The Source Connection
Throw Blanket


A variation on The Source Connection Blanket is The Source Connection Throw Blanket which is a smaller blanket that you would use on the couch or in an easy chair.  Like the Source Connection Blanket, it generates a protective field of Source Connection Intelligence that both strengthens your Source Connection and wards off negative energies in your Suit and outside of you that can impair your Source Connection.


Resting in a Source Connection Throw Blanket is very comforting and healing. It enables your Suit to heal at deeper levels while gaining rest at the physical level.  If you are cuddled up in the throw blanket while also interacting with others, the strong Source Connection Field that it generates will help to keep you on track with maintaining your Source Connection while engaging in the social interaction.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for The Source Connection Throw is US $40.


To request a Source Connection Throw for yourself or for another, you can access the link below.  If you are exchanging for the Throw for someone else, it is important to provide their name, age, and any specific information that you feel is relevant.  If they are receptive at some level of their consciousness to Source Support, the miracle can be sent to them.






Source Connection Throw Blankets are part of The Love Connection Project and are a Love Connection Miracle Tool. 


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