The Source Connection Pathway Series


Source Connection Pathways are Spiritual Pathways that connect the Spiritual Right and Left Brains with the Mid-brain.


Most people have a Pathway System that is built on the foundation of the Greed Pathway that drives Self-Created Solutions to gratify desire.  The Pathways that are built on the Greed Pathway build the Hell of a Disconnected Way of Life.


The Pathway System was designed by the Source to be built on the foundation of The Love Connection Pathway.  Once this Pathway is in place, then other Source Connection Pathways that help the Suit to build toward a 100% Source Connection can be built.


In The Source Connection Pathway Series, which is a series of Video Broadcasts, I help you to learn about the Pathways and give you the option to draw upon the Source Solution Miracles that will enable you to replace Disconnection Pathways with Source Connection Pathways to help your Suit to live a Source-Connected Life.


Since your Suit is only able to produce thoughts and emotions that run on its Pathway System, the quality of these Pathways will determine the quality of your life on every level.  Trying to get your Suit to behave in a Source-Connected Way when it has only Disconnection Pathways is like trying to get your computer to do Word Processing without any Word Processing Software.  


It is vitally important to give your Suit what it needs if it is to achieve the 100% Source Connection and the 100% Source-Connected Life that will enable it to survive The Transition.


Source Connection Pathway Video Broadcasts

Love Connection Mode Pathways