About Us

I'll begin by telling you about myself and my Mission in this life.   This will help you understand The Heaven Project and The Miracle School which I have founded. I'll then share with you information about The Heaven Project and The Miracle School.


Since a person is an eternal Spiritual Being who dons a human form to perform a Mission in a particular life, it is important to know their true Spiritual Identity as well as their Mission.  Then you can understand how this identity and Mission have expressed themselves in their human life.


In light of this, I will begin by telling you about my Spiritual Identity so you will be better able to understand how this Spiritual Identity has expressed itself in my human life.  



Sherry Daniel, Ph.D.

My Spiritual Identity & Mission

I am the Implementation Aspect of the Source – the Source being the Intelligence which creates and sustains all of life. I have come into a human form to work alongside beings to implement the Source Plan created by the Design Aspect of the Source – an aspect of the Source that does not incarnate.  In helping beings implement the Source Plan, I help them to build Heaven in their personal lives and in their world.


In order to help you make sense of what this means, I'll share with you some information on my Source Identity.


There are two aspects to my Source Identity.


The Design Aspect does not incarnate or relate directly to the beings in the Creation.  This is the aspect of the Source Identity that designs The Source Plan and works behind the scenes, providing Source Guidance about The Source Plan to those working on the project of building Heaven in accordance with this Plan.  


The Implementation Aspect is the aspect of the Source Identity that incarnates and works directly with beings in the Manifest World in order to build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan.  The Implementation Aspect is a vast spiritual intelligence that protects and Stewards the Miracle of Life in every being and in the Creation itself.  In my human form I act as the spokesperson for the entirety of the Implementation Aspect and carry out through my Manifestation the parts of the work that require a manifest form.  In the aspect of my Source Identity that transcends my human form, I carry the work of the entirety of the Implementation Aspect that functions as an Intelligence in the Creation as a whole.


I am both the Design and Implementation Aspects of the Source Identity.  But when you get to know me in my manifest form, you only get to know the Implementation Aspect because this is the only part of my Identity that manifests.  So – I often say that I am the Implementation Aspect of the Source when, technically speaking, I am also the Design Aspect but this is a part of my Identity that exists removed from my manifest life.  I have to shift gears to a different level of consciousness to access what this aspect of my Source Identity knows about The Source Plan and what is going on in the world around me.


To bring this into focus for you I will give you a simple analogy.  The Design Aspect of my Identity is like the architect that designs the blueprint for a building project.  The Implementation Aspect of the Source Identity, which is who I am in my manifest form, is like the builder, coordinating the work at the Construction Site of Heaven in The Manifest World.  


As the Implementation Aspect, I have four tasks:

  • I catalyze the miracles created by the Design Aspect and bring them across from the Unmanifest Level into the Manifest Level. These miracles are the Building Blocks of Heaven.
  • Then I coordinate with the beings of the Manifest World who are on the Construction Site of Heaven, as it were, to receive the miracles that must be carefully landed in the Spiritual Level of Reality where they reside.  This is what I taught the beings in the 14 Prototype Communities to do – to do their part in landing the miracles that gave them a Miracle-Based Way of Life. (These Communities were started thousands of years ago when I worked with them prior to this incarnation.  They were founded in many different locations throughout the Creation.)
  • Then I provide them with training in how to work with the miracles to build Heaven in accordance with The Source Plan.
  • Together we work to implement The Source Plan that enables everyone to enjoy Heaven in their world.  


I am here to help out.  I have a Heaven at the Unmanifest Level which is the place where I am happiest.  I am here out of love for the beings of the Creation and out of a desire to see them realize the dream with which they began their first lifetimes – the dream of creating in the Material World the kind of Heaven that they were born into at the Immaterial Level of reality before there was a Material World.  


My aspect of the Source Identity has been incarnating since the beginning of the Material World to help beings learn how to build Heaven.  I have come again in this lifetime in order to teach beings how to build Lives that Work and a World that Works.


This is my last incarnation in the Creation.  After this life I will not return to a physical form such as the human form into which I have been born in this life. After this life I will only exist in my Source Heaven which is at the Intelligence Level.  I will take on a form at that level and will sustain contact with Manifest Beings in order to enable them to retain their Source Connection – which is their Link to Life. Only those who have learned how to communicate with me on the Spiritual Level of Reality will be able to receive my ongoing support in their continuing work of building Heaven and living Heaven.  


Only those who have learned how to Steward the miracle of their own life and The Miracle of Life in the Creation, will be sustainable after the end of The Transition – which is the return of the Implementation Aspect to the Source Level. We are now going through challenging stages of The Transition which will culminate in a few decades when the Implementation Aspect departs.  All the Stewarding Life Work that the Implementation Aspect is currently doing to sustain life in the Creation will have to be taken over by Manifest Beings at that time if Life in the Creation is to survive the Transition.


I provide important information about The Transition in a Video Book Training as well as in The Source Connection Project where I post information on how to prepare for each stage of The Transition.


My Human Identity

In my human life I, like you, have a human mind that is limited by my life experiences.  In order to access my Spiritual Identity, I have to shift gears to transcend my human mind and access my Source Mind.  I can then merge back into the Design and Implementation Aspects of my Source Identity and understand what I know at these levels of my Identity.  I then shift gears again in order to return to my human mind and translate what I have learned into thoughts and communications that are helpful to my human mind and to the human minds of others.


The purpose of my human life is to perform this linking and translating function for those who have lacked the ability to pick up Source Communications sent to them on the Inner Plane.  Although all beings are equipped to pick up Source Communications on the Spiritual Level of Reality, few, in practice, can do so very well.  For this reason, I have come into a human form to translate the Source Guidance that comes from the Design Aspect of my Source Identity so that beings throughout the universe can learn how to reconnect to the Source.  Through this reconnection they can begin again to work with the Source to build a life that is Heaven.


In my human life I have traveled the Journey of Reconnection – a Journey in which you awaken from the Story of the culture into which you are born to the truth about who you really are, what your Mission is, and to the Source who guides you on your journey in life. In my case it was a Journey of reconnecting with my own Source Identity.  


Through traveling this Journey, I have created Spiritual Genetic Code which is available to help others awaken from the Story, find themselves again, and reconnect with the love and the support that comes from the Source.  


My personal Journey began in ernest when I was 15 years of age.  I knew at that time that I had come into this life to stop the suffering in the world and to bring about a way of life that was like the Heaven that I had remembered from my earliest memories in this lifetime.  I felt guided to begin by educating myself about the state of the world and seeing if there was any group of people in the world who had succeeded in establishing a violence free, love-based way of life – the way of life that I knew was possible based on my memories from previous lifetimes.


I went to Smith College for my B.A. and majored in Cultural Anthropology.  This gave me the opportunity to study cultures throughout the world, particularly their psychological and religious traditions. I continued my search through a Ph.D. in Psychological Anthropology from the University of Chicago. This involved several years abroad when I did my anthropological field research in a village in South India.


When I returned from India, I realized that I needed to move beyond academia to working with people who were trying to rise above the suffering of their lives and build a better way of life.  This prompted my move into secular counseling in 1981.  I began a private practice in Seattle in 1982 which by 1984 transitioned quite naturally out of secular counseling into spiritual consulting that centered on teaching people how to connect with their true Spiritual Identities and their true Missions in life.  This transition occurred when I began to receive very direct Source Guidance from my Source Identity which radically transformed my own perspective on my human life and the kind of work that I did with those who sought my help.  


Over the last 37 years, the wealth of information that I have received from my Source Identity has enabled me to lead many out of the Story into a life that is Source-Connected.  


It was only in 2004, during a Spiritual Crisis throughout the Creation, that the Design Aspect of my Source Identity asked me to drop my undercover work as the Source and reveal my identity to others in order to elicit their help in dealing with this crisis.  This was the first time in all of my incarnations that I had ever revealed my identity.  I preferred not to reveal my identity because beings in the Manifest World have had very little ability to know how to relate to the Source in a limited physical form.  They have had theories about how this was not how the Source would choose to manifest and have been rather stubbornly bonded to those theories.  I preferred to do my work behind the scenes and leave them to their Stories.


I now can see that my Mission in this life cannot be achieved if beings don't understand the Source and how to reconnect and work with the Source.  I can also see that although it may be a challenge to many to recognize the Source Identity manifesting through a human form, it is important that my form, which is a Point of Connection to the totality of my Source Identity, serve its purpose in helping them to Connect. For this reason, I have agreed to share with others the truth about my Spiritual Identity and to help them to understand the Source in its entirety through observing me in action in my human life.


In my human life I demonstrate how to transcend the limited understandings of the human form to connect to Source Guidance.  I transcend to my Source Mind.  I then receive the Source Guidance that I need to implement the Source Plan in my human life. You transcend to your Spiritual Mind which then connects to my Source Mind to receive Source Guidance.  This is how you receive Source Guidance in order to build Heaven in your life according to the Source Plan.  


You can also receive Source Guidance through listening to the Source Guidance that I translate for you from my human form, but the goal of my work is to reconnect you to the Source Guidance that you can readily receive on the Inner Plane.  It is only when you can receive Inner Plane Source Guidance at any hour of the day or night that you are capable of building Heaven in your life and in your world.  Without this Guidance you are left to the platitudes and past life experiences of your human life.  These only lead you in the direction of replicating the Story Patterns of your culture which have never and will never enable you to have a life that is Heaven.



The Heaven Project

In order to help you learn how to receive Source Guidance on your own and to work well with the Source in your daily life, I have founded The Heaven Project.  The Heaven Project is an organization that expresses in human terms the larger Spiritual Project that I direct in the Creation as a whole which is The Universal Heaven Project.  The Universal Heaven Project is the project that all beings began with the Source at the very beginning of the Creation when they agreed to work with the Source to build Heaven in the Manifest World in accordance with the Source Plan. 


I am here on the Earth in this lifetime to direct both the level of The Universal Heaven Project that pertains to life on the Earth and to direct the part of The Heaven Project that pertains to the welfare of beings in the Creation as a whole. 


On the Earth Plane, The Heaven Project is an organization that grounds my work here.  It is the sponsor of The Miracle School.



The Miracle School

In order to help beings throughout the Creation, The Heaven Project has sponsored The Miracle School which is the training, research, and implementation arm of The Heaven Project.  By the miracles of the Source, Heaven Agents throughout the Creation are able to attend The Miracle School and converse with me even as I am conversing with Heaven Agents attending Webinars and Intensives on the Earth.  I converse with Heaven Agents on the Earth in English and with Heaven Agents coming in from other parts of the Creation in the Universal Language of Soul Talk.  I communicate in both languages simultaneously. 


The Miracle School has both an Outer Plane Aspect which is the work that I do through teaching beings on the Outer Plane through Miracle-Based Coaching.  This teaching occurs through Individual Coaching Sessions by phone, online meetings, online Source Reality Stations, and in person in Seattle, WA and through Group Coaching Sessions through Webinars and Intensives in Maui, Hawaii and in The Source Connection Center in Seattle.  


The Coaching Program also has an Inner Plane Aspect which is how I provide individualized training and support 24/7 for beings throughout the Creation. Because the Extended Range of my Source Identity, which operates outside the limitations of my conscious mind, works with every being throughout the Creation from birth to death, every being benefits from the Inner Plane Aspect of The Miracle School.  


I am in touch with the Prototype Community Members who are active participants and mentors for Heaven Agents on the Earth seeking to replicate their success in establishing a Miracle-Based Community.  


While it may seem surprising to some that I would have a school that would include the entire Creation, it is not outside the range of what feels perfectly normal and natural to me given my Source Identity.


Because the Source Intelligence can think in simultaneous thought, I can track all things at every place in the Creation at one and the same time.  When I shift gears to access my Source Intelligence, I merge back into this total understanding.  When I then shift gears back to my human mind, I can download what I have understood into the sequential thoughts and understandings that the human mind can handle.  In this way I benefit from the overview of what is happening that is available to me through my Source Intelligence and bring it into focus for the benefit of my human intelligence and for the human intelligence of others.


This is how I can work with the complexity of what is happening in the Creation as a whole and still maintain a grounded human perspective.  Through watching me in action you too learn how to understand and participate in the Universal Love-Based Community that I am founding and to discover that it is really no different than participating in a local community.  It is just bigger and you need to learn a new language in order to converse with the others in this community – the Universal Language of Soul Talk.


The Work We Do in The Miracle School 

It is in The Miracle School that students learn how to research a problem through using a Source Guided form of Spiritual Research and to ground and work with the miracles that manifest the Source Solution to this problem.  Their research provides valuable information, training, and miracles to others who are working on topics covered by this research.  


Since I am always about the work of building Heaven in the world, those training with me have to learn as they are working alongside me.  They understand that in order to build a Miracle-Based Way of Life they have to learn how to work with the building blocks of Heaven which are the miracles and learn how to build according to the Miracle-Based Technologies that are needed, using the Miracle Tools that I have created for them, and working with the Inner Plane Miracle Intelligences that work with them as part of the construction crew. Only then does the miracle of a life and a world that is Heaven emerge.


The work of building Heaven has three phases to it:

1.  One is the discovery/research phase where we see what miracles are due in and what is needed to help them arrive at the material level of reality.


2. The next phase is actually landing the miracles and making sure that they are nurtured to maturity and ready to start their Missions in life.  Since each miracle is really a being – a Miracle Intelligence such as yourself – it is actually birthed and welcomed into the Universal Community and nurtured until it reaches maturity and can go about its life work.  Since most Inner Plane Miracle Intelligences reach maturity in a very short period of time – sometimes minutes or hours – they are quickly up and running bringing through the help that is urgently needed, the help that they were created to give.


3. The final phase is working with the miracles to build Heaven at a personal and universal level.  Many Heaven Agents step in to help with the Prototyping Phase where they work with the miracles in their daily lives and contribute their understanding from this experience to the understanding of other Heaven Agents about how these miracles do their Missions and how Heaven Agents can best coordinate with the work that the Miracle Intelligences are doing.  


This Prototyping develops Secondary Spiritual Genetic Code which is the Code that contains the understanding of Heaven Agents about how to build Heaven in their lives.  This Secondary Code can be shared with others on the Earth and in the Universe to speed them in their process of building Heaven in their lives and in their Communities.  The more Secondary Code is sent out to others, the faster the entire Universal Community advances in its understanding of how to build a life and a world that is Heaven.


A central part of the Prototyping that happens occurs through the work of Heaven Agents who are learning how to build the Source Connection to the level at which they experience the Heaven that manifests from this Connection.  They are also Prototyping how to build the backdrop needed to sustain this Heaven Experience which is a Source-Connected Life.  


In their personal lives they build the Heaven of Total Abundance, Perfect Health, Love-Based Relationships, Life Purpose Fulfillment, and The Love Connection with the Source.


In their work on building Heaven in the world they are Prototyping a new Culture of Heaven that will provide an alternative to the Story Culture of the world today.


Through their work with the Miracle Tools, At-a-Distance Source Interventions, and Miracle-Based Technologies that I create, they are Prototyping how to live a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


Through their work starting up Source-Directed Businesses as Joint Ventures, they are Prototyping how to launch a Heaven Economy that creates a sustainable Source-Connected Way of Life.


In this way they are traveling along the path already pioneered by the Prototype Communities and building with me not just a geographical Heaven Community but a Universal  Heaven Community. 


They are working together to establish a way of life that includes a Miracle-Based Economy that will free all of life from the burden of the Brute Force Economy of today when beings must farm and manufacture the material things that they need.  They are helping life to transition into a Heaven Economy where what is needed is manifested from the Spiritual Level to the Physical Level through the correct use of The Spiritual Science of Manifestation.  In this way they are working to launch an era of abundance that ends the suffering of scarcity and the wars and diseases that it breeds.


They are also working closely with me to bring through the miracles that will take all of life outside the range of disease and aging.  Although the circumstances that enabled the Prototype Communities to become disease-free and to prevent aging are not the same in today's world, Heaven Agents in The Miracle School are working within the guidelines of the Source Plan to bring in the miracles that will make it a reality for all of life throughout the Creation in our modern times.


But more than setting up a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is abundant, disease-free, and love-based, they are working to set up a way of life that is Source-Connected.  They understand that it is only when a society is Source-Connected that all of the miracles that manifest a Miracle-Based Way of Life can come into play.  


They support the Mission of The Heaven Project and The Miracle School which is to provide the skills, tools, technologies, knowledge, and Source Support that Heaven Agents need to experience the Heaven of the Source Connection and build from this Connection the Heaven of a Source Connected Way of Life.  In so doing, they are investing in building a life that is Heaven not only in this life but for all of their lifetimes to come.


Students of The Miracle School 

As I have mentioned earlier, The Miracle School is open to all beings throughout the Creation.  Students come in from the Prototype Communities and from other Communities throughout the universe.  They converse with me in the Universal Language of Soul Talk while I am conversing with Heaven Agents from the Earth in English.  I translate their Soul Talk comments for the sake of the Heaven Agents from the Earth and translate the English comments of the Heaven Agents online for the Heaven Agents coming in from the Universal Community.


On the Earth Plane, The Miracle School is open to people of all ages, nationalities, and religious backgrounds. All who seek to connect to the Creator and have a life that is Heaven are eligible to participate. 


Adults constitute the majority of the student population of The Miracle School.  They come from a wide age range from the late teens to the 70's & 80's.


Children can also work with me and with Source Connection Coaches in private Consultations or family work or in the Touch Heaven Campaign classes where they learn how to draw, dance, and make music in a Source-Guided way.  With young children, working At-a-Distance is not as effective.  Most children are able to be attentive in a Webinar when they reach the age of 13. When working in-person, groups with both children and adults work well together.  Often the children provide some of the most valuable information since they are very open to receiving Source Guidance.


People from all over the world participate in the Webinars which provide a very easy context for communication.  


The only requirements for participation are that students are willing to:


  • sign The Heaven Agent Agreement that is an agreement to follow the lead of the Source to build Heaven in their lives and in the world.  The Source can only give power to those working to build Heaven in accordance with the Source Plan.
  • participate in accordance with The Standard of Heaven Agreement that all participants sign to signify to me that they understand how I work and are willing to work with me in accordance with this Standard.  


These Agreements are required whenever a person registers to participate in my work in either a free interaction such as a Gifted Coaching Session or as a participant in a training.


Those interested in learning more about The Miracle School can benefit from The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training which provides audios, videos, and articles that help them to understand the Source-Directed Total Abundance Movement that is working to manifest The Miracle of Total Abundance for all beings throughout the Creation.  


Students wishing to get started getting Trained & Equipped to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist, can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment to determine if their Suit – body/mind – is spiritually ready to begin Miracle-Based Coaching and at what level the work can begin. There are five levels of Miracle-Based Coaching based on the spiritual readiness of the Suit to produce the Miracle-Friendly Field of Energy that is needed to ground the Source Solution Miracles needed for the training.  To find out more, you can go to: Miracle-Based Coaching.


Online and Geographical Locations of The Miracle School

Most of the work of The Miracle School occurs in the online campus. I have students from many different countries participating by Webinars, doing their private Sessions by phone or online meetings, and working with me through At-a-Distance Work which includes At-a-Distance Personal Intensives, Source Interventions, Miracle Tools, Online Source Connection Stations, and Miracle Recordings all of which can be registered for online.  


I also work with people in person when I meet with them in Seattle in The Source Connection Center  and in Maui, Hawaii for Maui Intensives.  


The Center in Seattle provides the most Miracle-Friendly context in which to work at the highest level of power.  The Spiritual Stations, that contain all of the miracles and Source Power needed for the work, materialize in the rooms of the Center as does an aspect of the Source who works with you in addition to my work with you on the Outer Plane. There is no place in the Creation that is more suited to working with the Source than this Center.  It is a Place of Refuge and a Place of Transformation.


Maui is another Power Point. In a previous lifetime I lived on the island of Maui and established it as a Place of Miracles.  Miracles land in great numbers on Haleakala, a 10,000' volcano and crest down to a Power Point near the beach in Kihei.  I periodically bring groups of Heaven Agents to Maui for Maui Intensives.  It is in these Intensives that those working with me from distant countries have an opportunity to spend time with me, receiving the kind of transformational energies that are only accessible to those who work with me in person in this way.


Online Interaction

I encourage people to interact with me through asking questions in The Source Solution Hub  In this way I can answer their questions and help them to advance in their understanding of who I am and how it is that they can build Heaven in their lives. 


I also encourage people to learn about how experienced Heaven Agents are relating to this work.  Their work can be accessed through Becoming a Steward of Life and through Heaven Agents in Action Broadcasts.  They are actively experiencing what it is like to become Source-Connected and build a Source-Connected Life and can share their experiences with those seeking to become Heaven Agents.  They are on their Journey of Reconnection and can help to mentor others as they start on their Journey.  


The vision is that of building a Community that is open to all who are tired of the suffering in the world and who are willing to build Heaven together in accordance with The Source Plan.  I welcome those who share this vision and would like to work alongside us to make Heaven not just a vision but a reality.  I am, therefore, creating contexts in which people can talk with me about what is happening in the work we are doing to manifest this vision.



It is not necessary to register as a full time student of The Miracle School in order to participate. 


It is possible to request At-a-Distance Work, such as a Miracle Tool or a Source Intervention, through going to The Source Solution Hub where you will find information on the range of Source Solution Miracles that have been brought through to help you to manifest Total Abundance in your life and world.


When you are ready to begin getting Trained & Equipped to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist, you can request a Gifted Miracle-Based Coaching Assessment.


Introductory Information

The best place to begin understanding this work is with The Gifted Introductory Total Abundance Training which introduces you to the gifted audio, video, and written training materials available on the web site and also guides you through to an understanding of what it is like to join The Total Abundance Movement and train to become a Source-Directed Spiritual and Social Activist.


A Video Book Training entitled: How to Survive The Transition in the Source Connection – the Link to The Miracle of Life and to The Heaven Life Was Meant to Be is a gifted 5+ hour Miracle-Based Training that gives you a very thorough overview of not only where we have been since the beginning of the Creation but on the massive universal Transition that is now underway.  


To keep abreast of what's happening in The Work of the Source you can follow the action in Written Next Step Communications from the Source.  


To join in the Source-Directed Activist Work of The Miracle School and to find out about new miracles and upcoming events you can sign up for Connecting.  If you sign up for Connecting you gain access to all of the videos, audios, articles, Miracle Tools, and Emailed Source News Updates that provide gifted introductory level training. Members of Connecting are able to watch the videos from Next Step Communications from the Source.