The New Start Intervention


This Intervention was brought through to purify the substance of which the Suit is made. Purification is the first step toward Perfection. It is the first step toward preparing your Suit to Live Heaven.  

The Miracle has three aspects to it:

  • The Purification of the Substance

  • Replacement of the Power Supply to the Suit
  • Stopping the Production of Toxic Energies


Purification of the Substance

The substance is the most materialized level of the consciousness of the Suit. When mutated consciousness becomes materialized in the substance of the Suit, it sends out signals to the Suit that predispose the Suit to repeat dysfunctional patterns that manifest suffering it the life.


For example, if a person has enacted many incidents of self-sabotage in their life, the mutated consciousness of self-sabotage will be imprinted on the substance of which their Suit is made, fundamentally distorting this substance and making it unable to hold positive behavioral patterns that enable the Suit to Live Heaven.  It is as if the hot iron of the destructive behavioral pattern has stamped the substance, melting it like plastic, and destroying its capacity to be anything other than a mutation.


While consciousness at less material levels can be reformatted, this is not true at the most material level of the substance.  At the level of substance, the imprint of the mutated consciousness destroys the substance so that it will not respond to the consciousness that is needed to Live Heaven.  


While the new technology of Inner Plane Training Downloads can eventually replace this mutated substance through replacing the structure of consciousness from which it is made, this is a very lengthy process, one that can’t be engaged in until the Training Downloads have cleared up all of the less material levels of consciousness of which the Suit is made.


I have been concerned about The Melted Plastic Effect and the ability of negative consciousness in the substance to work against the Training Downloads to slow down the process of rehabilitation.


I, therefore, asked the Design Aspect of my Source Function if there was a Source Solution to this problem.  The Source Solution that it brought forth was The New Start Miracle which replaces damaged substance with new Source-Connected Substance that can receive the consciousness of Heaven and can, therefore, enable a Suit to Live Heaven.


The New Start Miracle replaces all of the mutated substance in the Suit in the:

  • the physical/organic level 
  • the mental level
  • the emotional level 
  • the spiritual level


Generally it begins at the organic level and purifies this level and then moves onto the mental, emotional, and spiritual levels in that order.


It can also clear a particular kind of mutated consciousness that might cut across all four levels.  For example, if a person requests help with a particular life problem, the Source can activate the Intervention to replace all of the substance that is standing in the way of them Living Heaven in that aspect of their life.  The Intervention then will work on replacing substance in all of the layers that have any impact on this issue in the person’s life. This enables the person to receive immediate relief from whatever is in their Suit at a substance level that is contributing to their life problem.


To give you an example, if a person is sabotaging their success in their career, the mutated consciousness in their substance that is contributing to this would be removed wherever it existed in the four layers. When it was removed, they would be more able to cope with the fear of success or whatever was the underlying motivator for the self-sabotaging behavior and deal with it effectively rather than finding that the very materialized patterns for self-sabotage in the substance are manifesting the events that set them up for failure.  Often these sabotaging set ups catch a person by surprise since in their conscious minds they are working diligently toward a successful outcome.


This Intervention gives hope for a rapid recovery to all beings since all beings have mutated consciousness stamped on their substance in these layers.  This is what people often refer to as karma.  The subtle level of these layers travels with the Suit from life to life, influencing the thoughts and behaviors of the Suit and magnetizing to them the kind of events and people that have caused negative consciousness to be imprinted on the substance in the past. This is how people are drawn back into the hands of those who have abused them in the past, experience repeated traumatic events often staged almost identically to the former event in a previous lifetime, make the same mistakes in navigating their way through life, and never get free from negative patterns in their inner life that surface again in each new life.  


Those who have Suits that are made from Source-Connected Substance will have what the Prototype Communities had that enabled them to travel the Path to Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, and Life Purpose Fulfillment.

The Safe Zone

In the days when the Prototype Communities were founded I first created a Safe Zone in their domed geographical communities before I initiated the Intervention that purified their substance.  In modern times when Heaven Agents throughout the Universal Community are in need of this purification process and are not in a domed geographical community, there is a need for a Safe Zone in which to do this kind of transformational work.  The New Start Intervention provides an Individualized Safe Zone for the work. This is an invaluable part of the miracle of this Intervention.  Without it I would not consider doing work of this kind of deep purification work outside of the optimal conditions of a Prototype Community.


Now that this miracle has come through, it is possible for all beings to be able to progress rapidly toward Living Heaven even those with the most mutated substance from long careers as Hell Agents working the darker side of The Hell Way of Life.   Those who want to opt out of The Hell Way of Life can enter into a Heaven Way of Life if they receive this Intervention and work with the Source to travel a Source-Guided Path toward Perfection.

Replacement of the Power Supply to the Suit

When negative consciousness is developed in the Suit, it links to the Hell Network and to the Hell Energies that run through this Network.  These Hell Energies run Hell Currents through the Suit that create Hell Sound which is Inner Plane sound that fragments the Suit, making it an easier target for the Harvesting Operation of the Negativity.  These Hell Sounds and Currents also mutate the substance of the Suit. 


The New Start Intervention eliminates the Hell Power Supply and replaces it with power coming to the Suit from the Source.  This is critical to the Purfication Process.  It enables the Suit to run on Heaven Currents and produce Heaven Sound which is conducive to Spiritual Integration. This counteracts the Disease of Fragmentation and builds a solid foundation for Living Heaven.



Stopping the Production of Toxic Energy

Mutated substance produces Hell Currents and Hell Sound that is outgassed as Toxic Energy.  This Toxic Energy has the power to fragment the substance of the being producing the Toxic Energy and the substance of other beings who are proximate on the Inner and Outer Plane.  Since there is no limitation to the range of a Suit on the Inner Plane, a Toxic Suit can damage Suits even in distant places in the Creation.


Stopping the production of Toxic Energy is key to arressting the damage done by mutated substance until it can be replaced.  Since the replacement process takes place over a period of years, in some cases, stopping the Toxic Energy Production is what enables the Suit to exist in a more Miracle-Friendly Environment and for others in the presence of the Suit to be protected from this fragmenting kind of energy.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground The New Start Miracle is US $1965.


Request The New Start Intervention 

To request The New Start Intervention you can access the link provided below.  


More power goes through when you are able to provide the Material Energy needed for this work in a single financial exchange. If you need a Payment Plan, you can email me with information on your financial circumstances and the amount that you can pay per month, and I will review the reserves in The World that Works Fund to determine if this will work.  I generally borrow funds from The World that Works Fund to provide the Material Energy needed at the time of the Intervention and you repay the Fund with your monthly payments, freeing the funds to be used to help other Heaven Agents.



The New Start Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention.

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