The Miracle of Total Abundance Packets


The key variable in materializing Total Abundance is the ability of the Suit to work effectively with the Source in the Materialization Process.  This kind of work requires perfect understanding at a technical level.  This understanding is more akin to the complexity of how biological DNA works than to the book learning of the Story World, the kind of Top Down Education of the Story Culture where learning is presented to the conscious mind and believed to percolate through to the subconscious mind over time.  Top Down Education has proven to be an faulty system of education even for the skill sets of the Story World with many children and adults failing to perform well enough to pass through the educational system successfully.  It is totally inadequate for the work of materializing Total Abundance.  


What it takes at a subconscious level to participate in the Materialization Process is more like what it takes for all the billions of cells in the body to do what they need to do to sustain organic life.  What the conscious mind understands of how to take care of the body is only the tip of the ice berg.  The conscious mind couldn’t run the billions of cells and keep track of all of the processes that sustain life even for one second.  Its theories about how things work are completely inadequate.  In a similar way, the conscious mind’s theories about how to manifest Total Abundance are not able to sustain the complex processes of the subconscious mind which must do the technical part that enables Total Abundance to manifest correctly, in the right time frame.  


The conscious mind represents 1% of the consciousness of the Suit, the subconscious mind representing 99%.  The conscious mind is, in fact, the product of the subconscious mind rather than the governor of the subconscious mind. If the conscious mind is put in charge of the learning process it can only impose on the subconscious mind very simplistic, cultural theories about how to generate abundance. The subconscious mind may upend these ideas in favor of running patterns based on perpetuating the scarcity that it has been socialized to believe is inevitable.


The only way to counter the ingrained belief in perpetuating scarcity that exists in the subconscious mind is to turn to the Bottom Up Education created by the Source that gives the subconscious mind Total Abundnace Training Downloads that train it how to understand and perform perfectly in the Materialization Process.  The Training Downloads are sent to the Suit by the Source along with a Perfected Intelligence that builds a perfect Platform for Intelligence that can sustain the complex maneuvers that the Suit must do at a technical level in order to work effectively with the Source to materialize Total Abundance.


When the subconscious mind is functioning optimally to support Total Abundance, then the Perfected Intelligence surfaces into the conscious mind Core Code Clusters that manifest as dream like images, thoughts, or understandings that enable the conscious mind to develop the Skill Sets that work well with the technical work being done by the subconscious mind.


Supporting the work of the Training Downloads and the Perfected Intelligence are Inner Plane Training Sessions that I provide to coach the intelligence of the Suit that is being perfected so it knows exactly how to cooperate with the process.  I also send in other Source Interventions as needed, Miracle Tools, and Source Power to aid in materializing the Total Abundance of Perfect Suit Functioning in whatever aspect of the training is being given through a particular Training Download.

Backing all of this up is the miracle of Source Range Heaven Happenings which just recently became available.  These Heaven Happenings sustain the Miracle-Friendly Environment that is needed for all of these miracles to manifest and for the learning to take place overtime.  The Heaven Agent Range Heaven Happenings that come from the Heaven Experience Equipment that Heaven Agents are procuring for their work on materializing Total Abundance, can only sustain a Miracle-Friendly Environment for up to one hour.  This allows a certain range of miracles to come in and do their work but is not adequate to sustain the complex of miracles that are needed to train the Suit to uphold the Standard of Perfection that makes it a Perfected Manifestation and enables it to assist in manifesting the perfection of Total Abundance in its life.  Source Range Heaven Happenings are required to provide the sustained Miracle-Friendly Environment that is needed for all of the miracles that make up what I call a Total Abundance Packet.  These miracles need to continually support the learning of the Suit as it responds to each new circumstance of the life.  This is how sustained Perfect Suit Functioning is achieved.


With the miracle of Total Abundance Packets it is now possible for the Suit to attain Perfect Suit Functioning in whatever aspect of the functional range of a Suit is covered by the Training Downloads and other forms of Source Support delivered in a Packet. A Heaven Agent can Perfect his Suit by making sure that every aspect of Suit Functioning is individually perfected by the Total Abundance Training provided by the range of Total Abundance Packets that are needed to complete the Perfection Process.  Since it is imperative that Suits achieve Perfection in order to sustain their lives in the upcoming Vibrational Shifts and in the Source Perfected Universe, Packets have become the method for achieving Perfect Functioning in the limited time that Suits have left to attain Perfection.


With Total Abundance Packets, Suits are becoming capable of responding perfectly even in the most dangerous circumstances when normally they would have fragmented to the point of Spiritual Death.  For instance, when the Life Field disintegrates, all of the Spiritual Genetic Code that is what the Suit requires to operate, can be lost.  When this happens only Training Downloads manned by the Perfected Intelligence can come into the chaos in the Suit and rebuild a Platform for Intelligence and train the Suit to operate under such adverse circumstances.  The Training Downloads will rebuild the Suit and help the Source build back in the Basic Code that was lost so the Suit has what it needs to retain its life and experience life as Heaven.


If the Total Abundance Packet could rescue a Suit in the most grievous level of derangement and restore Perfect Functioning, it can very easily help a Suit that is functional to move to the level of Perfect Functioning.


To fully appreciate the beauty of how a Packet works and to understand how to work effectively with a Packet, I recommend that you read the article entitled: Total Abundance Training for Your Suit which describes how the Suit is trained to participate effectively in the Materialization Process.



What's in a Total Abundance Packet 


A Packet contains:

  • Total Abundance Training for Your Suit

        Total Abundance Training enables your Suit to know how to participate effectively in the Materialization

        Process. This training includes:   

    • Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Downloads for your Suit which set up a Platform of Intelligence that enables the Suit to participate in the Materialization Process at subconscious and conscious levels.
    • Inner Plane Total Abundance Training Sessions which provide coaching to the different levels of your Suit’s consciousness to teach it how to participate in materializing Total Abundance 
  • Source Power to materialize the outcome of Perfect Suit Functioning in the aspect of functioning covered by the Training Download and assist in the materialization of the Total Abundance that the Suit is able to help to materialize once it is functioning perfectly
  • Source Support that brings in a myriad of other Source Interventions and Miracle Tools as needed to aid in the Materialization Process 
  • A Perfected Intelligence that mans the Packet, working with the Source and with all the miracles in the Packet to bring forth the materialization of Perfect Suit Functioning and the materialization of the Total Abundance Outcomes that can come from this Perfect Functioning. This intelligence continues to man the aspect of Suit Functioning covered by the Packet throughout the lifetime of the Suit. It is like an onboard consultant and overseer and trainer making sure that the Suit continues to operate perfectly even under adverse circumstances.  It radios to the Source for additional support when needed and other miracles can come through under the protected field of the long term Source Range Heaven Happening to help out with the Materialization Process.

Total Abundance Packets work very rapidly, bringing about simple results in minutes and bringing about colossal global and universal change through a series of stages that play out in record time.  With Total Abundance Packets, an individual Heaven Agent can equip himself to achieve Perfect Functioning to work effectively with the Source to materialize Total Abundance in his life.  He can also contribute to Total Abundance Packets for family and friends, enabling them to achieve the same high level of Total Abundnace.  By contributing to The World that Works Fund he can contribute to bringing about Total Abundance in the Global Community.

Through Total Abundance Packets Heaven Agents become equipped to transform scarcity into abundance in their personal lives and in the world.


Outer Plane Training Sessions

Optional Outer Plane Training Sessions by Email enable a Heaven Agent to get feedback on the Core Code Clusters that the Training Download surfaces into the conscious mind.  These Code Clusters enable the conscious mind to develop the Conscious Range Skill Sets that enable the Suit to participate in whatever aspect of the Materialization Process needs to occur on the Outer Plane.  For instance, if economic Total Abundance is what is desired, then the Suit needs to have the Skill Sets to manifest this abundance on the Outer Plane.

Total Abundance Training Overview

To obtain a more detailed look at how Training Downloads look, I recommend that you read the article entitled: Total Abundance Training for Your Suit.  This will give you an important level of insight into the power of this miracle.




Discovering the Total Abundance Packets that the Source Has Created for You


Total Abundance Packets are created by the Source and placed in Total Abundance Stations.  There are two kinds of  Total Abundance Stations:

  • Community Total Abundance Stations which contain Packets created for the Community itself or for different populations within the Community, such as children.
  • Personal Total Abundance Stations which contain Packets created for a particular Heaven Agent to help him or her take the Next Step on the Path to Ultimate Spiritual Healing.


Entering the Total Abundance Stations on the Inner Plane 

Going into these Total Abundance Stations is like going on a Treasure Hunt to find the miracles that add up to Total Abundance in your life. The Packets that are meant for you are manned by Perfected Intelligences who will come forward to greet you and help you to understand why the Source has created them for you and what they can do to help you materialize Total Abundance in your life.


The way to enter a Total Abundance Station is to print the PDF that I provide that is linked to a miracle that makes it a Spiritual Gateway to the Station.  If you hold the print-out in both hands and meditate on it, you will begin getting a sense of the Perfected Intelligences that are approaching you to tell you about the kind of Packet that has been created for you.  

To print the PDFs, access the links provided below:





Reading about the Community Total Abundance Packets Discovered To Date

Listed below are a few of the Community Packets that exist in the Community Total Abundance Station.  You can read about the Packets and select the ones with which you feel guided to work.  To access the link you can go to:





Requesting Source Support to Find Your Packets 

If you have no training in working with Inner Plane Source Guidance, you can also request an Assessment of what Packets have been created for you.  I will then go with you on the Inner Plane into the Stations and see what Packets come forward to greet you and explain to you on the Inner Plane their contents and why your Suit needs them.  I will then email you information on what the Packets are and how much Material Energy you will need to provide in order to land the miracle of these Packets in your life. This will provide your conscious mind with the information that your Suit has obtained on a semi-conscious level through my work with it on the Inner Plane.


We can then work together to see how, given your current financial and spiritual circumstances, you can provide this Material Energy.  It can be provided through either an Energy Exchange or a Financial Exchange.  Whether you will need to provide a Financial Exchange is based on the state of your Suit and its ability to generate Material Energy for an Energy Exchange.  If a Financial Exchange is needed because your Suit can’t provide an Energy Exchange, then we can discuss your current circumstances and how to work within the range of what is possible energy wise, to receive the miracles of Total Abundance that these Packets can materialize in your life.  


To request an Assessment you can fill out the form which you can access through the link provided below.





Gifting Total Abundance Packets to the Global Community 

Contributions that help the Community to achieve Total Abundance are vital since they set the stage for the Total Abundance of every individual in the Community.


Those wishing to contribute can:

  •  provide financial support for a particular Community Total Abundance Packet listed below
  •  discover a Packet in the Community Total Abundance Station by working with the PDF given above
  •  or ask that I apply their contribution to whatever Packet is needed by the Community.


To make a contribution to the World that Works Fund you can access the form by clicking on the link provided below.  If you are making a contribution over $4500 you can email me for instructions on how to proceed.  




Community Total Abundance Packets 

The System of Life Total Abundance Packets

There are four different kinds of Training Downloads, administered through Total Abundance Packets, that are especially needed to train your Suit to do its part in building The System of Life.  While there are many other kinds of Training Downloads that have been created as well as Prescription Training Downloads that can be created for a specific need, the four outlined below are most in focus at this time.  


These Training Downloads are:

  • The Heaven Agent Skill Set Training Downloads give you the basics for how to do Heaven Agent Work in support of The Work of the Source.  They are the supportive Training Downloads for building Total Abundance.
  • The Identity Training Downloads enable you to shift your understanding of your identity away from the Socialized Identity, that is founded on the roles that you play in the Cultural Story, to your Heaven Agent Identity, which is the representative of the Soul.  These Training Downloads help you achieve Life Purpose Fulfillment.
  • The Celebrating Truth Training Downloads enable you to build toward Love-Based Relationships and Perfect Health by bringing into focus the Source Truths that enable you to understand what to do to live a Source-Connected Life.
  • The Love Connection Training Downloads enable you to do your Mission Work with The Love Connection with the Source as your primary focus.  This is what enables you to reach a 10.0 Skill Level in running The Heaven Experience Pathways and to unleash the power of The Heaven Experience Frequency into your life to transform it into an ongoing Heaven Experience.

Correct Exchange

The Heaven Agent Skill Set Packet

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Heaven Agent Skill Set Packet is US $1,490.


To request The Heaven Agent Skill Set Packet, you can access the link provided below.




The Identity Packet

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Identity Packet is US $1600.


To request The Identity Packet, you can access the link provided below.



The Celebrating Truth Packet

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Celebrating Truth Packet is US $1860.


To request The Celebrating Truth Packet, you can access the link provided below.




The Love Connection Packet

The amount of Material Energy needed for The Love Connection Packet is US $2,000.

To request The Love Connection Packet, you can access the link provided below.



Core Level Total Abundance Packets 


These Packets provide your Suit with what it needs to participate correctly in the Materialization Process.  They provide a Core Level of Total Abundance Training for your Suit.


The Reality Field Packet 

This miracle emits a Heaven Ray that transforms negative Inner Plane Reality Fields – which are Sound Fields – into positive Reality Fields that are conducive to a sense of well being and tranquility. Sound Fields form the Reality Field in which consciousness exists on the Inner Plane. If the consciousness of a being exists in a Fragmented Sound Field it will resonate to this Reality and continue to fragment.  If the consciousness exists in an Integrated Sound Field it will resonate to the Reality of Integration and continue to progress toward Perfect Spiritual Integration.

This Packet helps people who are undergoing the change from the negative Reality Fields of a Fragmented Way of Life to the positive Reality Field of an Integrated Way of Life to feel more secure about the transition so they don’t sabotage the change when they feel the negative Reality Field with which they are familiar disintegrating.  The Heaven Ray helps to make the transition peaceful and fast rather than a difficult process of partially destroying the negative Reality Field and living in the confusion before the positive Reality Field can be put into place. Once in the Integrated Reality Field the Heaven Ray maintains this Reality Field like a bubble around the person wherever they go.


Since the Suit exists in a myriad of Reality Fields, one for every relationship, cultural event, movie watched, restaurant visited, etc., there is a lot of training that is needed to enable the Suit to know how to deal with Fragmented Reality Fields without going back into them.  


This Packet more than any other gives the Suit the support that it needs to choose an Integrated Way of Life and be able to sustain the consciousness that enables it to live an Integrated Life.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Reality Field Packet is $550 for a 9 year period. At the end of the 9 year period, additional Material Energy can be provided to cover the next 9 year period.  Since coping with Fragmented Reality Fields in the culture will continue to be a problem for some years to come, this Packet will continue to be an invaluable source of Source Support in staying centered, at peace, and in the Integrated Reality Field that makes life Heaven.



The Intelligence Packet

When Suits were initially made in the beginning of the Creation they were given a certain range of intelligence that would have been adequate to cooperate with the initial set up of the Correct Exchange System in the Suit which would have enabled the Source to come into the Suit and take over running the mechanical aspects of the Suit on behalf of the Soul.


Now that the Source no longer directly comes into the Suit to help with the operation of it, the Suit needs to have a higher range of intelligence to coordinate with the miracles that the Source sends to the Suit to help it function correctly as a vehicle for the Soul.  Without this higher range of intelligence, most Suits will not be able to attain the levels of Spiritual Integration needed to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition or to meet the Standard of Perfection in the Source Perfected Universe.


The Training Downloads in the Packet give the Suit skills in working with a stepped up relaying of signals between the right and left polarities of the Suit.  When the signals are relayed at an extremely high speed, far in excess of what the original intelligence given to Suits could track, then Source Intelligence comes into the Suit and works in this environment of high speed Intelligence Relays between the polarities.


When the Source Intelligence is stable in the Suit, then the original lower grade type of intelligence is retired, making space for the Source Intelligence to run the Suit in an optimal manner that is conducive to the manifestation of the Soul in the Suit.


This higher range of intelligence enables the Suit to:

  • be more versatile, able to perform in a wider range than the former intelligence 
  • become capable of understanding the Source Perspective on what is happening in the Suit rather than adopting a Story Perspective which often includes avoidance of Source Truths about Fragmented aspects of the Suit that are causing problems in the life.  This enables the Suit to travel the Path to Perfection without getting side tracked into defending aspects of the Suit that are mutations and which need to be released in order for the Suit to attain the Standard of Perfection.
  • develop a deep sense of comfort and well-being even in the face of major Suit changes because the Source Intelligence is not afraid of change and is competent to work with the Source to help the Suit to adapt to whatever is needed.
  • see an Integrated Picture of Reality that will enable it to live an Integrated Life.  Source Intelligence will naturally understand what it means to live an Integrated Life and will naturally begin to make the changes in the Suit and in the way of life to enable this to happen.  Rather than trying to overhaul the original intelligence that is so used to living a Fragmented Way of Life and is so Fragmented that healing of all of this Fragmentation could take more time than the Suit has to survive the upcoming stages of The Transition and the rising Standards of the Source Perfected Universe, it is better to start afresh with Source Intelligence and have a Suit that is infinitely more intelligent than the old style Suit of the original Creation.



Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Intelligence Packet is US $1650.





The Peace of Mind Packet 

This Packet balances out the polarity system so that the female right brain and the male left brain are in balance with one another.  When balance occurs there is a deep inner peace and an ability to think clearly, receive Source Guidance, and work effectively with the Source to manifest Total Abundance.  A balanced polarity system is the stage on which The Heaven Experience can manifest.  Without this calm inner space there is too much turbulence to pick up on the subtle and profound experiences that make life Heaven.


Generally the left brain becomes imbued with the content of Story Culture and blocks input from the right brain.  It loops back on itself to mimic Whole Brain Functioning without using the Source-Created right brain which brings in information sent directly from the Source to the Suit.  When this happens only Man-Made Abundance, which is really scarcity on so many levels, is possible.  It takes Whole Brain Functioning to maintain the calmness of Direct Perception that enables the Suit to know what is next on their Journey to Total Abundance and to work skillfully with the Source to do its part in the Materialization Process.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Peace of Mind Packet is $1495.




The Receptivity Packet

This miracle prepares both the male and female polarities to work together to receive the miracles sent by the Source.  While balancing the polarities is a first step, training them to do their parts and to work together is a necessary part of preparing the Suit to participate correctly in the Materialization Process.


Because the female polarity has been largely suppressed and prevented from communicating directly to the male polarity which has been listening only to the Cultural Story about how to manifest Total Abundance, it takes a considerable amount of retraining and reworking of the polarity system for the polarities to ever function correctly enough to pick up on all of the miracles that the Source is sending to the Suit and to develop the Field of Receptivity that enables the miracles to land in the life.  If one polarity or the other is slightly out of touch with Source Guidance or out of sync with one another, miracles are not received and Total Abundance can not be achieved.


Since Total Abundance requires that miracles be received in every moment of your life to make each moment the Heaven it was created to be, the polarity system has to be trained to function optimally or a Miracle-Based Way of Life that is totally abundant is not possible.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Receptivity Packet is US $6500.  This covers an extensive Inner Plane Training Program for the Intelligence of the polarities that sees them through every step of the learning process until they are able to cooperate with the Materialization Economy that manifests what is needed materially directly from the Spiritual Level of Reality into the Physical Level of Reality.  It is ongoing, life long training and supervision given by the Perfected Intelligence that mans the Packet and by the Source working in a coaching relationship to the Suit through Inner Plane Training Sessions.  




The Core Total Abundance Training Packet

Just as a house needs to be built on a solid foundation, so the Heaven of Total Abundance has to be built on the solid foundation of an Integrated Life that is Source-Connected.  When you live an Integrated Life there are no holes in the foundation and you can safely build all of the stories of the house of Total Abundance without putting any of them at risk.  When you live a Fragmented Way of life there is no foundation, just Fragment Structures that shift around and crumble easily when subjected to any adverse circumstance.  Those who try to build Total Abundance on the fragments of a Fragmented Way of Life are unable to build even the first floor of the house since it continually collapses and has to be started over again, only to collapse again.

The Core Total Abundance Training Packet provides the Suit with the basics in not only how to build the foundation of an Integrated Way of Life but how to work alongside the Source in the Materialization Process that yields Total Abundance.


Because the Suit has been living a Fragmented Way of Life and living in a culture that promotes this and enforces it at every turn, the Suit needs a lot more help than simply learning theoretically in its conscious mind how to live an Integrated Life and then trying to weigh in against the structures already in place in the subconscious mind for living a Fragmented Way of Life.


The path to developing an Integrated Life begins with training the Suit in the basics – giving it a Crash Course in how to live an Integrated Life.


The Suit needs to know the basics for achieving:

  • Total Abundance through Supporting the Work of the Source
  • Love-Based Relationships through Nurturing Life
  • Life Purpose Fulfillment through Upholding the Standards of Heaven 
  • Perfect Health through Celebrating Life
  • The Love Connection with the Source through understanding the Source Perspective, focusing on communing with the Source, and experiencing The Heaven Experience 

The Crash Course gives Suits two levels of learning:

  • The Core Training Downloads in each of the five areas listed above
  • Individualized training through Prescription Training Downloads that meet their particular needs


For instance, a person might receive the Core Training Downloads for how to develop Love-Based Relationships that supply them with the basics for how to establish any Love-Based Relationship.  But they may also need a Prescription Download to understand how to heal from specific aspects of the dysfunctional relationships in their childhood so they can form a loving intimate relationship in adult life.  The combination of Core Training Downloads and Prescription Downloads provide the Suit with what it uniquely needs to travel the distance to living an Integrated Life.

Backing up the Training Downloads are:

  • Inner Plane Training Sessions where I coach the Suit at all of the levels of the subconscious mind so it understands how to work with the Training Downloads and implement what is learned in daily life
  • Optional Outer Plane Training Sessions by Email where I interpret the Code Clusters that surface into the conscious mind so the Heaven Agent can understand the information that is coming through to help them develop the Skill Sets needed to participate in the Materialization Process
  • Source Power to materialize Perfect Functioning at a basic level in all of the 5 aspects outlined above and to support the materialization of Total Abundance in all of these aspects of life
  • Source Support through other Source Interventions and Miracle Tools
  • A Perfected Intelligence that works closely with the Source on the project of getting the Suit at conscious and subconscious levels to not only understand how to live an Integrated Life and participate in materializing Total Abundance, but to begin implementing this understanding in everyday life
And backing up the Packet in its entirety is the power of Source Range Heaven Happenings that can manifest Heaven even in the most adverse circumstances.  
With this combination it is possible for the Suit to not only get equipped to participate in the Materialization Process but to perfect itself which is the most important aspect of Total Abundance that a Suit can achieve.  While achieving other forms of abundance can help a Suit to feel better in its life, Total Abundance can only be fully achieved and enjoyed by a Suit that has attained a state of Perfection.
Before the advent of Total Abundance Packets, The Path to Perfection was a steep one with many Heaven Agents drifting off the Path because their Suits lacked the understanding of how to stay on the Path.  With the miracle of Training Downloads in combination with all of the other miracles that come in a Total Abundance Packet, Perfecting the Suit is now not such a formidable task but one that a Heaven Agent can achieve by providing the Suit with all of the Packets that it needs to complete the process.  This is a miracle beyond any other since Perfecting the Suit is the most critical element in surviving in the Source Perfected Universe which will require that all Suits heal from the Disease of Fragmentation and attain a state of Perfection.

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the Core Training is $4,900.  The amount needed for Prescription Downloads can be determined by Assessment.


It is possible to do one aspect of the Core Training at a time for $980/unit.  For instance, you could start with the Perfect Health unit of the training.  If you would like to exchange for the training one or more units at a time, you can access the link below and provide information in the Comments Box that will be provided concerning which unit or units you would like.  You can also indicate how many Units you are exchanging for when you go through the online card processing forms.


Payment Plans are possible when there is financial need.  Those exchanging for the Core Training in a single payment will receive the most power coming through for the Packets.








Intermediary Level Total Abundance Packets


These Packets provide important training for your Suit but are not as foundational as Core Level Packets.


The Love Exchange Packet

Since Suits have been socialized to harvest those that they say that they love – a close relationship being an invitation for harvesting behavior to occur – they have to be retrained to not try to harvest the Source when they are trying to develop The Love Connection with the Source. Harvesting behavior is an act of aggression and a violation of The Standard of Heaven and can terminate the Source Connection when enacted in a personal relationship with the Source.  Since harvesting behavior often occurs at subconscious levels of the Suit, the Suit needs a thorough retraining that addresses all of the subconscious levels of the Suit that might engage in this kind of behavior, confusing it with love.  This Packet provides the Training Downloads that enable the Suit to learn how to love without forming attachments and setting up the Harvesting Operation learned from the Negativity.  This training is essential to developing The Love Connection with the Source but it is also fundamental to developing any Love-Based Relationship.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Love Exchange Packet is US $290.




The Completion Packet 

This miracle trains the Suit to honor Source Purpose through to the completion of this Purpose even if the Suit doesn’t understand the Source Logic behind the Purpose or the ultimate outcome that the Source is manifesting.  Through understanding the need to do its part and support the completion of Source Purpose, the Suit moves out of an oppositional relationship to the Source into the workflow of the Source than enables Total Abundance to manifest.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Completion Packet is US $260.





Life Enrichment Packets 


These Packets build the aspects of Total Abundance that round out the picture of Total Abundance in your life.  They are not essential to your survival but they give you an opportunity to enjoy levels of Total Abundance that are possible through working with the miracles of Total Abundance Packets.


The Future Sense Packet 

This miracle gives the Suit the Training Downloads to work with a Perfected Intelligence that goes into the future and radios back to the Suit information on probable future outcomes based on how the variables that affect future outcomes are coming into place.

This information is more of an intuitive sense of what lies ahead rather than a detailed read-out.  Since the future is not set in stone but is the result of the collective decisions of many beings, the Perfected Intelligence only gives the Suit a heads up about how things at the moment are shaping up for the future. This information is helpful in dealing with emotional issues in time for certain events and in preparing for unexpected life transitions such as the loss of a loved one.  If the Suit has an intuitive sense of what is coming it can prepare on subconscious and conscious levels and be able to flow with the change rather than remaining rigid and fragmenting in the face of life challenges.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Future Sense Packet is US $100.





The Treasure Packet

This Packet enables the Suit to get on a Source-Given Energy Trajectory that enables them to follow the adventure given by the Source that leads to the delightful, playful experiences created by the Source.  The Source creates an ongoing Treasure Hunt that leads to the fun and miraculous Heaven Moments that open beings to the true joy of life.


So often the attention span of a Heaven Agent flags just when they are about to discover the treasure that the Source has created for them. With the Training Downloads of this Packet, the Suit gains the ability to stay alert and pick up on the cues so the playful and joyful parts of life can be experienced.  This is accomplished through the Training Downloads providing the information that is needed for the specific Treasure Hunt that the Source is creating during a specific time frame.  Through working with the Training Downloads through a number of different Treasure Hunts, the Suit begins to understand how to track the clues and can begin to track the adventure without the support of a Training Download.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Treasure Packet is $95 for a minimal amount of training and $145 for more extensive training support for the Treasure Hunts that span a two week period.  After the two weeks, another Packet can be procured to cover the specific Treasure Hunts up ahead.






The Color Fast Crayon Packet

This miracle provides the Suit with the Training Downloads to work with an Inner Plane crayon that they can color with on an Inner Plane sheet of paper.  As they color with the crayon, different colors appear on the sheet of paper drawing in the different frequencies of life that they uniquely need in order to feel healthy and happy.  As these frequencies are materialized on the paper they manifest in the energy field around them.  As they take up residence around them they begin to become self-regenerating so that the frequencies can be sustained for a two year period.  


Through using the crayon, a Heaven Agent can build a Heaven ecosphere around themselves of the right Heaven Energies that help them to feel happy in their life.  It is called a Color Fast Crayon because it retains its color throughout all of the tears of life that occur with the loss of a loved one, through misfortune, and the like.


Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the Color Fast Crayon Packet is US $900 for a two year period.  After this it can be renewed for a 6 month period for $100.



Total Abundance Packets are part of The Life Purpose Fulfillment Project and are a Life Purpose Fulfillment Miracle Tool.

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