The Integrated Comfort Code Intervention


To make it to the first Milestone on your Path to Integrated Comfort you need The Master Adventure Code for Miracle-Based Comfort. This is The Integrated Comfort Code.  This Code enables your Suit to choose Miracle-Based Comfort rather than seeking Comfort Fragments that it can secure from material possessions, staged events, or from becoming attached to others.


This is achieved by requesting a Source Intervention that provides you with The Integrated Comfort Code which will supply you with a lifetime of basic Miracle-Based Adventures that enable you to progress on your Path to Integrated Comfort.  It will also provide additional support when you embark on whatever Guided Integrated Comfort Adventures are on your Path. Once you arrive at the highest level of Integrated Comfort, which is Absolute Comfort, The Integrated Comfort Code will continue to generate Miracle-Based Adventures that enhance your experience of Absolute Comfort.


This Code and series of Miracle-Based Adventures enable you to move beyond doing harm to yourself and others in the pursuit of Comfort Fragments. It is the antidote to intended or unintentional abuse of your Suit and the Suits of others and to addictions, mild or severe, that arise out of attachment to Comfort Fragments.


Correct Exchange 

The miracle of The Integrated Comfort Code requires, like other miracles, the right amount of Material Energy in order to ground at your level of materiality.  The amount of Material Energy required for this Code to ground is US $550.


How to Request The Integrated Comfort Code

To request The Integrated Comfort Code, you can access the link provided below.  


If you would like the Code and need a Payment Plan, a two month Payment Plan is possible without compromising the power needed to initiate this Code. This is with a payment of $275/month. When you initiate a Payment Plan your first monthly payment will be processed and an automatic recurring payment will be set up drawing from the same credit card that you have used for the first payment.


It is always best, however, to provide the full Correct Exchange for a miracle when you request it as this brings it through with Full Power.  Payment Plans draw on the Material Energy in The World that Works Fund which has less vitality and, therefore, provides less power. 




The Integrated Comfort Code Intervention is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Source Intervention. 

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