Miracle Headphones


For many years I have provided Heaven Agents with a pair of Outer Plane Headphones that performed at a much higher level of power than the Inner Plane Headphones Miracle described in this section.


Because of the greater amount of power that can be put into an Outer Plane Headphones Miracle, a more powerful miracle could be linked to the Headphones themselves.


Heaven Agents using the Headphones felt a very pronounced increase in their mental and emotional clarity and in their ability to hear Source Guidance.  Many would wear the Miracle Headphones whenever they wanted to relax and allow their minds to go into a deeper state of rest and rejuvenation.  They were also helpful in sharpening the Spiritual Mind to aid in problem solving and learning at higher levels of efficiency.  Students used them to help them in their studies. When Heaven Agents were having a challenging day, they would often wear their Miracle Headphones for hours in the day to settle out their thoughts and emotions and enable them to come through with their Mission at full capacity.


While I am no longer providing the actual Headphones, if you are interested in this Miracle Tool, you can purchase Headphones and ask me to link the miracle to the Headphones you provide.  You can then enjoy the same supportive energies that the other Heaven Agents have enjoyed.


It is important to purchase headphones that have a band over the head and a padded earpiece that fully covers your ears.  These more substantial kind of headphones give me an object that is sturdy enough to hold the kind of Miracle Link that make the headphones perform at this level of power.


The Correct Exchange for the Miracle Link for the Headphones is US $70.



Miracle Headphones are part of The Love Connection Project and are Love Connection Miracle Tools.

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