Heaven Shoes

Heaven Shoes are a wonderful addition to the Miracle Tools of any Heaven Agent.  Because your feet ground you in whatever Spiritual Reality you will live in, it is good to have your feet standing in Heaven Shoes that ground you in the energies of Heaven rather than in the caustic energies of the Story World.


I have seen Heaven Shoes transform the consciousness of people who would otherwise have been unable to remain centered in a Heaven Reality.  The shoes protected them and kept them in the energies of Heaven that kept their consciousness evolving in a positive direction.


In order to make it possible for your investment in a pair of Heaven Shoes to last you for a lifetime, I can transfer the Miracle Link from one pair of shoes to another as each pair of shoes wears out or, if the Heaven Shoes are for a child, the child outgrows the pair of shoes.  In this way you and your loved ones can enjoy Heaven Shoes for a lifetime.


While it is optimal to transform all of your shoes into Heaven Shoes, having even just one pair will boost you forward in your spiritual development by many degrees.


Heaven Shoes give you the equivalent of the Heaven Shoes that beings in the Prototype Communities wear. Their shoes manifest directly out of the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality.   Although your shoes will not materialize in this way, once they are linked to the miracle that transforms them into Heaven Shoes, you will have an experience when you wear the shoes that is close to the one that the Prototype Community Members experience when they wear their Heaven Shoes.



The Correct Exchange for Heaven Shoes is $100/pair of shoes.  



To Request A Pair of Heaven Shoes



To Request Heaven Shoes

To request Heaven Shoes click on the link below.   When you arrive at the shopping cart, please enter into the "Comments" box the following information:


  • who the shoes are for if they are for someone other than yourself.  I will need their name, gender, and age.
  • any information that about their or your life circumstances that you feel is pertinent.

If you would like more than one pair of Heaven Shoes, you can change the quantity in the shopping cart.  Please provide the above information for each pair of shoes. 




This is a Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and Heaven Shoes are a Life Purpose Fulfillment Miracle Tool. 


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