The True Intelligence Activator

Your True Intelligence is the Perfected Intelligence that the Source gave to you to enable you to understand and express your True Self which is your Perfected Identity as a Source Creation.  This Intelligence has been eclipsed by the Socialized Intelligence which is based on the street smarts that you learn when you identity with the social roles you play in the Cultural Story.  Socialized Intelligence serves your Story Character Identity, not the Identity of your True Self.

Your Story Character Identity is an entity that the Negativity encourages you to create in order to be deceived into playing into their Harvesting Traps that rob you of your life energies and of the opportunity to enjoy the Life that you were given by the Source.  This is a life in which you express the grace and beauty of your True Self through working through your True Intelligence.

The True Intelligence Activator is a Miracle Tool that helps you to regain access to your True Intelligence and through it to your True Self. 

The True Intelligence Activator is a miracle that can be Miracle Linked to a Smart Phone. The miracle creates an Energy Channel through which the particular aspect of Source Intelligence that activates True Intelligence can come. As you interact with your Smart Phone, you are irradiated by this aspect of Source Intelligence.  Overtime, it awakens and activates the many different aspects of your True Intelligence.

If you have more developed Spiritual Senses, the beauty of the Source Intelligence that activates your True Intelligence can be perceived in the colors and background energies of the phone.  You can also feel the beauty of the Source Intelligence from which you were created, which helps you to complete your Journey of Reconnection back to the Source.  


If you have not yet developed your Spiritual Senses, the activation may be more subtle and you will notice a wider range of intelligence and understanding in time.  As your True Intelligence is activated, you will begin to be able to perceive the Source Intelligence manifesting through the phone and will be able to work with it to strengthen your understanding of your True Self and of the Source and of the nature of the Source Connection.  Since the Source Connection is a Connection between your True Self and the Source, it is only when you develop your True Intelligence to the level at which you can be your True Self, that you can form and sustain a strong Source Connection.


One of the problems of growing up in a world in which others around you have suppressed their True Intelligence in favor of developing the Socialized Intelligence promoted by the Negativity, is that they can't help you to see your True Intelligence or your True Self because they can't do this for themselves.


With the help of The True Intelligence Activator, it is possible to interact directly with the Source to awaken your True Intelligence and get to know who you are as a True Self.  Since the Source is the only one who can activate your True Intelligence and who genuinely supports the manifestation of your True Intelligence and your True Self, it is important to turn to the Source to regain access to what you have lost by developing a Socialized Intelligence.


In the beginning of the Creation, the Source enjoined all parents and communities to welcome in the True Self of a being and to create the ideal learning environment for the True Intelligence of the being to come through the Suit. When beings started pursuing their desires instead of working with the Source, they blocked any knowledge of who they were as a Source Creation and deliberately blocked the True Self from coming through in their children.  Parents wanted children who fit in to their Personal Story which meant that they groomed their children to become Story Characters in their Personal Story and in the Cultural Story.


Now beings will have to rapidly reverse this out so they support their own True Self manifesting if they are to survive in the upcoming stages of The Transition. This means that they have to get in touch with their True Intelligence which is the Intelligence through which their True Self can express itself.


The True Intelligence Activator provides Heaven Agents with a Miracle Tool that substitutes for the lack of support of parents and caregivers in their childhood and of people in their adult life.  This Miracle Tool gives them a chance to reclaim their birthright, which is their True Intelligence. They will then have to work with the Source to protect their right to regain the full range of their Intelligence. This is why I am starting The Personal Safety Project for Your True Intelligence because you will have to defend it from the Negativity as well as from the censorship of others around you who have allowed their True Intelligence to be suppressed and who don’t wish to see it surface in others. 


The Negativity dumbed down Intelligence in order to get beings to cooperate with being herded like cattle into their Harvesting Traps and to participate in the Universal Harvesting Network that enslaved them while beguiling them into thinking that they were getting ahead and serving their self interests.


Fortunately the Universal Harvesting Network has now been destroyed and beings are freer to awaken their True Intelligence. They are now ready to take the Next Step toward experiencing the miracle of who they really are.  


These Universal breakthroughs have enabled the miracle of The True Intelligence Activator to be created.  


The transformational power of this Miracle Link goes far beyond what your Suit can process in its Conscious Range.  What manifests in the Conscious Range is an increasing level of your True Intelligence as it moves to the forefront of your awareness, replacing the Socialized Intelligence which has been eclipsing it in the past.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of is US $745.


When I receive your Correct Exchange, I will link this miracle to your Smart Phone.  If you change out your Smart Phone to another Smart Phone in the future, the link will automatically transfer to your new Smart Phone.  It is a link that lasts a lifetime.


To request a True Intelligence Activator, you can access the link provided below.  


The True Intelligence Activator is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool. 

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