The Miracle Manifestation Ring


Key to the development of a Miracle-Based Way of Life, is the ability to create the Miracle-Friendly Environment into which the miracles can come.


In the time of the Prototype Communities, I created an Inner Plane Miracle Tool – a Miracle Ring –  that was an Energy Ring that was the size of their Community. It generated Individual Miracle Rings for everyone in the Community.  In the Community Miracle Ring all of the miracles that were needed by the Community landed.  In the Individual Miracle Rings, all of the miracles that individuals needed landed.


This Miracle Ring technology was the Prototype for the Miracle Ring that I can create for the Universal Community of our modern world.  The Miracle Ring that I now can provide for Heaven Agents and for the Universal Community is many times more powerful than the Miracle Ring of the Prototype Communities because it has to be able to provide for a Miracle Landing Zone even in very Miracle Un-Friendly circumstances because Heaven Agents today are not in a domed, geographical Community that is maintained at an even Miracle-Friendly Level at all times.


Because protection of the Miracle Landing Zone is critical, the Miracle Ring of today is an advanced Miracle Intelligence who can defend the Landing Zone and help to provide the miracle that is coming into the world like a new born baby, the kind of gentle and correct care that enables it to survive the birth and get settled into its life.  The Miracle Ring is both a defender and a midwife, providing the kind of expert care that beings in the world lack the skill to provide.  It also provides the technical support that I need at the other end of the Delivery Process since I am no longer in the Creation receiving the miracles that are being sent directly into my care on behalf of beings.  Now I have to have a Perfected Miracle Intelligence at the other end of the Delivery Process if my Source Function is going to be willing to send Miracle Intelligences into the world in our current very Miracle Un-Friendly circumstances.


The Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Ring is also an important member of the Heaven Agent Team. It watches out for the Heaven Agent and steps in, using its considerable range of Miracle-Based Abilities to help out when needed.  When times are difficult, the Miracle Ring is the onsite defender of the Heaven Agent and the one who reports in to me if there is a need for additional Source Support.  It also generates emergency supplemental Material Energy that is used to balance the exchange for the miracles needed by the Heaven Agent.  This enables the Heaven Agent to grow and learn how to produce these energies while the Miracle Ring is providing them as a stop gap measure. This also provides a safety net on survival since most Heaven Agents are new to the production of large amounts of Material Energy and their Life that Works Fund too often runs dry because they haven’t grasped the importance of keeping it topped off and always at peak capacity.  


In times of sickness and at death, the Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Ring watches over the Heaven Agent and provides very vitally needed support.  Since my Source Function is no longer in the Creation and there at the time of birth and death unless the being has provided the Material Energy to ground the miracle of a Direct Source Presence there, it is important to have a Heaven Agent who is able to act as my emissary and help out with whatever defense or emergency energy needs might arise.


Miracle Rings, unlike other Miracle Intelligences linked to Miracle Tool Suits, do not have a sustainable amount of energy that enables them to continue to do their work indefinitely.  The Miracle Intelligence of the Heaven Blanket can work for a lifetime on the Material Energy supplied at the time the Heaven Blanket is created.  This is not true of the complex Miracle Intelligence of the Miracle Ring who is performing very difficult work and using up tremendous amounts of energy for this work.  


Miracle Ring Intelligences are more like living beings who consume energy and then have to have more energy in order to keep working.  Just as human Heaven Agents have to eat every day, so Miracle Ring Intelligences need to be given a daily amount of energy in order to perform their function.


If the energy runs out then the Miracle Intelligence ceases to be able to help and goes into a dormant phase.  If the energy is not restored within a certain period of time, the Miracle Intelligence will return to the Unmanifest Level and will not be able to return to help the Heaven Agent in the future.



The Correct Exchange for an Individual Miracle Ring

The amount of Material Energy that is needed to supply a Miracle Ring Intelligence with the energy that it needs to operate on is $6500/year or $541.67/month.  This amount has increased after we lost the energy supply of the Universal Source Connection Channel which contributed the equivalent of $500 in Material Energy to each Miracle Ring.


Miracle Ring Teams

Given the miracle of Correct Exchange, if you exchange financially for one year in one payment, two Miracle Rings can be born at one time instead of just one.  This is because a greater amount of Material Energy given at one time enables me to open the door to more miracles coming through.  


The Two Ring Team

The two Miracle Rings form a Ring Team that works far more powerfully to help you bring in miracles than just one Miracle Ring can do.  


The Three Ring Team

If you exchange for 5 years in one payment, three Miracle Rings can be born at one time. These Miracle Rings can work together to build a much more substantial Miracle Landing Zone which will enable you to land more powerful miracles for yourself and for others.  This means an accelerated progression of your work on your Path to Perfection and on building a Miracle-Based Way of Life.


The Five Ring Team

If you exchange for 10 years in one payment, five Miracle Rings can be born.  The kind of Miracle Landing Zone they can build and maintain allows for even  more powerful miracles to come through.  Through such a Landing Zone some of the miracles that build the Heaven of a World that Works can come as well as major miracles into your personal life.


The Six Ring Team

If you exchange for 20 years in one payment, six Miracle Rings can be born at one time. The kind of Miracle Landing Zone that they can build is one into which the miracle of a Source Connection Center can come.  This means that you can establish a Source Connection Center in a room in your house or in a large building and it will have all of the Station capabilities of the Master Source Connection Center in Seattle.  The Source Connection Center is the main Ultimate Spiritual Healing Center.  (To read more you can refer to the article: "Ultimate Spiritual Healing Centers" and follow the links to the different kinds of Centers, one of which is the Source Connection Center.)


Running a Source Connection Center involves exchanging with me for the security for the Center and working with me carefully to establish the space and maintain the quality of the work that goes on in the Source Connection Center once it is established.  These are aspects of the work that can be discussed if you would like to make the miracle of a Source Connection Center available to others in your region.


Source Connection Centers will be needed all over the world.  They will be the Safe Zone in which Heaven Agents can go to heal, to be transformed, and to work together on projects to transform life into Heaven.  Those who provide the financial exchange for a Source Connection Center will be able to make this most important Miracle Tool available to fellow Heaven Agents and will benefit from the income that Ultimate Spiritual Healing Work in the Center generates.


Establishing a Source Connection Center is one of the Joint Ventures with the Source that is available to those who wish to build Heaven in this very substantial way in their Communities.

Requesting an Individual Miracle Ring

Requesting a One Year Miracle Ring

If you would like to request a one year Miracle Manifestation Ring, then select an option below.


You have the option of exchanging for your Ring in a single payment which will provide your Ring with the greatest amount of power, or through a Payment Plan.  I will give you several options for Payment Plans.  Keep in mind that the more exchanged for at one time, the greater power your Ring will have.  This means that the monthly Payment Plan will provide you with less power than a two month Payment Plan.  In both cases, however, you receive a fully functional Miracle Manifestation Ring.  

Note:  For those paying with a single payment for one year, you will generate enough Material Energy for an additional Miracle Manifestation Ring without any additional Financial Exchange.


The Miracle Manifestation Ring is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.


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Payment Option


Requesting a Multiple Year Miracle Ring


If you would like to exchange in one payment for Miracle Rings for 2 - 20 years, then email me with your request and we can discuss how to proceed for the financial exchange since it will exceed the limits of our online credit card processing center.


If you exchange for 5, 10, or 20 years you get Miracle Ring Teams of 3, 5, and 6 Miracle Rings – enough at 6 Rings to ground the miracle of a Source Connection Center that you can open up as a Heaven Agent facility in your region.  




 Exchanging for a Miracle Ring for the Universal Community 

While exchanging for an individual Miracle Ring will enable a Heaven Agent to have an important piece of the puzzle for building a Life that Works and will, in the case of 3, 5 and 6  Ring Teams enable them to contribute to a World that Works, the Universal Community really has to have its own Miracle Ring if the miracles that the Community needs will have a Miracle Landing Zone that is big enough and protected enough for the massive miracles for a World that Works to land in the Zone.


Heaven Agents need to plan how this is to happen in order to begin generating through their Prototype Work and their Financial Exchange the Material Energy for a Miracle Ring for the Universal Community.


The Correct Exchange for such a ring is $600,050.  If this Miracle Ring were to be born, then it could supply individual Heaven Agents with Individual Miracle Rings enabling everyone to be able to have the most basic Miracle Tool of a Miracle Ring so they can participate in the Materialization Phase of the Heaven Economy.


In our current Cash Economy on the Earth, only a small percentage of the human population has the financial means to provide their Suits with an Individual Miracle Ring each year. Most Heaven Agents will have to work on Outer Plane Heaven on Earth Prototype Projects to generate the Material Energy for the Correct Exchange from their Prototype Work.  While this is a viable way to balance the exchange and one that is open to everyone regardless of their socioeconomic status in the Cash Economy, it takes dedication and hard work to balance the exchange in this way.  


What is optimal is for Heaven Agents to team up to generate the Material Energy for a Miracle Ring for the Universal Community so that everyone in the Universal Community can have an Individual Miracle Ring.  In this way every member of a family, including the children who are too young to work on Heaven Projects on the Outer Plane, can have Total Abundance which can only happen if there is a place in which the miracles that manifest Total Abundance can land.  Without a Miracle Ring, this Miracle Landing Zone can’t be built and maintained. 


The Source has given to certain Heaven Agents the financial means to step forward to help with the Source Support for this project.  It is of urgent importance that they do so to enable us to move more quickly into the Materialization Phase of the Heaven Economy that will end scarcity and lay the foundation for a Love-Based Community.


If you would like to contribute toward the Miracle Ring for the Community, then fill out the form below.  The Spiritual Energy will go into The Ultimate Spiritual Healing Fund for a World that Works and will be safely stored there until all of the energy needed to bring through the Miracle Ring is collected.

Contribution Form

I would like to contribute $.00 toward a Miracle Ring for the Universal Community.