The Source Connection
Bath Towel Set


The Source Connection Bath Towel Set includes one bath towel, a wash cloth, and a hand towel.  


Bathing is a time when you can slough off negative energies that Disconnect you from the Source and can renew your Source Connection, giving yourself a fresh start. The Source Connection Bath Towel Set helps you to rid yourself of the Disconnected Energies and surround yourself with a Source Connection Field that will enable you to emerge from your bath having strengthened your Source Connection.  This gives you a clean start that is refreshing and helps you on your Path to a 100% Source Connection.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to ground the miracle of The Source Connection Towel Set is US $70.


To request a Source Connection Bath Towel Set, you can access the link provided below.  

To gift this miracle to someone else that you know, you can provide their name, age, and any specifics that you think are relevant.  If they are receptive to Source Support at some level of their consciousness, then I will be able to send the miracle to them.




The Source Connection Bath Towel Set is part of The Love Connection Project and is a Love Connection Miracle Tool.


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