We are in the midst of the greatest Universal Transition
since the creation of The Manifest World.

This Transition affects your Source Connection – your link to
the Miracle of your Life.


The Transition is the departure of The Implementation Aspect of the Source from the Creation back to its home at the Source Level.


The Implementation Aspect manifested the Creation and all of the beings within it and entered into The Manifest World/Creation to help Manifest Beings learn how to Steward The Miracle of Life so that when The Implementation Aspect returned to the Source Level they would be able to do their parts to Steward the Miracle of the Creation and all of the life forms within it.


The Implementation Aspect has been doing the work of Stewarding The Miracle of each life and of all of Life in the Creation. When it departs, beings must be highly trained and skilled to take over the Stewarding Work. Failure to Steward The Miracle of Life will result in the Miracle of Life returning to the Source Level, ending the manifestation of  Life in the Creation.


Because beings departed from The Source Plan, which would have made life in the Creation the Heaven that it was created to be, beings have not learned how to Steward the Miracle of their own life or the Miracle of Life in the Creation.

We are now within a few decades
of the end of The Transition 
and beings are not prepared.

After the end of The Transition, the Source will not be able to preserve the Source Connection of a being who is not actively Stewarding Life.  



How to Access Up to Date Information on The Transition 

For a more in-depth understanding of The Transition and the major acceleration that occurred in May 2023, I recommend that you sign up for a Gifted Connecting Membership which will enable you to access the article: Questions & Answers about The Transition.  This membership will also enable you to access information about what is happening in the stages of The Transition in The Source Connection Station.


The most advanced and complete understanding of The Transition is provided for Heaven Agents who sign up for The Correct Exchange Project. This signup is the equivalent of the commitment made by members of the 14 Prototype Communities to do The Correct Exchange with the Source.  The Correct Exchange is what  creates the conditions in which the Source can deliver the Total Abundance Miracles that manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance in their lives and world.  


To learn more and have an opportunity to sign up, you can watch the video series: The Miracle of Total Abundance.