The Source Connection Necklace


When The Source Connection Miracle is linked to a necklace of your choice, it transforms the necklace into a Source Connection Field generating Miracle Tool.  When you wear the necklace it surrounds you with Source Connection Intelligence that helps you to clear away the energies within your Suit or around your Suit that interfere with your Source Connection.  It also provides the energy support that enables you to strengthen your Source Connection.


When you touch the necklace you connect directly to a powerful vein of Source Connection Intelligence that helps you to center in your Source Connection and focus on the Source Guidance that you are being given in the moment.  It is like amplifying the radio station that brings in Source Guidance about how to live a Source-Connected Life so that you can hear it above the din of Inner and Outer Plane Story Noise that is all about how to Disconnect and lead a Disconnected Life.


It is like a touchstone that links you back to Source Intelligence and to the beauty and calmness and clarity of the Source Connection no matter where you are or how turbulent the energy waters are that you are in at the moment.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Miracle Link for The Source Connection Necklace is US $190.


To request The Source Connection Necklace, you can access the links provided below.




The Source Connection Necklace is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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