The Source Solution Miracle

NOTE: This Miracle Tool provides Heaven Agents with a way to activate Source Solutions and get them working in the world.  It is an important way for individuals to begin unleashing the power of Source Solutions to solve the problems in their lives and in the world.  Prior to the upcoming Vibrational Shifts, this kind of work will be the work that saves lives by helping individuals to move out of the problems that limit their understanding and their ability to respond intelligently to the challenge of transitioning into an Integrated Way of Life.



Because beings have lost touch with Source Guidance and sometimes get only partial communications, it is hard for them to understand what the Source is trying to tell them about the Source Solution to their problem that they are requesting.  Sometimes they get part of the answer and rush off to implement forgetting to ask about the timing of the work and if there are other parts of the Source Solution that need to be worked with as well. 


The end result is a failure to work effectively with the miracle of a Source Solution.


Seeing this recurring problem, my Source Function has created The Source Solution Miracle. When a Heaven Agent asks for a Source Solution, the Source Solution Miracle:

  • brings the Source Solution into focus for the Heaven Agent. The Heaven Agent is walked through the various aspects of the Source Solution and can ask to see all of the different aspects of the Source Solution in case there are stages of the Source Solution that need to be understood.
  • it helps the Heaven Agent understand how to work with the Source Solution if there is a part that they have to play in the implementation process
  • it helps the Heaven Agent to track the action as the Source Solution plays out so they know where the Source Solution is its work of resolving the situation
  • it provides the Spiritual Intent Energy that is needed to catalyze the Source Solution.  This complements the Source Intent Energy that works to catalyze the Solution from the Source Level.  With this additional support for the full manifestation of the Source Solution, even large scale Source Solutions that would ordinarily require the Spiritual Intent Energy of a whole Community, can be successfully activated.
  • it also works to catalyze the support work on the part of the Heaven Agents to provide the Material Energy and Material Resources that might be needed to manifest the Source Solution 


The way that a Heaven Agent would work with The Source Solution Miracle is to ask it about Source Solutions to Life that Works and World that Works issues and then work alongside the Source Solution as it is catalyzed by the Source Solution Miracle and begins to manifest.  The Heaven Agent would work to provide the Material Energy and Material Resources needed and if this is more than is possible for them given their Mission, then they would alert other Heaven Agents in the Universal Heaven Agent Network about the Source Solution that they see manifesting and the need to help to supply the needed Heaven Agent Support.


In this way an individual looking at a situation in the world that needs a Source Solution can begin the process of bringing the Source Solution into play and starting the Source Solution Miracle working to catalyze the Community support that is needed for the Source Solution.


Much of this work will go on behind the scenes, but through tracking the action with the Source Solution Miracle it will be possible to find out where the Source Solution is in its work and what else is needed to assist in the implementation process.


With the help of the Source Solution Miracle every Heaven Agent can become a powerful catalyst for personal and universal change.  Since the Source Solution Miracle works to mobilize those who need to help on the Inner and Outer Plane, the Heaven Agent who requests the Source Solution doesn’t have to be the one who sees the Source Solution through to completion.  They just start the process and do what is theirs to do to help with the work that needs to be done.

With the urgent need to transform life on the planet to provide the springboard of a well-established Heaven Way of Life to those Transitioning into The Source Perfected World, a miracle of the calibre of The Source Solution Miracle is sorely needed.  Without it Heaven Agents can spin their wheels for years, missing out on the opportunity to manifest Heaven now when it has to manifest if the population on the Earth will be ready to Transition into The Source Perfected World before the Earth and the Original Creation becomes totally unsustainable and begins to disintegrate.  

There isn't much time left.  This means that Heaven Agents need to work with this Miracle daily in order to bring about the social and personal change that will prepare beings on the Earth to build here the Love-Based Community that will qualify them to enter into the Love-Based Community that will exist in The Source Perfected World.  Since only those who have demonstrated their ability to Live Heaven can enter into The Source Perfected World, there is no longer any time to continue on with the current Fragmented Way of Life.  To do so is to disqualify yourself for entry into The Source Perfected World when, in the next 40 years or so, it will be the only habitat that exists in the Creation.


Correct Exchange

The Correct Exchange for The Source Solution Miracle is US $685.


The Source Solution Miracle is part of The Total Abundance Project and is a Total Abundance Miracle Tool.

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