The Source Connection Center

















 is where you go to
connect to the Source, the Creator,
to work with
to manifest
in your life and world. 


The high intensity Light Field that manifests in The Source Connection Center provides the Miracle-Friendly Field that is needed to bring in the Total Abundance Miracles that are the Building Blocks of a Total Abundance Way of Life. It also creates the protected spiritual space in which the Source can work with you directly using both Miracles and the Beyond Miracle Source Support that does what miracles can't do.  


Through a combination of Miracle-Based Source Support and Beyond Miracle Source Support you can work with the Source to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing.  Ultimate Spiritual Healing heals the damage that your Suit, your body/mind, has sustained over the course of all of your lifetimes and gives it upgraded spiritual equipment so that it can go the distance to preserving your Source Connection, which is what your Suit depends on to sustain its place in The Manifest World.


Your Suit, needs to achieve Ultimate Spiritual Healing in order to achieve Ultimate Sustainability before the end of The Transition, which is estimated to occur in 2045 if not sooner. At that time, your Suit will need to have a 100% Source Connection and have built the Source-Directed, Total Abundance Way of Life that supplies it with the Total Abundance Miracles needed to sustain a 100% Source Connection.


The Source has created The Source Connection Center to provide you with a place to go that gives your Suit the Spiritual Protection needed for the Source to send you an ultimate level of Source Care to enable it to be restored and equipped to sustain its life in The Manifest World.


At the end of The Transition, the Source will only be able to sustain the Source Connection of a Suit that has achieved a 100% Source Connection and built a life that supports this level of a Source Connection.


To work with the Source in The Seattle Source Connection Center, you need to begin by creating the spiritual context for this kind of Spiritual Healing. The place to begin is by working with the Gifted Source-Directed Activism video series: The Miracle of Total Abundance. This will explain the basics of who the Source is, how The Miracle of Total Abundance manifests, and what steps you need to take to begin working with the Source to build the Heaven of the Total Abundance Way of Life that will yield Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability.