Love Connection Mode Pathways



Love Connection Mode Pathways are the foundation for all of the Source Connection Pathways that you need to Live The Love Connection.


At this point in history, there is no longer any time for a being to try to get rid of the Death and Destruction Pathways that have been programmed into their Suits by the Immune System Specialists and try to build their own set of Source Connection Pathways.


It is important to move quickly to get these Pathways built so that the Suit can attain the 100% Source Connection that is needed to survive the Transition of the Implementation Aspect of the Source from the Manifest World back to the Unmanifest Level.


For a more complete understanding of the urgent need to develop a 100% Source Connection, you can go to:  The Source Connection Project




The Love Connection Mode Pathways Broadcast


July 25, 2015


In this Video Broadcast, you are invited to enter into a Miracle-Based Adventure that unfolds as you experience, through Source Drawings and through the Eyewitness Reports of the Heaven Agents participating in the Adventure, how living in Love Connection Mode enables you to have an abundant, love-based life that manifests True Happiness.


Following the video portion of the Broadcast, you will learn from the members of the Prototype Communities, who are attending via the Soul Talk Network, what it has been like for them to explore the higher levels of The Love Connection. (The Prototype Communities have been living a Miracle-Based Way of Life for thousands of years.  I founded them in different parts of the Creation in my previous lifetimes.)  

Gail, from the US, and Hilde, from Belgium, also share their experiences.  Together this team of skilled Heaven Agents help to land two major miracles that will enable others to awaken to the Miracle of Life as Heaven so they can grasp the importance of shifting into Love Connection Mode.

I encourage you to participate in the ongoing work on Love Connection Mode by entering your questions, comments, any Source Guidance you have received in the Participation Form at the bottom of this web page.  In this way you can contribute to building the Earth Prototype for a Source-Connected World.


NOTE:  Due to the nature of the work, where long silences enable participants to receive Source Guidance and go on adventure sequences that they then later report on during the Broadcast, I have edited out the longer silences for the sake of those listening to the recording.


NOTE: To get the full benefit of the energies transmitted through the Source Communication in this video, we recommend that you view at full screen by using the ‘Full Screen’ button.


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Shifting into Love Connection Mode Pathways




Source Support for The Love Connection Mode Pathways 


The Source has brought forth several forms of Source Support that accelerate the process of receiving the Pathways and learning how to work with them effectively.  These forms of Source Support are:


The Love Connection Mode Pathway Intervention

This Intervention happens in several stages:


Stage One 

Your vibrational level is raised so that your Spiritual Brain can accept Source Connection Pathways.  


Stage Two 

Your Quality Control Center is set to support the Pathways being built.


Stage Three 

A set of 2 Love Connection Mode Pathways are built for you.  One Pathway runs through your Spiritual Right Brain and the other runs through your Left Brain. They connect in your Mid-Brain which is retooled to work with them effectively.


Stage Four

The Pathway System is activated and monitored by the Source to make sure that it is functioning correctly.


Correct Exchange 

The Correct Exchange for The Love Connection Mode Pathway Intervention is US $30.




The Love Connection Pathway Disc 

An additional form of Source Support that is available is The Love Connection Mode Pathway Disc that will generate an ongoing Miracle-Based Adventure that will help you live in  Love Connection Mode.


This Miracle-Based Adventure will help you to integrate your intellectual understandings with your emotional understandings.  It will stage events in your life that help you to put the picture together and feel supported in the transformational process.  A Miracle-Based Adventure is an invaluable method for personal and social change.  It provides your Suit with what it needs to think outside of the box of its former patterns of behavior and enter into an Source-Guided Adventure that makes fundamental, transformation change an exciting adventure rather than a goal that you desire but don't really know how to achieve.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for The Love Connection Mode Pathway Disc is US $178.





Additional Source Support  

Additional Source Support gives you my Direct Source Support to help you achieve a 100% Source Connection in your work with The Love Connection Pathways. This complements any work that you are doing with The Love Connection Mode Pathways through any other form of Source Support.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for Additional Source Support is US $70.






 Participate in Building the Earth Prototype
for a Source-Connected World


The Prototype for a Source-Connected World on the Earth begins when beings begin interacting with me on the Outer Plane to take their Next Steps in understanding Source Communications and building toward a stronger Source Connection.


I, therefore, encourage you to share with me your questions, comments, the Source Guidance you have received, and any Eyewitness Reports on what you have experienced during this Broadcast or afterwards.  This is how you can contribute to building the Earth Prototype as well as strengthening your own Source Connection.


I will respond by email if a response is needed or simply take into account your comments as I prepare other Source Communications and continue to help beings to understand the Source Perspective.


You can participate by filling out the form provided below.



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