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Sherry Daniel, Ph.D. - Founder of The Miracle School

Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

Director of The Heaven Project
Founder of The Miracle School




 The Directory of
Next Step Video and Audio Trainings



A Source-Guided, Miracle-Based Video Adventure Series:

The Path to Life's Greatest Treasure


Created in November 2022


This three video series provides you with a comprehensive introduction to Life's Greatest Treasure that helps you to connect to the miracle of it once you reach the end of the Adventure Path.


The Path begins with the video: The Miracle of Life which provides Introductory Code and does not require a Connecting Login to view.


It then progresses to a more advanced level of the Adventure that requires Basic Code, which is gifted to members of Connecting.


The second video is: The Miracle that Makes Life Heaven.


The third video is: Life's Greatest Treasure.


The link on the right will take you to the first video where you can follow the instructions to access the other videos.



Life's Greatest Treasure: A Love-Based Working Relationship with the Source that Preserves Your Source Connection, Your Link to Life, and Enables You to Have a Life that Is Heaven


Recorded in May 2022


This 2+ hour Vidieo Book Training provides you with information on:

  • the Working Relationship as your Lifeline for survival in The Manifest World 
  • the history of The Working Relationship from the beginning of the Creation
  • recent breakthroughs that are taking the Working Relationship to the next level
  • how to work with the Source in The Working Relationship to build a Source-Connected, Total Abundance Way of Life
  • how to work in the The Working Relationship to deal with life's challenges 
  • how to get started building a Full Power Working Relationship with the Source



The Miracle of Total Abundance: The Source-Created Alternative to the Rising Culture of Hate in America


Recorded on December 6, 2016


It is time for beings to turn to the Source/Creator, for an alternative to the problems that have led to the rising Culture of Hate in America before it catalyzes a Culture of Hate Movement worldwide which could lead to World War III.  



How to Awaken and Establish a Direct Source Connection


Recorded on May 26, 2016


In this Source Communication, you learn the basics about what it takes to Awaken, which is to develop the ability to recognize the Presence of the Source and form the Direct Source Connection that will enable you to preserve your Source Connection during the stages of The Transition and to build a Life that is Heaven in this lifetime and in all of your lifetimes to come. 



How to Connect to the Source to Survive the Transition of The Source Connection and Live the Heaven Life Was Meant to Be  – Video


Recorded on April 18, 2016


Due to the massive Universal Changes occurring because of The Transition, it is now necessary for all beings to move into action on the Outer Plane to preserve their Source Connection.  This Source Communication addresses what it means to work on your Source Connection in your Conscious Range and provides you with the opportunity for a Gifted Source Connection Assessment to help you to ensure that you are doing what is needed to prepare for the upcoming stages of The Transition. 



Urgent Source News Update: How to Preserve Your Link to Life during The Transition: The Most Massive Universal Change since the Beginning of the Creation – Video


Recorded on September 7, 2015


Your Link to Life – your Source Connection – is to the Implementation Aspect of the Source who has been incarnating since the beginning of the Creation in the Manifest World.  The Implementation Aspect is completing its final incarnation in the Manifest World and is leaving for its Heaven in the Unmanifest Level. 


If you want to preserve your life in the Manifest World, you will need to transition your Source Connection to retain contact with the Source during the stages of The Transition and after The Transition is complete.


This brief introductory video gives you the overview.  To learn more about how to prepare for The Transition, you need to take the Gifted Video Book Training offered below.



How to Survive The Transition in The Source Connection – The Link to The Miracle of Life and The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be – Gifted Video Book Training


Recorded on August 21, 2015


This extensive Gifted Video Book Training provides you with information on the most massive Universal Change since the beginning of the Creation.  This is The Transition of the Implementation Aspect of the Source back to the Unmanifest Level.  


Your Source Connection – your Link to Life –  is through your direct connection with the Implementation Aspect.  You will need to work with the Source Support provided in this Miracle-Based Training to learn what you need to do to transition your Source Connection so that it survives the departure of the Implementation Aspect.




A Guided Adventure into The World of Miracle-Based Adventures: Part Two – Audio  


Recorded on February 6, 2015


In this Guided Adventure, our focus was on working with the Code that was just gifted to the Global Community to help beings evolve beyond conflict and competition to establish a Love-Based Community that nurtures all of its own.  This Code has set into motion a Global Miracle-Based Adventure that will continue until a  Love-Based Community is established on the Earth.


This Broadcast provides important training in how Miracle-Based Adventures catalyze personal and social transformation. Through observing how the Heaven Agents in the Broadcast worked with this Global Miracle-Based Adventure, you can connect to this Adventure and join in the work of establishing a Love-Based Community on the Earth.





A Guided Adventure into The World of Miracle-Based Adventures: Part One – Audio


Recorded on February 5, 2015


In this Next Step Broadcast, I activated the Spiritual Code that generated this Guided Adventure into The World of Miracle-Based Adventures. The Code triggered the flow of the Adventure that the Heaven Agents on the Guided Adventure experienced as well as the flow of information that I provide to enable you to understand the rich world of Miracle-Based Adventures. 


Through watching a Miracle-Based Adventure unfold that is fundamentally transformative for the Heaven Agents working with me in this Broadcast and through understanding the Source Perspective on Miracle-Based Adventure Technology and its potential for personal and social transformation, you will be given an opportunity to receive training that is vitally important to your ability to work with the Miracle-Based Adventures that are possible for you in your life.





A Guided Adventure into The World of Miracle-Based Comfort – Video 


Recorded on January 29, 2015


In this video, you will have the opportunity to go on a Guided Adventure into The World of Miracle-Based Comfort. Through Source Drawings you will be able to see the Spiritual Level of Reality as the Source sees it and experience the miracles that make Miracle-Based Comfort possible for you and for all others.


After watching this video, you can embark on your Journey to Miracle-Based Comfort by going to where you can learn more about The Comfort Campaign that the Source has initiated to enable all beings to achieve Miracle-Based Comfort.





How to Prepare for the Final & Most Dangerous Vibrational Shift on September 16, 2014 – Video


Recorded on August 7, 2014


The power of the massive Tidal Wave that will move the Creation to the 7.5 Vibrational Level on September 16th will also fragment the Suits – spiritual bodies/minds – that do not have a Suit Container, which is the outermost spiritual border of the Suit, that is Source-Connected.  


Fragmentation of the Suit Container will lead to Spiritual and Physical Death.


To avert this potential disaster, the Source has created two Source Solutions that are explored in this Source Communication through a series of Source Drawings.





The Puzzle Piece Miracle – Video


Recorded on May 16, 2014


The Puzzle Piece Miracle provides you with a simple, step-by-step approach to manifesting the Heaven of True Happiness in your life and in your world.


This miracle enables you to assemble The Picture of Your Personal Heaven and provides the structure that enables all beings throughout the Universal Community to work harmoniously together to assemble The Picture of Heaven for the Community.





The Most Important Decision You Make in Your Life – Video 


Recorded on February 12, 2014

This Source Communication gives you the Source Perspective on the most important decision you make in your life – the decision to either: 

  •  live a Story Way of Life that is based on your Personal and Cultural Stories or 
  •  to live a Source-Created Life Adventure that is based on the Life Adventure created for you by the Source with the Source as your Guide and Coach on this Adventure. 
If offers you a Gifted Coaching Session where you can work with The Access Point Miracle to see what will happen in your future if you choose a Story Way of Life or a Source-Created Life Adventure.



The Heaven Launch Miracle: Entering into The Heaven Reality to Live Heaven in Your Everyday Life – Video


Recorded on October 3, 2013


This Source Communication describes the newly created Inner Plane Heaven Reality that you can transition into by connecting to the power of The Heaven Launch Miracle.  


The Heaven Reality is a Perfected Life System that supports your Suit as it learns how to release from The Hell Way of Life that engenders suffering into The Heaven Way of Life that manifests the Heaven of true happiness.



The Source News Report on Preparations for the Most Massive Vibrational Shift in the History of the Creation, Occurring on August 8, 2013 – Video


Recorded on June 27, 2013


On August 8th, a Tidal Wave of Source Power will lift the Support Field – the Spiritual Platform upon which all of life exists – up three Vibrational Levels. Those who survive this Shift will be those who prepare. In this Source News Report, information is provided on how beings throughout the Creation are preparing for this Vibrational Shift.



The Source Plan for The Total Abundance Project: Getting Equipped & Trained to Live The Heaven Experience – Video


Recorded on May 14, 2013


What enabled the 14 Prototype Communities to achieve Total Abundance was Spiritual Equipment and Miracle-Based Training.


Until recently, it was not possible for those not living in the protected spiritual spaces of these Prototype Communities to receive this equipment and training because of the stiff opposition of the Negativity, the criminal element that operates on the Spiritual Level of Reality.


Now an upgraded version of this equipment and training is available to Heaven Agents throughout the Universal Community.


It is coming at a time when it is most needed. We are facing the sharpest increase in Spiritual Vibration yet to be experienced in the Creation on August 8, 2013. Heaven Agents who get equipped and trained can help themselves and others to achieve the levels of Spiritual Integration needed to survive the August 8th Shift and the multiplicity of minor Shifts that will continue to occur until September 16, 2014.



The Source Plan for Transitioning into The Source Perfected Universe – Video


Recorded on April 29, 2013


The Source Perfected World is a new world 2 million times larger than the Original Creation. It is a Perfected Habitat that is being built by pioneering Heaven Agents who have transitioned there and are working with me to build habitats similar to the ones they have enjoyed in the Original Creation.


Unlike the habitats in the Original Creation, the habitats in the Source Perfected World will not have any of the negatives such as natural disasters that cause the tragic loss of life. This is because the Source Perfected World is an Intelligence Manifestation which morphs and changes more like a dream than the very rigid, materialized world we live in where material forms change slowly and damage can be irreparable.




The Work of the Source – Video


Recorded on January 16, 2013


This Source Communication provides you with the basics that are needed to understand The Work of the Source and to understand how to begin working alongside the Source to build Heaven in your life and in your world.


It is a Miracle-Based Training Video replete with multiple levels of Source Truth Transmissions that help you to build the Foundation of Truth upon which you can build a Life that is Heaven.




The Promise & Peril of 2012 and 2013 – Video


Recorded on December 19, 2012


This Source Communication addresses the massive Vibrational Shifts that are bringing through an Ascension to higher levels of vibration where Heaven can more easily be built as well as the Apocalyptic turning points that decide the survival of individual beings throughout the Creation.


It provides information on how to work with the Vibrational Shifts and how to prepare for the world that these Shifts are building.