The Spiritual Intelligence System Intervention


Suits were created by the Source to run off of a Spiritual Intelligence System that has four different kinds of Intelligence:

  • Spiritual Intelligence which would enable them to track what is happening on the Spiritual Level of Reality and communicate directly with the Source
  • Emotional Intelligence that gives immediate, intuitive understandings of what is happening in a situation and the actions that need to be taken
  • Mental Intelligence which was designed to process the communications sent to it by Emotional Intelligence and develop the theoretical understandings that enable the Suit to process Source Communications on an intellectual level
  • Physical Intelligence which is the innate wisdom of the physical form about what it needs and how it can operate in harmony with Source Guidance  


When, in the beginning of the Creation, Suits Disconnected from the Source in order to pursue their own idea of the happiness that they wanted in their lives, they were unable to access the flow of Source-Given Intelligence that would have provided the content to their four levels of Intelligence that would have enabled them to experience the Heaven of the highest level of happiness.  Instead, Suits began relying on their Mental Intelligence to fabricate theories about the world which then controlled Emotional Intelligence, giving rise to Story Emotions – emotions arising from the Stories they created about themselves and the world around them.  These Personal and Cultural Stories blocked out their ability to perceive the world through Direct Perception which would have enabled them to follow the Source-Created Adventure for their life.  

The Story Filter blocked out much of their Spiritual Intelligence and dominated Physical Intelligence, resulting in the psychosomatic traumas and illnesses and limitations that have beset the physical aspect of the Suit.  In short, Small Picture theories/stories about the nature of reality have ruled the Suit, giving rise to mutations on all four levels of Intelligence.


To give you an example, a child caught in the midst of a divorce may erroneously conclude that they did something to cause the divorce and conclude that they are a bad person who does not deserve to be happy in their life.  This mental thought gives rise to the emotions of self hate and self abuse and can lead to the somatization of this self hate in physical injuries and illnesses and in depression. It blocks the ability of the Suit to access the higher ranges of Spiritual Intelligence that would enable it to see a bigger picture and understand the true complexity of the causal forces that led to the divorce.  


Although the child turned adult might readily see that they were not the cause of their parents’ divorce, the subconscious mind might continue on with patterns of self destruction that sabotage their success in their work life and in their family life. They might continue to punish themselves for the break up of their parents’ marriage throughout their life even though at a conscious mind level they are clear that they were not at fault.  Since the subconscious mind sets up many pathways along which subterranean thoughts and emotions travel, it is often difficult, even with the analysis provided in modern psychotherapies, to actually stop the patterns that have their own independent way of life on a subconscious level.


What is needed is an overhaul of The Spiritual Intelligence System of the Suit which reorders the four kinds of Intelligence so that Emotional Intelligence becomes the conduit through which information from the Source is understood in an integrated way and then sent to the 3 other forms of Intelligence.  Emotional Intelligence should be the fast response Intelligence that gives the Suit an immediate understanding of what is happening in any given situation and what action needs to be taken even before Mental Intelligence has had a chance to understand the situation and integrate this understanding with past understandings.  Emotional Intelligence is the Intuitive Intelligence that can sense danger or opportunity and act spontaneously, guiding the Suit along the Path of The Adventure long before the Mental Intelligence has caught up with its ability to take in and process Source Guidance about what is happening.


A good example of Source-Given Emotional Intelligence at work is the instincts of a mother who senses danger long before there is any outward sign of it and moves herself and her children to safety.  This knowledge is transmitted by a gut level knowingness that prompts action.  Only later might the danger reveal itself and the mother understand the wisdom of the actions that she took to get her family to safety.


Another example of Emotional Intelligence is the first impression that a person has of someone they have never met before. Often this is informed by Source-Given Emotional Communications that enable the Suit to understand the essence of the person long before any external behaviors have been evidenced to provide the proof of this perception.


When Emotional Intelligence is countermanned by the Personal and Cultural Stories controlling Mental Intelligence, a person could develop erroneous fears, perceiving danger where there is none. Phobias are a good example of this.


First impressions might also be skewed by racial or gender or economic prejudices which block the clear perception of the nature of another person and project onto them the cultural stereotype instead of allowing Direct Perception to enable the Emotional Intelligence to perceive accurate, Source-Given information.


In order to develop Direct Perception, which is the ability to perceive reality from the Source Perspective without any Personal or Cultural Filter creating a distortion, it is necessary to receive The Spiritual Intelligence System Intervention.  


This Intervention restores the Source-Given structure in which the four kinds of Intelligence can work together harmoniously to receive and process the Flow of Source Intelligence that enables the Suit to:

  • perceive the opportunities that the Source is creating for it to experience the Heaven of True Happiness
  • avoid the dangers that lure it into pseudo happiness that is bait in the Harvesting Traps of the Negativity  

On a technical level, this Intervention re-orders the way that Emotional Intelligence is processed in the Suit.  The Spiritual Mid-Brain was designed by the Source to take in power from the Root Chakra and use it to process the Flow of Source-Given emotions that would enable Emotional Intelligence to supply accurate information to the other three kinds of Intelligence.  With the Intervention, the center for processing Emotional Intelligence will shift to the Solar Plexus and the Root Chakra which are currently the processing centers for Story Emotions.  This system for generating and processing Story Thoughts and the emotions that arise from them has to be replaced with a System for receiving Source-Given Communications that are processed by these energy centers to support the correct functioning of Emotional Intelligence.


The Spiritual Mid-Brain in this upgrade of The Intelligence System would no longer be the primary center for Emotional Intelligence.  It would, instead, regulate the voltage coming from the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra so that emotions can be experienced from a place of neutrality within the Suit.


The Source decision to put in the right Spiritual Equipment for processing emotions in the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra was based on the familiarity of the Suits with registering emotions in this part of the Suit. The familiar phrase that you “felt it in your gut” is the lay person’s acknowledgement of the activity of the Solar Plexus in registering emotions.  Rather than trying to re-orient Suits to working with the Spiritual Mid-Brain, the Source is simply sending in Source Communications that are designed to be registered by the Source-Created Emotional Intelligence of the Suit to a newly designed Emotional Intelligence Center in the Solar Plexus and Root Chakra.  These Source Communications will enable the Suit to sense with great immediacy the true nature of what is happening on the Inner and Outer Plane and to have a gut level “knowingness” of the action that will yield the Heaven that is possible in the moment.


Two Levels of Power for The Spiritual Intelligence System Intervention 

Level One – The Basic Upgrade

The Basic Upgrade is the re-ordering of The Spiritual Intelligence System to restore the correct levels of functioning for all four types of Intelligence. This is the Intervention as it has been described above.


Level Two – The Basic Upgrade + Enhanced Intelligence 

It is also possible to gift your Suit with an extraordinary level of Spiritual Intelligence that goes far beyond what your Suit was originally designed to have in the Co-Created Universe which is a model of the Creation that has now been superceded by the Source Perfected Universe model.  This level of Intelligence is recommended because in the Source Perfected Universe much more discernment and Intelligence is needed to attain Perfection and to experience the heights of the Ultimate Heaven Experience that is now possible.  


For example, those who have graduated to residing in the Outer Plane Heaven of The Source Perfected World are those who have opted for this higher level of Spiritual Intelligence which has enabled them to navigate in this newly created terrain and to work with me in my Extended Range to build a Heaven Habitat there for themselves and others.


Correct Exchange 

The Correct Exchange for the Basic Upgrade of The Spiritual Intelligence System of the Suit is $1200.  


The Correct Exchange for Enhanced Intelligence is an additional $1470.  Since you have to have the Basic Upgrade before you can have Enhanced Intelligence, the total for both is: $2670.


How to Request The Intelligence System Intervention


To request the Basic Upgrade, you can access the link below.




To request the Basic Upgrade of your Spiritual Intelligence System and Enhanced Intelligence, you can access the link below.






The Spiritual Intelligence System Intervention is part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Source Intervention. 


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