Source Connection
Stuffed Animals


One of the best ways to help a child to become Source-Connected is to give them a Source Connection Stuffed Animal. When they play with a stuffed animal that is linked to The Source Connection Miracle, it sends to them Source Connection Intelligence that helps their Suit to learn how to become Source-Connected.  It also wards off the negative energies in and around them that can damage or break their Source Connection.


A Source Connection Stuffed Animal will generate for a child the Source Connection Field of Energy into which miracles that guide the child’s development can be sent.  This helps the child to learn how to develop The Love Connection with the Source from an early age and to open to Source Guidance coming in through the Source Connection Field.  These early life lessons open up the Source Connection Pathways that later stand the child in good stead when faced with all of the confusing and Disconnecting socialization practices of the world.


If a stable foundation for living in a Source-Connected Field of Energy is established early in life, it will enable the child to value staying in this safe haven no matter how Disconnected the world is around them.  


While a Source Connection Stuffed Animal is not all that a child needs to develop their Source Connection, it is a powerful way to enable a child to experience the love, protection, and joy of The Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for a Source Connection Stuffed Animal is: US $40.


To request a Source Connection Stuffed Animal for a child, you can provide their name, age, and any specifics that you find relevant.  If the child is receptive to Source Support in some aspect of their consciousness, I will be able to send them the miracle.






Source Connection Stuffed Animals are part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools.


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