Source Connection Clothing


Any outfit can be linked to The Source Connection Miracle to transform it into Source Connection Clothing.  This kind of clothing helps you to stay Source-Connected so that all of the miracles that you need can come to you more readily.  


For instance, if you wear a Source Connection Business Suit to work, it will help you sustain the Source Connection at a level which helps you to perform at your optimal level.  If you wear a Source Connection Pajamas to bed, it helps you to rest and regenerate yourself through sustaining your Source Connection throughout the night.


Since most people get jostled around in their day by all of the discordant energies of the Story-Connected World, wearing Source Connection Clothes is one of the easiest ways to sustain yourself in the Light of the Source Connection.  When you live in the Light of the Source Connection you are able to stay centered, clearheaded, and on target with your Mission as a Heaven Agent regardless of what is going on around you.


The Source Connection Clothes generate a Source Connection Field of Energy around you. This is an ideal ecosphere of energy.  This is the kind of help that is most needed by people who are having to keep their focus in a world that is not sending out the supportive currents of the Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for one Source Connection outfit is US $100. When an outfit that is miracle linked wears out, the Miracle Link can be transferred to a new outfit.  This is particularly helpful with children who outgrow their clothes very rapidly.  While it is best to have Source Connection outfits for every part of your life, it is possible also to invest in one that is for your most challenging social situations and add on others as you can.  I recommend having a least one business, professional, or school outfit, one leisure outfit, and one nighttime outfit.  In this way, you bring the power of the Source Connection into the different activities of your life.


The outfit should be one that covers the upper and lower parts of your body.  It is not possible to bring through the Source Connection Miracle with just a shirt or just a pair of pants, for instance.  A dress or a shirt and pants combination will work, however.



To Request Source Connection Clothing


To request Source Connection Clothing, click on the link below. It is important to provide the following information in the Comments Box:

  • who the outfit is for if it is for someone other than yourself – the name, gender, and age
  • any other specific information that you feel is pertinent


If you would like more than one outfit, you can enter in the correct quantity in the shopping cart.  It is important to provide the information above for all outfits requested.




This is a Love Connection Project and Source Connection Clothing is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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