The Miracle-Friendly Ring


When you wear the Miracle-Friendly Ring it works on clearing out of your Suit all of the energies, thoughts, and emotions that are making your Suit Miracle Un-Friendly. It then helps to establish Miracle-Friendly Energies in your Suit that help you to sustain the kinds of thoughts and behaviors that sustain your Suit in a Miracle-Friendly Condition.


Since only a Miracle-Friendly Suit can receive the miracles of the Source and can enjoy the benefit of Perfect Health, it is important to work on clearing your Suit and keeping it in a Miracle-Friendly state.


With this Miracle Tool, you supply the ring of your choice and I give you a Miracle Link that transforms the ring into The Miracle-Friendly Ring.


The Correct Exchange for this Miracle Link is US$170.






The Miracle-Friendly Ring is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


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