The Redirection Intervention


An Intervention is needed for the Material Energies of the Suit to be directed back to the Source so the Source can use these energies to generate the Source Power that is needed to manifest the events, opportunities, people, resources, intelligence, and abilities that a Heaven Agent needs to contribute to the work of building a World that Works.  


The way that the Correct Exchange works is that every being needs to connect to the Source through a Spiritual Lifeline.  This Lifeline is like a tube that is connected to their heart chakra and is closed at the end that reaches up to the Source.


The essential steps in the Correct Exchange are as follows:


The Heaven Agent generates 14 different kinds of Material Energies.  These Material Energies are sent through the Lifeline to the Source through Side A of the Lifeline tube.


When they reach the closed end of the tube at the Source side of the tube, the energies turn the corner and head down Side B of the tube.  It is here that the Source uses the Material Energy sent by the Heaven Agent to ground Source Power.  Source Power is what the Source uses to connect on behalf of the Heaven Agent to the beings, resources, events, opportunities, etc. that the Heaven Agent needs in their life.  It is also used to orchestrate the events of the Heaven Agent’s life.  Some of this Source Power is sent into the Source Workstation in the Suit of the Heaven Agent to orchestrate the proper functioning of the Suit.  The aspect of the Source working with the Source Power in the Suit releases the Spiritual Intelligence of the Suit and activates the Miracle-Based Abilities and enables the Heaven Agent to have a high tech Suit that functions to perform the Mission of their life.


When beings started using the connective energies of Source Love given to them in their heart chakras to bypass the Source and try to connect directly to the people and things of their world that they desired, the formed Circles of Attachment that enslaved them and made them vulnerable to the selfish desires of those to whom they attached.  


A good example of this is the kind of attachment that occurs in an abusive relationship where the victim attaches to the abuser and gets fixated on them.  Even when severe physical violence leads to repeated hospitalizations, the victim will often return to the relationship. They are fatally attached by their own connective energies.


While many religious traditions teach the danger of attachment and some counsel abstinence from all relationships, sexuality, sensuality, etc. in order to detach, this doesn’t really correct the problem.  Asceticism doesn’t necessarily result in the redirection of these energies to the Source.  Often these energies are just stored up and used to create extraordinary powers, which, in the eyes of the Source, is another redirection and attachment – only a spiritual attachment.


The only correction for the knee jerk tendency to allow the energies of the Suit to connect to what is desired, is The Redirection Intervention which enables the energies of the Suit to go into the Lifeline instead.


Since energies can dart out of the Suit and connect in one’s sleep or be launched from one’s subconscious mind, there is no way for a Suit to correct for this by being vigilant at the level of the conscious mind.  Those who have tried this have inevitably found moments of weakness when the desires of the Suit prevail over the discipline of the mind.


The Suit has to be given Source Support in technically correcting this problem of its energies attaching to things that bring it suffering.  This is why The Redirection Intervention is important.  


This Intervention in particular has been created in response to the urgent request by Suits that the Source create a miracle to enable them to disconnect from their attachments and connect to the Source instead.


The Correct Exchange for the Redirection Intervention is US $410.




The Redirection Intervention is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Intervention.


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