The Source Connection Calendar


The Source Connection Calendar transforms a calendar into an Intelligence that helps you to spot the important days in the month for your own evolution and for your Mission as a Heaven Agent.  The miracle will only link to a certain kind of calendar.  It must be a paper calendar that can be put on the wall or on your desk.  It needs to display one month at a glance.  Calendars that cover your desk top and that you write on top of when doing other tasks will not work.  Neither will calendars in appointment books or on computers or smartphones or calendars that display only one day at a time.


Source Connection Calendars help Heaven Agents with Mission Map Reading.  Source Intelligence will be sent through the calendar to light up certain days that are important to your Mission of building Heaven in your life and in the world.  It will also help you to notice things that are happening in your life on a more mundane level or warn you of difficulties that you need to be aware of in order to avoid trouble.  It will give you a sense of the meaning of what is happening within a one month time frame in your life and in the world.


If you can see that a major breakthrough will be coming through on a particular day, you can begin to prepare for it.  If circumstances change, the breakthrough could come through many days sooner, particularly if you are working with the Source to assist in the Manifestation Process.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Source Connection Calendar is US $60.


To request a Source Connection Calendar, you can access the link provided below.




The Source Connection Calendar is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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