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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




What Are Source Solution Miracles? 

Source Solution Miracles are miracles created by the Source to provide a Miracle-Based Solution to a problem.  The problem might be dealing with a mutation created by Negative Energy or building an aspect of the Heaven of a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life in challenging circumstances.


They are created by the Design Aspect of the Source and sent into the Creation to my part of the Implementation Aspect of the Source. I request that Manifest Beings produce the Material Energy from which I build an Energy Nest into which a miracle comes in an inert form as a Spiritual Code. I then send in a Ray of Catalyst Energy that brings the miracle to life. I then train the miracle, which is a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence in a Miracle Suit, to do the Mission that it was created to do. When it is trained I send it out into the world to perform its Mission and retain close contact with it to ensure that it has all of the Source Support that it needs to be successful in fulfilling its Mission.


Every Source Solution Miracle is a manifestation of The Miracle of Life. It is a Perfected Spiritual Intelligence linked to a Suit – body/mind – to carry out the Mission of the Perfected Intelligence.


There are different kinds of Source Solution Miracles. Some manifest on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality, and others manifest on the Outer Plane, The Physical Level of Reality.


There are four kinds of Source Solution Miracles.

  • Miracle Tools 
  • Source Interventions 
  • Miracle-Based Adventures
  • Perfected Abilities 


I will briefly describe these types of miracles here and you can explore them in greater detail by going to The Source Solution Miracle Hub where you will find Directories leading to the Source Solution Miracles. By reading about the individual Source Solution Miracles you will come to understand more about why the Source creates Source Solution Miracles, how they work, and what it takes to bring them into your life.


For more general information on Source Solution Miracles, you can read the articles:


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What Are Miracle Tools?

Source Solution Miracles exist in Energy Forms on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality.  They can link to Inner Plane Objects such as a Source-Created Energy Disc that becomes their Suit or to Outer Plane objects such as computers, clothing, furniture, houses, toys, food, music, and blankets. The object can be anything to which the Source agrees to link a miracle.


The Outer Plane object can be something that the person already owns or something that they buy new in order for it to receive The Miracle-Link. The Miracle-Link is what transforms the object into a Miracle Tool that the Heaven Agent can work with to achieve certain objectives. Heaven Agents accomplish miraculous feats by drawing on their Heaven Agent Tool Kit of Miracle Tools and Miracle Technologies.



Inner Plane Miracle Tools 

Inner Plane Miracle Tools can be Tracking Devices that help you assess the kind of Miracle-Friendly Field that your Suit is producing.  This is critical to your Suit's ability to work with miracles.  Or it might be a Light Field that is protective and elevates your energy.  For a listing of the Inner Plane Miracle Tools posted online, you can go to: The Source Solution Miracle Hub.



Outer Plane Miracle Tools 

Outer Plane Miracle Tools link to physical objects that you can perceive with your five senses. You still have to perceive the miracle that is linked to the object with your sixth sense because it exists only on the Inner Plane.


For example, Source Connection Clothing is clothing that is linked to a Source Connection Miracle that helps the person wearing the clothing to stay in a stronger Source Connection than if they were wearing ordinary clothing that is not a miracle. You can experience the uplifting energies and better Source Connection as you wear the clothes. Part of this perception is registered as a feeling of greater happiness and well being by your five senses and part of it is an awareness of the higher spiritual intelligence of the miracle working with you on the Inner Plane through the clothing. You experience the miracle with your sixth sense.


The Heaven Blanket is linked to a miracle that transforms it into a Place of Connection with the Source.  The miracle generates a field of relaxing and regenerating energy that you can cocoon in and experience the miracle of the Source communicating with you and helping you to deal with the challenges of your life.


Source Connection Water is linked to a miracle that can help you to lift up vibrationally, gain greater Spiritual Speed, and begin to feel more alert and Source-Connected. Your body heals and regenerates faster on the Spiritual Level when it has Source Connection Water. This helps your body to heal and regenerate faster on the Physical Level, which is a reflection of the Spiritual Level. 


In addition to miracles linked to a physical object that you can hold in your hand, are miracles linked to web pages. 


For example, The Source Light Immersion Field is a web page that is Miracle-Linked to a miracle that enables the Source to transmit Source Light through the Graphic used on the page. By being immersed in Source Light your Suit is able to clear away any Negative Energy that is dragging it down vibrationally and making it more prone to negative emotional states and to the clouded judgment that leads to making decisions that end up creating misfortune in your life. As you meditate on the Graphic, the stress and pain inside of you clears out of the top of your head and is converted into White Light. This relieves you of carrying negative emotional baggage and enables your Suit to heal and reset to a more peaceful state of awareness.


Source Reality Stations that are available to students in a Miracle-Based Coaching Program contain advanced Total Abundance Screen Miracle Tools that transmit energy and information that help the Heaven Agent to learn how to work with the Source on the Inner Plane. The Station itself is linked to a miracle that transports those going to the Station into Source Reality where they can be protected from low vibrational energies and can concentrate on strengthening their Working Relationship with the Source.


There are also Online Source Connection Center Stations that are off shoots of the power of The Seattle Source Connection Center but which do not replicate the Stations in the Center in Seattle. They are a different set of Stations that provide other types of transformational energies. I work directly through these Stations to provide Source Interventions that help you to advance toward Ultimate Spiritual Healing and Ultimate Sustainability.  They give you the chance to access a high level of Source Support 24/7 no matter where you live in the world.  While this is not the same level of power as visiting The Seattle Source Connection Center itself, it provides an auxiliary kind of Source Support that draws on the power base of the Center in Seattle.


The Working Relationship Station is the most powerful online Station. It provides a very protective, high vibrational environment in which I work indirectly through the Station to provide transformational Source Support. I create an Inner Plane Station for each Working Relationship Session that brings in the precise miracles and energies that your Suit needs for the work that is to happen in the Session. This Station enables you to tackle Suit repairs and upgrades that require the kind of individualized Station that is created for each Session.  This is different from the generic Stations in the Online Source Connection Center and in the Center in Seattle.  Although I work through these generic Stations to provide certain kinds of transformational work that is individualized, they provide Full Power Source Support for a different kind of Ultimate Spiritual Healing Work.


Source Solution Miracles can also link to buildings such as houses or office buildings.


The Seattle Source Connection Center is a building linked to a miracle that has transformed it into a place where high level Ultimate Spiritual Healing can occur inside a very protected spiritual environment. Transformational change can occur in the Center in a single Session that might take years working outside of it in a less Miracle-Friendly Field environment. Time spent in The Seattle Source Connection Center is an investment in rapid healing and rapid spiritual development on a scale that is not possible outside of this Spiritual Space.


Through another kind of Miracle-Link, I can bring in the power of The Seattle Source Connection Center to create an optimal environment for In-Person Working Relationship Sessions for Individuals and Groups. This provides some of the protection and additional Source Support that comes from the work of the miracle of The Seattle Source Connection Center.  In this way, I create a more Miracle-Friendly working environment for my Sessions with students by phone, online meetings, and webinars.


For a Directory of Outer Plane Miracle Tools, you can go to The Source Solution Miracle Hub.


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What Are Source Interventions?

Source Interventions are Distant Healing that is done by the Source through my Extended Range whenever the Suit is best prepared to do the work.  Some Source Interventions happen when the Suit is sleeping and others require sustained monitoring and interventions over a period of days or weeks. Complex transformational changes can be successfully done in this manner without disrupting the daily life activities of the Heaven Agent.


An example are the Spiritual Energies delivered by Source Interventions for The Spiritual Energy Support System. The Spiritual Energy Support System is what provides the Suit with all of the essential Spiritual Energies that enable it to have good health, perform its Mission, and preserve its Source Connection. Spiritual Energies such as Spiritual Stamina Energy are essential to the ability of the Suit to sustain Physical Stamina Energies.  Spiritual Youthful Energies are what enable the Suit to stay in a state of Regeneration throughout life rather than devolving into a terminal state of Degeneration that results in death by aging.  


Spiritual Energies are delivered by Source Intervention through Energy Infusions. Most Spiritual Energies are given by a single Energy Infusion but some Infusion Complexes are needed to create Energy Mediums that are conducive to health and well being. The Comfort Medium is a good example of an Infusion Complex that provides Integrated Comfort to the Suit.


In addition to the Source Interventions to build a strong Spiritual Energy Support System are innumerable Source Interventions that have been created to solve problems Suits have in advancing toward a 100% Source Connection.


For example, The Rest Cycle Intervention restores a Spiritual Rest Cycle that enables the Suit to regenerate on a Spiritual Level. Sleep alone does not enable the Spiritual Level of the Suit to rest. Trauma, life stressors, and overwork can shut down the Spiritual Rest Cycle and lead to rapid burnout on the physical level despite the Suit getting adequate hours of rest. The Suit wakes up emotionally and mentally unrejuvenated and carries stress that was never released into the next day. Eventually the lack of rest on the Spiritual Level can result in insomnia on the Physical Level, which leads to further depletion of the physical body. 


To understand the kinds of Source Interventions that the Source has created, why they were created, and how they can help your Suit to heal on a Spiritual Level so that you can better health on both Spiritual and Physical Levels, you can read about them in The Source Solution Miracle Hub in The Source Intervention section.


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What Are Miracle-Based Adventures?

Source-Created Miracle-Based Adventures provide a Path of Miracles that enables the person to successfully complete the goal of the Adventure, which is to have an experiential, transformative life experience.


There are Comfort Music Adventures, Distress Releasing Adventures, Comfort Food Adventures, and Integrated Comfort Adventures for couples and families, for vacations, and for learning.  In addition to the Miracle-Based Adventures listed in The Source Solution Miracle Hub are Special Request Adventures which can be created for a specific purpose such as a wedding or handling a life transition.


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Miracle-Based Adventure Directory.


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What Are Building Block Perfected Abilities?

Building Block Perfected Abilities provide Suits with the ability to function perfectly. Perfected Abilities are Intelligences that can also operate outside of a Suit to provide the Perfected Abilities needed for a Build Heaven Project.


Examples of Perfected Abilities that are listed are:


In addition, The Perfected Ability for a Full Power Working Relationship with the Source and the Perfected Ability for developing a strong Spiritual Energy Support System are available through Working Relationship Trainings: WRT1 and WRT2.


To discover more about these miracles, you can go to: The Building Block Perfect Ability Directory.  


There is also a Hub overview article at: Building Block Perfected Abilities.


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 What Source Support Goes Beyond Miracles?

Beyond Source Solution Miracles are levels of Source Support that operate at a higher range than miracles.  Miracles require Material Energy to build the Energy Nest in which they are born and trained. They can only function within a certain Miracle-Friendly Field Range from a -39 Miracle-Unfriendly Field to a +10 Miracle-Friendly Field.


In order to help Suits to prepare for the stages of The Transition, the Source has brought forth Source Will Interventions which can help Suits below a -39.  For major changes in the structure of the Creation, the Source can bring in Creation Technology which preceded the manifestation of the Creation and the Suits within it. Creation Technology in combination with forms of Source Power that transcend the kind of Source Power that requires Material Energy to ground, have been called into play in order to provide Suits with the additional help that is needed to achieve Ultimate Sustainability.


A new form of Source Support called Sustainability Timeline Source Support has been created to provide Source Support to meet the challenging Sustainability Timeline Standards of The Transition. Sustainability Timeline Source Support is based on 79% Beyond Miracle Source Support and 21% Source Solution Miracles. It enables a Suit to receive substantial Source Support without having to provide the Material Energy to ground more miracles. The Source bypasses the need for miracles when Beyond Miracle Source Support can take its place. Because Source Solution Miracles provide a more materialized form of Source Support, they cannot be eliminated completely but when possible the Source uses Beyond Miracle Source Support to provide additional levels of support.


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