The Source Plan
Transitioning into
The Source Perfected World



Recorded April 29, 2013


The Source Perfected World is a new world 2 million times larger than the Original Creation. It is a Perfected Habitat that is being built by pioneering Heaven Agents who have transitioned there and are working with me to build habitats similar to the ones they have enjoyed in the Original Creation.


Unlike the habitats in the Original Creation, the habitats in the Source Perfected World will not have any of the negatives such as natural disasters that cause the tragic loss of life. This is because the Source Perfected World is an Intelligence Manifestation which morphs and changes more like a dream than the very rigid, materialized world we live in where material forms change slowly and damage can be irreparable.


To Transition into the Source Perfected World, beings need to enter into the highest level Source Care. At this point they transition from being Material Energy Manifestations into Intelligence Manifestations and are prepared to Transition into the Intelligence Manifestation of the Source Perfected World.


They can first transition in their Spiritual Energy Body and build a Heaven there that enhances the Heaven that they are building on the Earth and they can choose to Transition to the Source Perfected World at the end of their incarnation.


In this Source Plan video, I introduce you, through Source Drawings, to the Source Perfected World and show you what it takes to Transition into this Ultimate Heaven Habitat.






Chapters and Subchapters

For easier referencing of the information provided in this video, you can click on either a Chapter or a Subchapter link below and go to the corresponding part of the video.  These apply if you are watching the video as it streams in on the player provided above.


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  • Chapter 1
    1. Introduction
    • Chapter 1.1
      1.1 Source Plan Communications
  • Chapter 2
    2. Part One: The Overview of The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World
    • Chapter 2.1
      2.1 The Source Perfected World
    • Chapter 2.2
      2.2 Traveling the Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing by Entering into The Miracle of Source Care
    • Chapter 2.3
      2.3 The Fields of Consciousness
    • Chapter 2.4
      2.4 The Gift of The Love Connection Miracle
    • Chapter 2.5
      2.5 The Five Heaven Projects
    • Chapter 2.6
      2.6 How You Travel to The Source Perfected World
    • Chapter 2.7
      2.7 How the Source Expresses Love for You & How You Express Your Love for the Source
  • Chapter 3
    3. Part Two: Thinking through What It Takes to Implement The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected World
  • Chapter 4
    4. Part Three: Next Steps to Take to Transition into The Source Perfected World





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