Source Connection Pillows


Source Connection Pillows are pillows that you use on a couch or a chair.  When linked to The Source Connection Miracle they radiate out Source Connection Intelligence which helps you to become more Source-Connected.  They also are protective.  Holding a Source Connection Pillow to your chest can help you purge out unwanted thoughts and emotions that endanger your Source Connection.


In the Source Connection Field generated by the pillow, it is possible to feel a greater level of Integrated Comfort that enables you to release from your attachments and fears so that you can strengthen your Source Connection.  


Source Connection Pillows help you to experience the natural link between Comfort and Connection. When you want to experience Integrated Comfort you strengthen your Source Connection which is the origin of the highest levels of Comfort.  

Hugging a pillow that is helping to pull off what is making you uncomfortable while helping you to fill up with Source Connection Intelligence that is making it easier to receive Integrated Comfort Energies from the Source, is a fast way to help your Suit process through the troubling thoughts and emotions of the day and arrive at a place of greater clarity and comfort.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for a Source Connection Pillow is US $85.


To request a Source Connection Pillow for yourself or for another, you can access the link below.  If you are exchanging for the pillow for someone else, it is important to provide their name, age, and any specific information that you feel is relevant.  If they are receptive at some level of their consciousness to Source Support, the miracle can be sent to them.





Source Connection Pillows are part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools. 


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