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How to Keep Pace with What Is Happening
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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School



This is the place where you can come to learn about what is happening in The Work of the Source so that you can prepare for upcoming stages of the Transition and do your part in building the Heaven of the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is necessary if you are to achieve Ultimate Sustainability.



 Updates on the Stages of The Transition


The timing is variable on when The Source News Report on what happened in the previous month can be written and the miracles have come in for the article, How to Prepare for Upcoming Stages of The Transition. It is best to work from one set of posts of The Source News Report and the Preparation Article, to the next. In this way I can keep you apprised of what is happening in the intervals of time when it is possible to post information and have it be the conclusive information that is needed for that timeframe.


To find out what happened in Transitions of a particular month and its aftermath so that you can prepare better for upcoming Transitions, you can go to The Source News Report.


To learn how to prepare for the upcoming Transitions you can go to: How to Prepare for Upcoming Stages of The Transition.


Source News Reports will be more focused on what happened in a calendar month while the Preparation Article will be focused on the interval of time beginning with the posting of the article until the time when the next Preparation Article is posted. 


You can find both articles at:



NOTE: The Source Connection Station is available only to members of Connecting.  If you are not yet a member of Connecting, you can request a gifted membership that will give you access to all of the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Training Materials.  You can signup at: Connecting.


I will send a Connecting email
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About the Transitions of 2021

In the upcoming Transitions, I will be posting new forms of Source Support as they are created in the article on How to Prepare in The Source Connection Station.  The basic Action Plan will remain similar through the work in the months ahead. I will post updates on How to Prepare as I see how Suits are working with their Individual Transitions.  I will post Source News Reports that cover a range of time that is meaningful in terms of the work that is going on to meet the Standards of Individual Transitions.


The goal is to establish a Direct Source Connection and then work through from Level Six, which is the entry point into a Direct Source Connection, to a Level One which is the highest level of a Direct Source Connection.  Once at Level One, the focus will be to intensify the work on developing Skill Sets so that the Suit can meet the even higher Standards that will apply for performing adequate Stewarding Life Work.


Since Suits must shoulder the Steward Work that the Implementation Aspect is no longer able to do as it moves forward in its own Transition, The Sustainability Timeline will keep Suits informed of what needs to be done to keep pace with the Standard for Sustainability.


Miracle-Based Coaching 

At this point individual Miracle-Based Coaching is the recommended form of Source Support because of the challenge of meeting these high Standards.  


A new form of Source Solution has been created which backs up work in a Coaching Program so that the Heaven Agent benefits from the Work of the Source Outcome Code that I work with to ensure that their Suit meets the Standards.  This Outcome Code is the most powerful form of Code.  It is Code that is not given to the Suit but which generates Next Steps to enable the Suit to keep up with the demanding schedule of Individual Transitions that occur multiple times per week.


If you are not yet in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program, I recommend that you request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment to determine if your Suit is producing the Miracle-Friendly Field that is required to enable it to work with the miracles that are called on in this form of Source Support.


You can learn more about Miracle-Based Coaching and request an Assessment at:



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Updates on Build Heaven Projects

The Direct Source Connection Project

I have set up the Workstation and Overview with The Action Plan for the new Love Connection Building Block Project – The Direct Source Connection Project.  I will be creating Source Workflow Trainings for this Project in the time ahead.


For right now it is important to go there to begin understanding what a Direct Source Connection is by reading the overview and working with The Action Plan.


You can go to this Project at:



The First Source Truth Building Block Training

I have created the article for the first Source Truth Building Block Training in The Celebrating Source Truth Project. This Training, which is available for members of Connecting, outlines the foundational Source Truths about the miracles that the Source creates.


I will be adding Source Workflow Training Sessions to this Building Block Training in the future.  Reading the main article supplies basic information that will help the miracle of this Source Truth to come into your Conscious Range to become an active part of your Source Truth Structure of Understanding. While knowing the facts described in the article, many of which are familiar already to students of The Miracle School, helps your Conscious Range to recognize Source Truth, it is only when you work with the Code in the Training that the Source Truth becomes a powerful Building Block of your Source Truth Structure of Understanding.


To access this Training entitled: The Source Truth about the Miracles that the Source Creates, you can go to: 



All Build Heaven Projects

To access the Directory for all of the Build Heaven Projects, you can go to:




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Updates on Recorded Source Workflow Trainings


Time with the Source

About TS1

Source Will Materializations 

About The Miracle You Mirror Training – SWM1


Source Solution Network Trainings

About SSN1 – How to Prepare for the Final Stage of The Transition

Note: Contact me regarding these Trainings if you are in The Miracle-Based Coaching Program. 


These Trainings are available to those who qualify for Source Solution Network Trainings which requires a Miracle-Friendly Field of a +8 and above.




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Updates on Gifted Seed Trainings

Below I have listed all of the recent Gifted Seed Training.  These are increasingly important to supplying your Suit with the training that will enable it to meet The Stewarding Life Standards for the upcoming February Transition.  I recommend requesting the Seed Code which is what your Suit needs to process the Basic Code provided in the Gifted version of the Trainings.


These Trainings require Material Energy even for the Gifted version. This is provided for members of Connecting by The Universal Heaven Agent Network.  It is their gift to those learning about The Work of the Source.  It is their hope that more Heaven Agents will join in the work of building the Total Abundance Way of Life that is essential to the survival of Life in the Creation after the end of The Transition of the Implementation Aspect back to the Source Level.


If you would like to access these Trainings and are not yet a member of the free Connecting membership, you can sign up by going to:  Connecting Sign Up


You will need your Connecting username and password to access these trainings.




Source Workflow Trainings

For a directory of all Source Workflow Trainings, you can go to:



What is provided here are the most recent Source Workflow Trainings.


Written Reports on Source Workflow Trainings 


Total Abundance Way of Life Trainings

 Gifted Seed Trainings
Members of Connecting


Simulated Experience Trainings

SE1 – Becoming a Conduit of Source Light and Source Love

SE2 – Transitioning Beyond the Fear of Scarcity into The Source-Directed Use of Material Resources

SE3 – Transitioning into Total Abundance Gender Roles by Escaping from Abuser Programming


Heaven Ray Trainings

HR1 – How to Use The Heaven Ray in a Violent Inner Plane Interaction with Someone You Know

HR2 – How to Use The Heaven Ray to Help Your Loved Ones Who Have Crossed Over into Another Lifetime


Miracle Watch Trainings

MW1 – Team Work to Support The Heaven Project on the Earth

MW2 – Prototyping Receptivity to a Life that Is Heaven



Build Heaven Trainings

Foundation Building Master Action Plans


Master Action Plan #1

BH1 – Calling on Source Guidance to Help to Bring through the True Self in the Conscious Range

BH2 – Source Guidance Coming Through Core Code Mission Prompts

BH3 – Mission Training through Inner Plane Source Guidance

BH4 – Source Responses to Questions Regarding Implementing Master Action Plan #1


Master Action Plan #2

BH1 – The White Supremacy Attack Giant

BH2 – The Dark Cloud

BH3 – The Fantasy World

BH4 – General Source Response Training


Master Action Plan #3

BH1 – A Life Lived by the Story Self Contrasted with the Same Life Lived by the True Self 

BH2 – Doing Your Mission without Making a Story Out of It

BH3 – General Source Response Training


Master Action Plan #4

BH1 – Working with the Miracle to Manifest Total Abundance 

BH2 – Celebrating the Miracle of Every Life

BH3 – The Path to Sustainability

BH4 - Source Response Trainings


Master Action Plan #5

BH1 - Holding the Line for Heaven Against The Self Interest Agenda Created by the Negativity

BH2 – Defending Against the Intimidation Tactics of the Negativity

BH3 – Countering Large Scale Self Interest Agenda Strategies of the Negativity

BH4 – The Love Connection Medium Prototype

BH5 – Source Response Trainings


Master Action Plan #6

BH1 – Entering into The Heaven Habitat

BH2 – Dealing with the Security Issues of The Journey of Reconnection 

BH3 – Traveling The Journey of Reconnection

BH4 – General Source Response Training


The Rhythm of Life Project

RL1 - Getting to a 10.10 Rhythm of Life by Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism

RL2 - Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism in Action


The Materialization Economy Project

MEC1 - How to Get Your Spiritual Speed to Level 10

MEC2 – How to Achieve an Absolute Correct Exchange


The Celebrating Source Truth Project

STI1 – The Celebrating Source Truth Practice

STS1 – The Materialization Economy Experience

STS2 – Team Work

STS3 – Courage & Healing: Source Truth Revelations

STRB1 – Experiencing a Simulated Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life

STSR1 – Sharing Source Truth with Others

STBB1 – The Source Truth about the Miracles Created by the Source





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