Miracle Jewelry


Manifestation Rings

Manifestation Rings are rings that you wear on your finger which when rubbed give power to the manifestations of Heaven that you are working on bringing through.  In the Creation Inner Plane Manifestation Rings are used to bring forth manifestations of events and material objects.  Generally such Rings exist only on the Spiritual Level of Reality and not as physical objects.  


Since very few Heaven Agents really know how to connect with a Manifestation Ring and give their full energy to it, I have created a Miracle Link to a physical ring that you can wear on your finger.  Through transforming a physical ring into a Manifestation Ring, it is easy for you to give your Spiritual Energies to the ring to enhance its power of manifestation.


These Manifestation Rings do not manifest what is not of Heaven but they will work with me on the Inner Plane to accelerate the manifestation of what is in the Source Plan for the Heaven that can be built in your life and in the world.


Like most Miracle Tools, if you lose or wear out a ring that has been linked to a miracle, the Miracle Link can be transferred to another ring.


The Correct Exchange for a Manifestation Ring is $325.





Miracle Bracelets

Miracle Bracelets are very good protection devices.  When you wear a Miracle Bracelet it produces a protective field around you that wards off the Negativity and enhances your inner sense of clarity about what is happening in the world around you.  In this way you are able to be alert to what you need to do to be safe on the Inner and Outer Plane.  The Miracle Bracelet also radios to my Extended Range that generally operates outside of my conscious awareness, if you are in danger. I then am alerted to send you additional help.


These bracelets are good for people of all ages.  They are especially good for children who are not old enough to understand how to ward off the negative energies that exist on the Inner Plane.  It is like putting a circle of protection around them that works to help them when they are not old enough to help themselves.


The Correct Exchange for a Miracle Bracelet is $200.



Miracle Jewelry is part of the Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool.

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