  Mass murderers are often examples of people run by this Reproductive Entity.  In all cases the former personality of the individual is eclipsed by a ruthless, heartless, criminal intelligence that lashes out at all of the loved ones of the person, killing as many of them as it can on either the Inner and/or Outer Plane, and ruining the life of its host on every level.  The person possessed generally strikes out in a series of self-destructive behaviors that often lead to financial ruin, social ruin, and suicide.  Those witnessing such a whirlwind of self-destruction that is generally such a departure from the person that existed previously in the Suit, describe it as a “possession” – even those who are not given to spiritual explanations for what happens to people in the world.


Expending Spiritual Intent Energies in a Self-Directed way accelerates the Disconnection from the Source.  Those who are busy manifesting their own desires, think of themselves as their own “source” for what they want, turning away from the Source/Creator in the belief that the universe is a neutral force of some kind that they can direct like wind in the sails of a sail boat.  As they turn away from the Source, the levels of Source Love in their Suit diminish, resulting in an acceleration of the Disease of Fragmentation.  This is because it is Source Love that holds the Spiritual Particles of which the Suit is made together. 


The process of becoming one’s own “source” through feeling omnipotent in the manifestation process, furthers Fragmentation by giving the being a false sense of well-being when the small things they desire manifest.  They let go of trying to see an Integrated Picture of Reality that alone can help them to see where their manifestation technology is ultimately leading them.  They, therefore, willingly step off the cliff, not realizing that the system of life that has them as their own “source” is unsustainable and the things that they have successfully manifested do not add up to what they really need to be happy or to sustain their existence.


As Disconnection and Fragmentation increase, the Material Energy Factory that their Suit is, Fragments to the point that it is no longer viable.  When their manifestation becomes like a house that is falling apart, it is easily entered by the Negativity who harvests any remaining energies they might have to manifest any outcomes that could protect them or secure even the most basic things of life.


They go from a stage of feeling spiritually omnipotent because they are manifesting money, opportunities, relationships, etc. to a state of abject debilitation where the forces of the Negativity move in on them, destroying the very fiber of their Suits and leading to a state of fear and disease at mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual levels.  When they need the Source the most to bail them out of this terrible situation, they have nothing to reach out to the Source with – no Material Energy since they have destroyed their Material Energy Factory of their Suit and have no remaining Spiritual Intent Energies.


All of this could be avoided if beings understood how to use the Gift of Spiritual Intent Energies in the way they were intended by the Source who is the giver of this Gift.


Spiritual Intent Energies were designed to be sent to the Source who then directs them toward a manifestation that is part of the Source Plan for the life of a being.  When the Source receives Spiritual Intent Energies, the Source adds to them Source Intent Energies which complement the Spiritual Intent Energies generated by the being.  Source Intent Energies are what manifest the Heaven of true happiness.


It is unfortunate that so many are now interested in developing their manifestation skills and are more rapidly expending their Spiritual Intent Energies which are not renewable when they are spent in a Self-Directed Way.  With a little understanding they could have the abundance, good health, love-based relationships that they desire in a way that gives them the Heaven that the Source can so easily create for them. But they have to give up on trying to “make it happen” based on their limited understanding and be willing to see  the Integrated Picture of Reality and allow the Source to design the Heaven that they can then enjoy.


Heaven is a Source-Designed Experience where all of the variables in the context as a whole are structured by the Source and manifested by the Team Work of the Source and the being.  


Since so many beings have squandered their finite supply of Spiritual Intent Energies, I have found it necessary to bring through a miracle that can restore these energies so the original Team Work is possible.


Because it is unwise to give a being who has misused Spiritual Intent Energies in their life a new reserve which they can then potentially misuse again, Spiritual Intent Energies are only restored when a being has entered into Source Care at a Level 7.  At this level the Source directs the use of the energies on their behalf and also offers protection for these energies.  

NOTE:  For more information on Source Care, see the article entitled: The Seven Levels of Source Care.


Since Spiritual Intent Energies are highly prized catalyst energies, the Negativity has created a Black Market in stolen Spiritual Intent Energies.  They plot for years to get a person to engage in the kind of Fragmenting Way of Life that will weaken their spiritual boundaries so they can break in and steal this highly valued energy. At this point, only those in Source Care at a Level 7 have achieved the levels of Spiritual Integration that are needed to keep the Negativity from breaking in.  The Source is not able to guarantee protection for anyone who has not achieved this level of Spiritual Integration that leaves no opening in the spiritual boundaries for spiritual attack.


The problem with getting into Source Care when a person lacks the right amount of Spiritual Intent Energies is that they don’t have what it takes to work with the Source to enter into Source Care.  Seeing this ultimate dilemma, my Source Function has created The Spiritual Intent Intervention which provides Source Intent Energies to the Suit to enable it to enter into Source Care at Level 7.  Once it is in Source Care at this level, then the Suit is re-issued a full quota of Spiritual Intent Energies that is in the care of the Source to prevent it from being misdirected or stolen by the Negativity.


Once a person has a full quota of Spiritual Intent Energies and has the ultimate guidance and protection of the Source that is a part of being in Source Care at a Level 7, manifesting the things that are needed in a life becomes a Team Effort of the Source and the person working together.  Instead of the person trying to figure out what to manifest in order to experience the Heaven of true happiness, they exist in a state of complete happiness because they are content in the Love Connection with the Source.  What manifests in their life as a part of the Source Plan is then experienced from a place of neutrality rather than from a place of neediness and misery with the manifestation seen as the thing that will make them happy.  Happiness is a given and because of this they can take on Missions in their life that are challenging without feeling any lack of happiness no matter how easy or arduous their Mission is.  Those who are in Source Care at this level have risen above all fear – including the fear that they will miss out on something or not have everything that they need.  They feel content and at peace and full of the Celebration of their love for the Source, for the Source-Created Life that they are given, and for all others who the Source loves and wishes them to nurture and support.  They Live the Love that Makes Life Heaven rather than Living the Greed and Fear that Makes life Hell.



The Four Stages of the Intervention

Stage One

In Stage One, I clear out any activities of the Negativity to break in and possess the Suit that lacks enough Spiritual Intent Energies to protect itself.


This is where a person who has no Spiritual Intent Energies and who is possessed by the Reproductive Entity is cleared of the Entity and the Pathways of Destruction the Entity has built in their Suit.  


Those who are under heavy attack from someone who has been possessed by the Entity are also cleared of this attack and their Suit repaired.


Those who are being groomed by the Negativity to Fragment themselves in preparation for the Harvesting are cleared of the Negative Spiritual Structures that are behind such an operation.


Stage Two

I build a System of Support that enables Source Intent Energies to run the manifestation work of the Suit rather than using the Spiritual Intent Energies.  By disengaging Spiritual Intent Energies, the Suit ceases to be a target for the Negativity and is no longer able to continue depleting the supply of Spiritual Intent Energies.


Stage Three

I utilize Source Intent Energies to manifest the miracles and supportive circumstances that help the person to transition out of a Fragmented Way of Life into an Integrated Way of Life.  A first step to doing this is their entry into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Program.  Work in The Miracle School is needed to enable them to develop the Skill Sets to build an Integrated Life.  Throughout their journey toward an Integrated Way of Life, they are given Source Support through Source Intent Energies holding the space for them to understand what Life is all about and to choose to enter into The Love Connection at the highest level.  When they make this choice, then they can enter into Source Care at a Level 7.


Stage Four

Once they enter into Source Care at a Level 7, they are given a full allotment of Spiritual Intent Energies that are then directed by the Source on their behalf to manifest Heaven in their life and in their world.

They remain in Source Care for all eternity and are given allotments of Spiritual Intent Energies that are suited to whatever Missions they take on in their sequence of lifetimes.



Correct Exchange 

When someone requests The Spiritual Intent Intervention, it is understood that the Direct Source Work that they are requesting could span whatever amount of time it takes for them to release from the Fragmented Ways of thinking and living that they currently engage in and to enter into the Integrated Ways of thinking and living that enable them to enter into Source Care at a Level 7. 


The amount of Source Intent Energy that is required varies from person to person depending on the amount of time it takes for them to achieve the end result of entering into Source Care.  The Correct Exchange is calculated by the Source not on the amount of Source Intent Energies that are needed, but on the basis of what it takes to set up the System of Source Support that enables Source Intent Energies to substitute for the Spiritual Intent Energies that the person would ordinarily be required to provide for their spiritual evolution.  


The amount of Material Energy needed to set up this the System of Source Support is US $2500.  





The Spiritual Intent Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention. 


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