The Love Connection Intervention

This Intervention is designed to build The Love Connection with the Source which is what enables a Heaven Agent to learn how to genuinely love the Source and want to give back from a place of real wisdom and appreciation of the work of the Source.  It is also what enables a being to experience the ecstasy of The Love Connection which, at its highest level, is the Heaven Experience that is the foundation for a life that is Heaven.  


This Intervention has three parts:

Part One

You step into The Love Connection Grid that supplies you with miracles to develop The Love Connection with the Source.


Part Two

You hold in your right hand on the Inner Plane, the hilt of a sword, without the blade of the sword.  When you hold this hilt, any Greed Current that is running through your Suit from your participation in the Greed Economy/Culture of the Story World, backs up in your hand, explodes, and leaves your Suit forever. 

Getting freed from the Greed Current is the first step in developing The Love Connection with the Source.  No one approaching the Source with Greed for Source Support or the Heaven Experience can progress closer to the Source because the Greed Current will be deflected by the Source and they will be deflected along with it.


Part Three

You receive The Love Connection Current that runs through your body and out your right hand to a Love Connection sword that swings itself into the correct alignment with whatever is next to be activated in The Love Connection Grid.  As the sword touches a place in the Grid, it activates the miracles that lie latent there and these miracles help you to understand the nature of The Love Connection and to begin experiencing different facets of it.  From these experiences, you progress in your work of developing the highest level of The Love Connection.  


With this sword guiding you, you can keep yourself progressing in developing the relationship with the Source even if you have had no prior life experience in developing a truly love-based relationship with anyone and have not had any remembrance of the love-based relationship you once had with the Source before the creation of the Material World when you worked harmoniously with the Source in the Immaterial Level of the Creation.


The Love Connection Intervention is one of the most powerful Interventions ever created by the Source.  It is a gift to all those who want to become Reconnected and to experience the ineffable joy of communing with the Source – a joy that is the foundation for the Heaven that is experienced in every other aspect of life.



The Correct Exchange for The Love Connection Intervention is US $450.





The Love Connection Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention. 

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