The Untangler Miracle Tool

The Untangler Miracle Tool is a comb to which a Miracle Link has been added. When you comb your hair, it untangles the Communication Networks of the Negativity that are woven into your hair so that the Negativity can keep you listening to their Inner Plane Suggestions.  These Negative Suggestions drive you to create The Hell Experience in your life so that the Negativity can Harvest your suffering.


The hair on your head was designed to serve like an antennae for Source Guidance. Most beings can’t tell whether a thought is originating from Source Guidance or is a Negative Suggestion being sent to them by the Negativity if it is transmitted to their Consciousness by their hair antennae. This is why the Negativity has invested in putting in elaborate Negative Communication Networks in the hair.


Many people feel like they have received a vision or inspiration from the Source when they have only picked up on a Negative Communication networked through their hair by the Negativity.  It may seem very vivid to them because it came through their antennae system.


You can run The Untangler Comb through your hair several times a day to break down the Negative Communication Networks that the Negativity has installed and tries to re-install throughout the day.


As you free your antennae/hair for getting clear reception of Source Guidance, you will begin to feel the difference when Source Communications come to you more clearly and you feel less stressed and jangled by the Negative Communications coming in from the Negativity.


The antennae function of your hair needs to be restored so you can be at peace with receiving clear Source Guidance that enables you to envision The Heaven Experience and be free of the Communications of the Negativity that direct you to build a life that yields The Hell Experience. 


The Untangler Miracle Tool works on two levels. It clears the Inner Plane hair of the Negative Communication Networks and also clears the Outer Plane hair of these Networks.  In the case of those who do not have Outer Plane hair on their head, only the Inner Plane Hair will be cleared.  This will effect the same result since Inner Plane Hair is what is initially Networked by the Negativity. 

Correct Exchange

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of The Untangler Miracle Tool is US $700.

To request The Untangler, you can access the link provided below:


The Untangler is part of The Perfect Health Project and is a Perfect Health Miracle Tool.

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