The Living in the Love Intervention 


The Problem 

When people are living in the world as it is, they are living in a medium of Lovelessness created from the individual and collective ill will of billions of beings who get angry at one another and do harm to one another.  In some circumstances, this harm may be confined to taking a verbal pot shot at someone’s ego, hoping to injure their feelings.  In other circumstances it can be acted out in extreme ways through Inner and Outer Plane attack that can lead to death.


When beings are living in this Lovelessness Medium, it is hard to ever get up to the right speed of energy in order to feel the joy of Heaven that is being sent to them daily by the Source.  Instead, they struggle in the low vibrational energies and try to distract themselves from feeling depressed by indulging themselves in pleasurable pursuits that tend to take on an escapist and addictive quality.  


When a Suit feels beset by others in a world where everyone is doing harm to everyone else to one degree or another, it is hard for the Suit to give up its strategies for doing harm.  It feels justified in retaining them in self defense even if it has decided not to go out of its way to inflict harm on others.


A Suit that is in a defense mode, operating from a platform of fear, is not likely to be able to understand how to let go of its fear-based approach to life in order to enter into the Light of Source Love even if it knows that it will be happier there.


Suits tend to try to Fragment themselves so that some Fragments can enter into the Light and other Fragments can stay anchored in the darkness of the Lovelessness Medium because this is the environment that they are used to even if they know that it brings them suffering.


The Source Solution

After observing the struggle of most Suits to let go of attachments to The World of Suffering to move into the Heaven of Source Love, I petitioned the Design Aspect of my Source Function for a Source Solution to this dilemma.  The Source Solution that was created has two aspects:

  • a Love Connection Medium that is replete with the energy of The Love Connection with the Source.  Those entering into this Love Connection Medium not only can relax into this Source Love but can learn how to live with the purity of intent that enables them to develop The Love Connection with the Source.
  • The Living in the Love Intervention which provides the Suit with a Perfected Intelligence that sends out signals to it to both invite it to enter into The Love Connection Medium and to help it release its fear-based attachments to The Lovelessness Medium that Disconnects it from the Source.


The Living in the Love Intervention


This Intervention provides the following kinds of Source Support:

At-a-Distance Source Support through the Perfected Intelligence that Mans the Intervention 

Support for Staying in the Love

Once the Suit has entered into The Love Connection Medium, the Perfected Intelligence helps it to see clearly when choices that it is making endanger it by getting it too close to the edge of The Love Connection Medium where it could re-enter The Lovelessness Medium.

Support for Learning How to Live in the Love

The Perfected Intelligence also helps the Suit to experience the Heaven of The Love Connection and to deepen the bliss of this experience of Living in the Love as it matures in its understandings of how to maintain the thoughts and actions that enhance the development of The Love Connection.


Support for Learning How to Live in the Love with Others

The Love Connection Medium is the new Meeting Place for those who wish to work with the Source to build a Love-Based Universal Community.  It is here that people will be able to connect with others who have chosen the Path of Love and who are capable of being instruments through which Source Love can flow into their lives and into their relationships.  It is here that people will find those who have given up doing harm and are learning how to become pure channels for Source Love in all of their relationships.


Direct Source Support – Community Building Webinars

Universal Community Meetings by Webinar are held to provide you with an opportunity to meet others who are Living in the Love and to learn how to work with them to deal with personal and community issues.  Having a community of beings who are, like yourself, committed to Living in the Love is the first step toward having the kind of social support that is needed to build Love-Based Relationships and to pioneer building a Life that is Heaven.


Support for Building a Love-Based Personal, Global, and Universal Community

The Living in the Love Intervention is a Community Building Intervention.  When one person enters into The Love Connection Medium, those close to them are more likely to give up their attachments to their fear-based defense mechanism in order to enter into The Love Connection  Medium to be with their loved one.  


One person exchanging for The Living in the Love Intervention can bring in a host of others in their personal group of friends and family.  They can also influence every life that comes into contact with them.  For instance, if they encounter people in shops that they visit, someone in the shop might pick up on The Love Connection Medium and wish to be in this energy that they can sense is surrounding the person who is residing in this Medium.  From this wish, they can begin to release from their attachments and transition into The Love Connection Medium.


In this way a single person can help hundreds of other people to make this essential First Step out of the Path of Fear into the Path of Love.  Because Suits on a subconscious level read the energy of other Suits, an awareness on the part of the Suit of The Love Connection Medium surrounding another person can be pivotal to the decision of the Suit on subconscious levels to release from its attachments and enter into The Love Connection Medium.  This decision is the Turning Point when the Suit begins to escape from the dog-eat-dog mentality of The Lovelessness Medium.  Living in the Love is fundamentally life altering.  It changes the way that the Suit experiences everything that they do from the simplest daily tasks to the most challenging life experiences.  


Inner Plane Miracle Tool

The Intervention includes an Inner Plane Miracle Tool that I call The Transmitter.  It looks like a wand on the Inner Plane that has sparkly energies moving rapidly within it.  When you invoke The Transmitter, it sends out a Ray of Love Connection Energies.  It can effect significant spiritual changes in 6 people at a time and influence a total of 10 people.  Only 6 will receive enough of the Love Connection Energies to get a strong sense of the presence of The Love Connection Medium.  The other 4 will have a more ephemeral sense of the Medium.  Those who sense the Medium and desire to enter into it can begin transitioning out of their attachments so they can enter the Medium. Without the help of The Living in the Love Intervention it is harder for them to make progress and to learn how to stay in the Love Connection Medium, but it is possible to make the transition and to learn how to Live in the Love, especially if they are intentionally supported by those with the Intervention who are being coached by the Perfected Intelligence how to help others to make the transition.


To Live in the Love of the Source is to:

  • have an chance to Reconnect to the Source and to re-establish The Love Connection that is the basis for The Heaven Experience that transforms an ordinary life into a Life that is Heaven
  • have a way to Reconnect with the Source Love that heals the Suit from the Disease of Fragmentation which is caused by a lack of Source Love 
  • have the Spiritual Technology to build a Love-Based World beginning with you and your loved ones and extending that experience of love to others in your local community and in the Global and Universal Community.




The Source Call to Action

Now it is possible to experience the Love that transforms Life into Heaven and to share this Love with others so that they too can escape from the Lovelessness into the Love.


This Intervention is the answer to how to build

a Love-Based Life and a Love-Based World.  



Become Love in Action

Take action to secure this Intervention for yourself and begin helping others.  Those who have the Intervention will be able to help others to enter into The Love Connection Medium and will be good role models for how to Live in the Love. 

With the help of the Perfected Intelligence that mans the Intervention, you will be able to learn quickly what enables you to stay in The Love Connection Medium and what takes you dangerously close to The Lovelessness Medium.  While others that you help to enter into The Love Connection Medium without the benefit of the Intervention will not have the ongoing support of the Perfected Intelligence, they can learn from you since you will be working directly with this Intelligence.  

The way that they learn from you differs according to their proximity to you.  Those who interact with you in your daily life will observe the care that you take to Live in the Love.  Those who are influenced by you but who do not regularly observe you in your daily life will learn from the Inner Plane Prototype that you create from your pioneering work of learning how to Live in the Love.  Prototypes enable your learning to carry like an Energy Imprint to the farthest reaches of the Creation to beings with whom you have no personal contact on the Outer Plane.  In this way, your work to learn how to Live in the Love will help all beings throughout the Creation who long to escape from the harshness of the Lovelessness that surrounds them and return to the Love of the Source.


The Correct Exchange 

The Correct Exchange for The Love Medium Intervention is US $555.  It provides the Suit with the support of The Love Connection Medium for a lifetime.  This Intervention includes:

  • The At-a-Distance Source Intervention that enables the Suit to enter into The Love Connection Medium and provides it with a lifetime of support from the Perfected Intelligence who mans the Intervention 
  • one Universal Community Meeting 
  • The Transmitter Miracle Tool
Heaven Agents are encouraged to continue with other Universal Community Meetings after the initial one that is included in the Intervention.  It is during these Universal Community Meetings that they will learn how to Live in the Love and to build a Love-Based Community.  These Meetings will be announced in The Schedule of Upcoming Events which can be found at:  Upcoming Events.

Payment Plans for the Intervention are available for those who lack the means to exchange for the Intervention in a single payment.  The most power for the Intervention, however, comes when the full amount of Material Energy is given through a single exchange.  

If you would like to request a Payment Plan you can contact me with information about your financial situation and the amount that you can pay per month and I will check The World that Works Fund to make sure that it can provide the amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracles initially.  When you make your monthly payment and reimburse the Fund then these funds can be available to help other Heaven Agents.

How to Request The Living in the Love Intervention

To request The Living in the Love Intervention, you can access the link provided below:


The Living in the Love Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention. 

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