We are in the midst of the greatest Universal Transition
since the creation of The Manifest World.

This Transition affects your Source Connection – your link to
the Miracle of your Life.


The Transition is the departure of The Implementation Aspect of the Source from the Creation back to its home at the Source Level.


The Implementation Aspect manifested the Creation and all of the beings within it and entered into The Manifest World/Creation to help Manifest Beings learn how to Steward The Miracle of Life so that when The Implementation Aspect returned to the Source Level they would be able to do their parts to Steward the Miracle of the Creation and all of the life forms within it.


The Implementation Aspect has been doing the work of Stewarding The Miracle of each life and of all of Life in the Creation. When it departs, beings must be highly trained and skilled to take over the Stewarding Work. Failure to Steward The Miracle of Life will result in the Miracle of Life returning to the Source Level, ending the manifestation of  Life in the Creation.


Because beings departed from The Source Plan, which would have made life in the Creation the Heaven that it was created to be, beings have not learned how to Steward the Miracle of their own life or the Miracle of Life in the Creation.

We are now within a few decades
of the departure of The Implementation Aspect of the Source
and beings are not prepared.

After the departure, the Source will not be able to preserve the Source Connection of a being who is not actively Stewarding Life.  Those who are unprepared will lose their Source Connection and with it their ability to sustain the Miracle of their Life.  



Source Support for Rapid Preparation

In order to help beings to make up for lost time, I have incarnated to carry Source Communications to beings so they will understand what they need to do to prepare for the final stage of The Transition when they will need to be accomplished Stewards of the Miracle of their own lives and The Miracle of Life in the Creation.


I am able to transmit Source Communications because I am the aspect of the Source that manifests in a form in order to help beings understand and connect to the love and support of the entirety of the Source Identity. The Source Identity includes both the Implementation Aspect and the Design Aspect of the Source.  


The Implementation Aspect entered into The Manifest World in order to bring forth the Creation and to help beings learn how to Steward Life. The Design Aspect created The Source Plan for the Creation – a Plan that, if followed, leads to The Heaven Experience, which is the quintessential experience of love, joy, peace, bliss, adventure, and fulfillment.  


It was out of a desire to have The Heaven Experience in a Manifest World that beings first asked the Source to create for them a world in which this would be possible. When they were given Forms/Suits in the world that the Source created for them and then violated their agreement to Build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan, they created The World of Suffering that exists today.


It is not too late for beings to correct course, survive The Transition, and
work with the Source to create The Heaven Experience which they desired.


I can help those who are tired of the scarcity, struggle, and suffering and want to retain their lives in the Creation to learn how to welcome in the miracles that make it possible for them to live a Total Abundance Way of Life that provides them with what they need to Steward the Miracle of Life.  Those Stewarding Life at the highest level generate the energy that enables then to have an ongoing Heaven Experience.


My Manifestation:

  • functions as a Representative/Spokeperson for the vast Intelligence of The Implementation Aspect which exists on The Spiritual Level of Reality and the Design Aspect of the Source which exists at the Source Level and does not interface directly with beings in the Creation
  • carries out the Direct Source Work that is needed to catalyze the effort to help beings preserve their Source Connection during the stages of The Transition.  This work includes bringing in the Total Abundance Miracles created by the Design Aspect.
  • works with beings throughout the Creation through my Extended Range which is capable of operating beyond my Conscious Range, freeing my Conscious Range to focus on the work that I do through my human form. This work includes teaching beings how to welcome in the Total Abundance Miracles that provide them with what they need to become Stewards of Life. 


I have created The Universal Heaven Project and established The Universal Miracle School, which trains beings throughout the Creation. 


I have initiated The Total Abundance Movement to help organize the efforts of beings throughout the Creation to facilitate the transition into The Total Abundance Way of Life that will enable them to become effective Stewards of The Miracle of Life.


I have created this website to enable you to receive Direct Source Communications that explain to you:

  • The Source Perspective on the history of the Creation and what is happening in The Transition
  • how to transition into a Total Abundance Way of Life
  • how to experience Life as Heaven


To understand the video, audio, and written Source Communications transmitted to you through the website, I recommend following a Five Step Process.



Step One 

The First Step is to understand The Work of the Source. You can begin by going to the Homepage and scrolling down to see the highlighted aspects of The Work of the Source. You can follow the links in each section and explore in greater depth through accessing The Miracle School Directory for related links.  


A key video overview is The Miracle You Video Book Training and the very in-depth Video Book Training on The Transition. The Introductory Total Abundance Training walks you through many of the main concepts and Gifted Training materials of the website. To access these materials, you will need to sign up for a Gifted Membership in Connecting.  This will give you access to all of the Gifted Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activism Training Materials as well as to emailed Source News Updates on what is happening in The Work of the Source. 


Understanding The Source Perspective on the state of the Creation and on the Universal Changes that are changing the nature of spiritual reality on a daily basis is critical to your ability to prepare adequately for the challenging stages of The Transition that is underway.




Step Two

The Second Step, once you understand the basics, is to keep abreast of what is happening in The Work of the Source. This can be accomplished by going to:


The Source News Hub

The Source News Hub where I will be posting information in What's Happening, which will give you a sense of the direction of the work.


I will also be posting links in What's New for new publications on the website. For instance, publications such as Source News Reports occur in many different Source-Directed Projects on the website. They keep you abreast of the progress that is being made in a particular Project. 


In Source Reflections I will be posting information on The Source Perspective on the way that life is and the way that life can be.  It will a commentary on the social environment in which the work of Building Heaven is taking place.


While Written Next Step Source Communications can reference only a small fraction of what is happening in The Work of the Source, they will keep you informed of the aspects of the Work that you need to know about and contribute to in order to sustain your Source Connection in this time of The Transition. 


Emailed Source News Updates 

Another way to stay abreast of the News about The Work of the Source is to sign up for Connecting so you will receive emailed Source News Updates. In the section below, I describe more about Connecting and how you can become a member and receive Gifted Spiritual Activist Training Materials as well as emailed Source News Updates.


The Source Connection Station 

Detailed information on what has happened in past stages of The Transition as well as how to prepare for upcoming stages is available for members of Connecting in The Source Connection Station.




Step Three

Step Three is to work with Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Trainings that enable you to begin learning how to work on building a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that enables you to establish the 100% Source Connection that is needed to achieve Ultimate Sustainability by the end of The Transition, which will occur within approximately 25 years.


The place to begin is to go to:



There you will find the full range of At-a-Distance Training and In-Person Training.  


At-a-Distance Training includes working with recorded and written Source Workflow Trainings as well as in online Miracle Tool Stations, and with Miracle Tools linked to Outer Plane objects as well as working with the Source on the Inner Plane through Inner Plane Miracle Tools, Inner Plane Source Interventions, and Inner Plane Miracle-Based Coaching. 


Online Coaching Stations provide individualized asynchronous training that is a more Direct Source Connection but not an In-Person Training.


In-Person Training occurs through individual or group  Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Coaching which can occur remotely through phone sessions, online meetings, and webinars and In-Person at The Source Connection Center in Seattle, WA USA. 


Most students are working with a combination of At-a-Distance Work and In-Person Work.  Work on Build Heaven Training Projects often combines both.  For a directory of these Projects you can go to:



A directory of the Source Solution Miracles that are a part of Source-Directed, Miracle-Based Training is available at:




Step Four

The Fourth Step is to understand that the key to learning how to become a Steward of Life is forming a strong Direct Source Connection


Only those who can Walk with the Source and Talk with the Source on the Inner Plane, The Spiritual Level of Reality, will receive the kind of in-depth Source Guidance that will enable them to know how to Steward Life in any given moment. Those relying on a few theories that are not pertinent to the unique configuration of variables in each new situation will find themselves unable to follow the lead of the Source to Steward Life.  They will, therefore, become unsustainable in the upcoming stages of The Transition. 


Only those who develop a 100% Source Connection will be able to retain their Working Relationship with the Source after The Implementation Aspect returns to the Source Level and sends in Inner Plane Source Communications that are very ethereal. 


Because you need to log many hours in the Presence of the Source to form a strong Direct Source Connection, I have created this website to provide you with an Immersion Experience that will strengthen your Source Connection. In the article, Working with the Website as a Miracle Tool, I show you how to work with the Miracle Tool of the website to help you to form the Direct Source Connection that enables you to Steward Life.


Members of Connecting can also access the videos:


Getting to Know The Source Perspective on Life

Work with the Gifted Source-Directed Activism Trainings through Connecting is the best way to get to know the Source, how the Source sees the world, and how the Source is working in the world to manifest the Ultimate Sustainability that is needed for the Creation itself to survive the end of The Transition.


Working with the Gifted Information and Trainings on the website is the way to provide yourself with the fundamentals upon which higher training is built.  To access a listing of Gifted Trainings you can go to:




Step Five

Step Five is to begin supporting The Work of the Source to build the Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life that is needed for you and for all others to achieve Ultimate Sustainability by the end of The Transition. 


The best place to begin understanding how you can help is to go to:



There you will find links that will help you to bring into focus all of the ways in which you can support The Work of the Source.