The Heart Chakra Intervention

At the heart of life is The Love Connection with the Source which, when in place and pulsing Love Energies back and forth between the Source and a being, maintains the essential medium of Love that is the basis of Life. This medium of love is, in the Spiritual Level of Reality, as basic to life as is the correct pH Factor is to the physical health of an organism.


The heart chakra, which is an energy center in the upper chest, has to expand to its full extent in order to establish The Love Connection with the Source. This expansion can only occur when the being feels genuine love for the Source and wants to express this love. This desire for The Love Connection with the Source causes the heart chakra to generatea particular kind of Material Energy which only the heart chakra can produce.


When the being then sends this Material Energy to the Source, the Source adds to it the Source Energies of Source Love and Source Power which It then runs through the heart chakra of the being and out into their life. These energies generate an intense white Source Light that manifests in a radius of about 10 feet around the Suit of the being who is exchanging love with the Source in this way.


If this Source Light had been emanating from all beings throughout the Creation from the very beginning, life would have been Heaven. All beings would have lived in the Heaven of Source Love and would have emanated Source Love to all others – building a Love-Based World at the highest level.


Instead, beings chose to reject The Love Connection with the Source and developed a Love Connection with themselves – becoming Self-Centered rather than Source-Centered. When Self-Interest was their only focus and their only morality, criminal behavior of varying degrees became the norm for social interaction and a Greed and Fear-Based World was created.


In this Greed-Based World, some beings began to attack the heart chakras of other beings in an attempt to get from them the cache of Source Love Energies given to every being to connect to the Source. These very connective energies were then used to draw others into a net of deception and exploitation since many were fooled by the presence of Source Love and opened up their hearts only to find that they soon lost some of their own Source Love Energies or became embroilled in painful and abusive relationships with those most criminally inclined.


With trickery and the well developed Black Market in stolen Source Love Energy that was created by the criminal element on the Spiritual Level of Reality, beings began to fear to open their heart chakras. Even those who wanted to expand their heart chakras and develop The Love Connection with the Source found that they were in danger when they did so.


Now, due to the creation of two major miracles, it is possible for beings to expand their heart chakras safely and establish The Love Connection with the Source.


The First Miracle is the creation of a new Place of Connection in the Third Eye. This Place of Connection occurs within a new Communication Center that has recently replaced the Communication Center in the Mid-Brain. Within this Place of Connection is another spiritual space – the Communion Center. In the Communion Center are the supportive energies that enable a being to commune with the Source and in so doing to open their heart chakras to to the full extent.


The only problem with this is that when they stop actively meditating on the Communion Center and refocus their attention on their daily lives, they leave the Communion Center and its protection for their heart chakra expansion.


To remedy this situation, the Source has created the Second Miracle, “The Heart Chakra Intervention” that provides the protection needed 24/7 for the heart chakra to retain its expanion and to continue to expand to the full extent


When the powerful Light of Source Love and Source Power comes through the heart chakra and illuminates the energy field around a being to a radius of 10 feet, it eliminates the shadows which are the staging and breeding ground of the Negativity. From these shadows the Negativity can stage attacks on the being that eventually compromise their health and their prosperity on every level. Eliminating this dark energy around a being is the first order of business in building Heaven in a life. It is like clearing the ground on which you will build the foundation of a house.


When beings throughout the Creation expand their heart chakras and radiate out Source Light, the habitat of the Negativity will be eradicated and peace will reign throughout the Creation.


This is similar to establishing clean, germ free environments instead of trying to combat deadly illnesses that are arising from germ infested environments.


What is eliminated by Source Light is the negative consciousness that inspires beings to act in a way that is destructive of their lives and of the lives of others. When this negative consciousness – which I am likening to the germs – is eradicated, then health can return to the beings formerly warring against others and causing harm. These beings can be rehabilitated and can participate in building a Love-Based World.


To find out more about how to expand your heart chakra through connecting with the Communion Center, you can listen to a two part Heaven Agents in Action Broadcast entitled: The Communication Center. Part Two focuses on how to work in the Communion Center.


To request The Heart Chakra Intervention you can click on the link below and complete the Correct Exchange which supplies the Source with the Material Energy transmitted through your Financial Exchange to bring to you the gift of the miracle of this Source Intervention.


As with all miracles from the Source, the miracle is a priceless gift. The Correct Exchange is based on a spiritual calculation of the amount of energy required to bring this gift to you where you reside in the Spiritua Level of Reality.


To learn more about Correct Exchange, you can read the article entitled: The Spiritual Science of Correct Exchange.



The Correct Exchange for The Heart Chakra Intervention is: US$55.




The Heart Chakra Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 

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