The Source Love Intervention

The Source Love Intervention is the Source Solution for one of the most devastating forms of damage that can occur. This damage is the loss of the Source Love Energy Supply which is stored in the Source Work Station in the center of the heart chakra.  It is this energy that enables a being to connect at a fundamental to the love and support of the Source.  


This Source Love Energy provides the touchdown point for the Source to enter through the Work Station and supply the being with a continuing flow of Source Love that enables them to feel loved by the Source, which gives them a deep sense of well-being, and to have the flow of love needed to love the Source in return. The exchange of love energy between the Source and the being forms a Circle of Love that is established through the center of the heart chakra.  It is this continuing exchange of love energy that is the foundation for a life that is Heaven.  


A being who is engaging properly in this exchange of love through the Circle of Love will be Source-Connected and will benefit from the miracle of a Source-Connected Life which is abundant, healthy, love-based, and fulfilling.  They will have a steady flow of love for the Source, for their own life, and for others.


When the Creation first began beings were just beginning to learn about how to work with this Circle of Love when some beings decided that they would prefer to cut the Source out of the picture and create a Self-Centered Circle of Love where they cycled this Source Love Energy to themselves instead of keeping it available as a Point of Connection with the Source.  They  formed a Pseudo Circle of Love between the Source Love Energy Supply Center and their own lower chakras. As they pumped energy from the Source Love Energy Supply Center to their lower chakras, they began to consume the energy rather than cycling it through to the Source through the correct Circle of Love.  In the correct Circle of Love, the Source receives the energies and adds additional love energies and sends it back to the being.  The energy is not consumed but renewed by this connection with the Source.


Since the Source Love Supply was not meant to be consumed but to provide an eternal energy of love through which the Source could interface with the Suit (body/mind), this consumption of the Source Love Energy eventually exhausted their supply.


Beings who were without any Source Love Energy soon became profoundly Disconnected from the Source and devoid of love.  Without the continuing supply of Source Love coming into them through the Circle of Love, they found themselves lacking a sense of well-being, experiencing low self esteem because they couldn’t experience the love of others and couldn’t love themselves, mean-spirited, full of despair, depressed, and desperate.  They began to experience life threatening diseases of the body, mind, and spirit because the lack of this Source Love cut them off from the energies of Life that maintained their health at every level.


They hated themselves because they realized that they had mutated themselves through their Self-Centeredness and had stepped out of the beauty of the Miracle of Life.  They then longed to drag others into their dark reality and destroy them as well.  This was partly to have company in their misery and also to make it seem that their miserable reality was just a natural part of life because it was happening to many beings.  It gave them a sense of solace when others were experiencing their reality.  They also hated the beauty of life that they saw in others, particularly the innocence of the young, because it reminded them of their own innocence which they had destroyed.  


Instead of taking responsibility for the mistake that they had made with their Source Love Energy Supply and seeking the help of the Source to correct the problem, they entered into a war against the Source.  Despite many attempts on the part of the Source to communicate to these beings that miracles could restore their lost Source Love Energy and put them back on track to becoming Source-Connected, they chose the path of perversity and destruction.


They believed that if only they could steal the coveted Source Love Energy of others, then they could harvest the Source Energies that touch down in the Source Love Energy Supply, and then they could have the benefit of Source Energies without having to give up their Self-Centeredness and the practice of abusing others that had become their way of life.


Those who were trying to steal the Source Love Energy Supply in the center of the heart chakra chose sexual abuse rather than any other form of abuse to secure these energies.   This is because the heart chakra is the center of Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence.  The Spiritual Reproductive System includes the reproductive organs and the heart chakra which is also the Seat of the Soul.


The Spiritual Reproductive System was designed by the Source to reproduce not only organic life through sexual reproductive processes but to reproduce the spiritual conditions in which the Soul can interface with the form both when it is developing on a physical level in the womb and after birth.  If the Spiritual Reproductive Intelligence System doesn’t perform correctly, the Soul can become disconnected from the Suit and the being can lose their life at a spiritual level even if the organic Suit continues on in life.  When this occurs, the Suit can be taken over by the negative force that created the conditions in which the Soul lost its connection to the Suit.  The disconnected Soul is then left without a Suit in a helpless condition where it observes its Suit interacting destructively with its loved ones and using its life to do harm in the world.


The goal of those seeking to steal Source Love Energies has been to sexually assault children and adults and implant impurities in the energies of their Spiritual Reproductive Systems.  These impurities then serve as stations within the Spiritual Reproductive System  from which they can work to tunnel into the Source Love Energy in the center of the heart chakra.  They can then begin to harvest this energy.


The most effective way to secure this kind of energy is to assault the young who are spiritually vulnerable and unable to defend themselves.  This has been one of the major motivating factors for the sexual abuse of the young throughout the Creation.  


While the sexual abuse of children is the most notable example of the attack on the cache of Source Love Energy in the heart chakra, the sexual abuse of adults can also result in a loss of this energy. 


Rape of an adult can create, through its violence, an assault that can lead to the theft of this energy.  The violation of the integrity of the Spiritual Reproductive System that results from such an assault can compromise the safety of the heart chakra and a break in and theft of the Source Love Energy can occur.


Grief over the loss of a relationship with a lover through a break up of the relationship or a death can also result in what people describe as a “broken heart”. In spiritual terms a “broken heart” often corresponded to a heart chakra that has lost its integrity and is leaking Source Love Energy.  Many have described being unable to recover from a lost relationship because they feel like their heart was so badly broken they don’t have the ability to love again.  In many cases, this is not just a fear of another loss but the actual loss of the Source Love Energies that enable the person to love again.


It is important to note that if beings were relating to one another correctly, such a theft would not be possible.  If each person connected in a correct Circle of Love to the Source, then even if they lost their lover, the constancy of the love connection with the Source would sustain the integrity of their heart chakra and protect the Source Love Energy stored in the heart chakra.


Those who have sought to steal Source Love Energy have worked to create a Culture of Attachment and Greed where beings connect to others or even to material objects to which they become attached instead of to the Source.  The goal has been to encourage beings to form a Pseudo Circle of Love from their Source Love Energy Supply to someone or something other than the Source.  Then all that is needed to harvest the Source Love Energy is to break the Pseudo Circle of Love through causing a traumatic loss of whatever the Source Love Energies are connecting to.  If the Pseudo Circle of Love is strong enough, the loss of the person or thing to which a person is attached will break the Pseudo Circle of Love and generate a shock wave that can rupture the container that holds the Source Love Energy. Those seeking the Source Love Energy can then move in to harvest the energy.


While it takes a very strong Pseudo Circle of Love to rupture the Source Love Energy container, many people form very intense attachments which make them vulnerable to this kind of maneuver.  Some people are so attached to their material possessions, for instance, that they transfer the love that they should have given to the Source to sustain their life, to their belongings.  If they lose these belongings, then their heart chakra breaks and they lose their ability to love even these things.  Then they join the ranks of the loveless beings without any Source Love in their heart chakras, and begin to prey on others who still have their Source Love Energy.


The total damage in the Creation from this kind of loss of Source Love Energy from either beings destroying their own energy through becoming so Self-Centered that they burn it up or through beings damaging others or creating a world of traumatic events that cause the loss of this energy, is that over 9% of the population of the Creation as a whole has lost some of this energy and is operating without the ability to establish a full Connection to the Source.


Since a full supply of this energy is necessary for the Source Connection to occur at its highest level, those who have some of the energy but who lack the full supply of the energy, are destined for an eternity of suffering since any form of a Disconnection from the Source leads to diseases of the body, mind, and spirit.  


On the Earth Plane, about 14% of the population has lost some of their Source Love Energies.  Of this number, about 70,000,000 have lost their entire supply of these energies.  Of these 70 million, 99% are victims of sexual abuse in childhood.


While not all instances of sexual abuse result in the abuser effecting a theft of the Source Love Energies, many cases of sexual abuse do result in partial or total loss of this energy.


As a Universal Community looking at this most grievous problem, we have to consider what toll the suffering of these lives takes not only on the individuals involved but on the generations they raise and on the Community as a whole.


Some victims of sexual abuse just suffer in silence, fail to take care of themselves, engage in substance abuse to mask their pain, and are unable to form loving sexual connections. The children they raise often follow in their pattern of estrangement and dysfunctionality and pass it on to their children as well.  


Other victims turn into abusers and join the ranks of the Negativity, destroying young lives and training future generations of sexual abusers who will then destroy the lives of others.  Some of these sexual abusers abuse children in their care. Others abuse adults or promote sexual abuse in the culture where children and adults are presented with an image of sexuality that is debased, loveless, and abusive – where sexual partners are treated as sex objects rather than partners in a sacred act of love that reproduces life as Heaven.


The bottom line in all of this chain of abuse is the missing energy in the heart chakra that could re-instate a victim or an abuser’s ability to Connect to the Source and experience again the kind of well-being that would open them to love and to healing at the deepest level.


Until recently, it was possible for me to bring through miracles that would rebuild this energy in the heart chakra but the energy was still vulnerable to capture by the Negativity.  In fact, those whose Spiritual Reproductive Systems had been previously violated were more likely to be unable to defend this energy and the energy could then be used to crash into their Reproductive System to do even greater harm than what they had suffered previously.


Then, through a request for Source Support that came to me through the Ask the Source Participation Form, I encountered a victim of sexual abuse whose abuser was one of the most adept abuser in the ranks of the Negativity.  Through observing how he had stolen the entire cache of Source Love Energy of his victim and what he had done with it, I finally unraveled the technology for this kind of theft.  I was then able to bring through a miracle that would not only restore the stolen Source Love Energy but protect the energy from further theft.  This was the turning point in the work of the Source to stop this kind of abuse and to help those who have lost this energy to have a chance to have this energy again, even if it was through their own Self-Centeredness that they had lost it.


The miracle that I brought through is what I call The Source Love Intervention. It restores the supply of Source Love Energy and protects it from theft by the individual to which it is given as well as by any others trying to get at the energy.


I am now making this Intervention available to all those who have suffered a partial or total loss of their Source Love Energy and to all Heaven Agents who wish to stop the cycle of dysfunctionality and lovelessness that this kind of damage propagates in future generations.



The Correct Exchange

The way that the Correct Exchange works for this Intervention, is that it takes a certain amount of energy to bring the miracle of this Source Intervention to the person in need of it.  With the momentum generated by this amount of energy, I am able to give the Source Intervention to one other person as well. This means that the Correct Exchange for one Source Love Intervention is able to provide two people with the Intervention. 


What this means for our work as a Community to care for those who have been injured through the loss of their Source Love Energy, is that if you provide the Correct Exchange for one person, two people will receive the Intervention.


In this way, those who wish to help to stop the suffering in the world, particularly the suffering of children who are currently living in situations where they are being sexually abused, can step forward and provide the Correct Exchange for those in need of it.


Even if you yourself don’t need this Intervention, think of the millions of others that do, and ask to receive Source Guidance with regard to whether it is in your Mission to help to provide the Correct Exchange for those who are in need.  


Needless to say, children who are being abused have no one who is going to provide the Correct Exchange for them if those who understand the problem and the Source Solution do not step forward to help them.


Since it is the will of the Source that the Universal Community take care of the miracle of each life as a sacred gift from the Source to the Community, the Source does not recognize Self-Centered allocations of resources. The Source provides what is needed and members of the Community are expected by the Source to step forward and balance the exchange for the miracles that are needed by themselves and the Community.


There are many ways in which this exchange can be balanced.  A Financial Exchange provides the most material level of energy for this work to be done.  It is also possible for you to volunteer to work on projects that are Source-Directed to generate the energy that will, at a spiritual level, eventually result in the kind of Material Energies that are needed to land the miracle of the Source Love Intervention in someone’s life.  


Until our Universal Community steps forward to handle the most urgent needs of members of the Community, we will not be able to achieve what the Prototype Communities achieved, which was a love-based Community that nurtures all of its own.


In our modern world, the Story Culture permits people to sidestep the problems of the world by giving a little money to a charity that is handling the surface level problems that are symptoms of the underlying spiritual problems.  While dealing with the surface level of the problem of sexual abuse is critical to the recovery of victims and abusers, dealing with the deeper spiritual level of the problem is essential to stopping the problem in its entirety.  If this deeper spiritual level is not addressed, then sexual abuse will continue for all eternity.  In a world in which a crime against the very integrity of a life at the most profound level can occur, there can be no Heaven. Even if you yourself escape the ravaging effects of such a crime against life, the waves of sadness, rage, and depravity of those connected to this darkest level of disease, washes up on your shore.  You can’t escape its impact on your life and on the lives of your loved ones.


We have enough resources on this Earth Plane to eradicate this problem in a matter of years if members of our Global Community step forward to stop the driving force behind sexual abuse which is the loss of the Source Connection and the desolation and cruelty that arises from it.


I leave it in your hands to honor the work of the Source in bringing through this miracle and to work to establish a world without sexual abuse of any kind.  


If you think that you might need this miracle for yourself or for someone you know, then you can email me and let me know your circumstance and I will get back to you with information on what is needed.


If you would like to contribute to the healing of those who have lost this energy, you can enter into the form below the amount that you would like to contribute toward Source Love Interventions for others.  I will make sure that they go to those who are most urgently in need of this care.  I will do so not by contact with the beings on the Outer Plane, but through my work with them on the Inner Plane.  Because I am a manifestation of the Source, I work with all beings individually through my Extended Range, and I know who is in most need of this miracle.  If you give me the Material Energy that I need to deliver this miracle to them, I will make sure that it reaches them.


I am able to create the miracles but only you can provide the Material Energy that enables these miracles to reach you or other Manifest Beings such as you, at the level where you reside in the Spiritual Level of Reality.  I am not a Manifest Being.  I do not produce the kind of Material Energy that enables miracles to come into your level of reality.  I operate at a more ethereal level of Spiritual Reality where I work with the Unmanifest Level of my Source Function to bring through the miracles.  I then tell you what has been created and it is up to you whether these miracles will be brought into your world or not.  I can only do what is mine to do.  The rest of the project is what is yours to do.


It is time now to stop the suffering and bring through Heaven.  It is time to take action and know that the Source will help you to do what is yours to do to contribute to the Source Solutions that it creates reaching those who are in need.  Don’t wait for the agencies and people with big money to help.  The Source calls you individually to contribute to whatever it is within your Mission to do.  This is the Age of Accountability when every being is called on by the Source to do what is theirs to do.  



Request The Source Love Intervention

The Correct Exchange for The Source Love Intervention is US$260.




Contribute to the Healing of Those in Need

I would like to support others who have lost the Source Love Energy by exchanging for $.00 toward Source Love Interventions.





The Source Love Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.

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