The Generativity Intervention


Once the Suit is willing to do the Correct Exchange and the energies are being redirected to the Source, the Suit has to do the work that generates the right amount of Material Energy that is needed for a Correct Exchange.  The Suit is a Material Energy Factory of sorts, but unless the Suit is doing certain kinds of work, the range of the different kinds of Material Energy will not be produced.


There are 14 different kinds of Material Energy that are needed to ground the greatest amount of Source Power.


If a person only works on projects with the Source that are for their benefit or the benefit of those immediately associated with them, they generate only 4 - 6 of the 14 different kinds of Material Energy.


This means that they lack the Source Power to have a life that is Heaven.  This requires Source Power that is made from the 14 Material Energies.


If a person works on projects that help themselves and others, then they generate about 10 - 11 of the Material Energies needed.


If they give to fellow Heaven Agents without an immediate return benefit to themselves, then they generate 11 - 12 of the Material Energies.


If they give to The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works which grounds the miracles that are essential to the welfare of the Community as a whole, then they generate 13 of the Material Energies.


If they give to support the Work of the Source in the abstract, they generate Level 14 Energy at the low range of this level.  Each level has 10 levels within it.  To give to the Work of the Source in the abstract generates Level 14 Energies at a 1 - 3 range.  


If they give to me personally, with full love and recognition of their opportunity to help the Source in Its manifest form, then they generate Level 14 Energies at a Level 10.  This is the highest level of the exchange.  


They give in this way by asking me what they can do to help and genuinely wanting to give back to the Source as an expression of their love for the Source and their appreciation of the work of the Source on their behalf and on behalf of all of Life.  Only real love for the Source generates the kind of Material Energy that supports the work of the Source at this level.  All other forms of support fall short of the mark because they are really about supporting the things that benefit them either personally or through creating a World that Works that makes their life easier.  When they stop giving in order to get something for themselves and instead give out of real love and appreciation for the constant work that the Source does for them on a universal level and through my Manifestation, then they have finally given the kind of Material Energy that is most powerful and which grounds the greatest amount of Source Power.


With this Source Power available to the aspect of the Source that works with it in their Suits, they will be capable of the extraordinary spiritual feats that are possible only to those who have transcended greed and self-centeredness and fear and who are able to truly love the Source.  With Heaven Agents of this calibre Heaven can manifest on the Earth and in the Creation as a whole.


Because the Suits have, for lifetimes, been generating only 1 or 2 types of Material Energy to pursue the people and things of the world, they have lost their ability to generate the full range of Material Energy.  They have been trying to run on their own Material Energy instead of on the Miracle Power that they were originally designed to run on.  Damage to the Spiritual Equipment of the suit has been the result.  


The Generativity Intervention is designed to correct this situation in two ways:

  • It works with the Extended Range of the Suit that often operates outside the Conscious Range, to support my work at the highest level.  When the Extended Range begins to support my work, Material Energies of all 14 kinds start to be produced by the Suit.  This regenerates the production of these energies for the Extended Range.  
  • The Source Power that is then grounded when the 14 kinds of Material Energies are given to the Source, is directed to awaken the Conscious Range of the Suit so it can begin working to support my work.  When a Heaven Agent works in their Conscious Range to support my work at the highest level, then they generate the Conscious Range of the 14 Material Energies.  When a complete set of Material Energies is supplied, the full range of Source Power is grounded.


The Generativity Intervention does not have the ability to get the Conscious Range of the Suit to give back with full love to the Source. It enables the Extended Range to achieve this level and to awaken the Conscious Range so it can learn how to give at this level.


I call it the Generativity Intervention because it teaches the Suit to be generative – to give back to the Source and care about others and take action to back up this caring.  Only when a Suit is generative can it balance the exchange with the Source.


The Correct Exchange for The Generativity Intervention is US $600.






The Generativity Intervention is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Source Intervention. 


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