The Rings of Discernment

In the Prototype Communities they rely heavily on Rings of Discernment that enable them to track what is happening in the Spiritual Level of Reality. These are Inner Plane Energy Rings that they look into to see the nature of reality. The Rings that I am able to make available to beings outside of a Prototype Community are:


The Outcome Ring

This Ring gives you insight into the outcome that will result if you persist in a certain kind of behavior.  This is key to assessing whether you are on course with manifesting the Heaven that the Source is guiding you to manifest in the moment and long term.  You can also consult The Outcome Ring with regard to the outcome of the course of action taken by others.


It is also possible to show someone else The Outcome Ring on the Inner Plane and give them a chance to see what their current behavior will manifest in the time ahead. This can occur when you offer this to them on the Inner Plane, without any need to discuss this with them on the Outer Plane.  They will be able, in some aspect of their spiritual intelligence, to perceive the information imparted to them by The Outcome Ring.  This can be a sobering moment of truth for this person. 


I have seen life altering decisions being made by those who have been given a glimpse of the true outcome of their current course of action. This information gives them a chance to understand what no amount of theoretical discussion of the problem and the likely outcome could accomplish. 


The Outcome Ring gives them a felt experience of the outcome that is as real as if it had played out in their Outer Plane Life.  While only a subliminal level of their awareness may have had this experience, the information percolates into their conscious awareness and gives them a sense of what lies ahead. This then enables them to make a more informed decision about the choices they are making in their life. 


In the Prototype Communities, the insight through The Outcome Ring was more powerful than any reasoning with themselves about why they should give up a time honored cultural tradition because it might not be the best for them.  When they clearly saw the reality of what it really added up to they dropped it immediately and never were tempted to go back to it.


This is the kind of support that beings learning how to Live Heaven in modern times need in order to see for themselves what adds up to The Heaven Experience and what adds up to The Hell Experience. The Outcome Ring is the Go To Miracle Tool for an immediate read on what your thoughts and actions are really manifesting.


The Heaven Project Ring

This Ring helps you to track what is happening in the moment in The Universal Heaven Project and what lies ahead.  In the Prototype Communities they use The Heaven Project Ring to find out how much Material Energy they will need to generate and when it will be needed.  In this way they never suffer a lapse in any essential aspect of their Miracle-Based Way of Life.


It also clues them in on what they need to do to assist in The Heaven Project. Since The Heaven Project is a vastly complex Project, there is no way in which any being can track what is really happening in it at any given moment.  It takes the Simultaneous Intelligence of the Source to track every life and every event in the Creation and direct The Heaven Project to move in to secure Heaven and counter the opposition of The Hell Project.


What a being can do in their conscious mind is to track what the Source is giving to them to look at in the moment.  Whatever aspect of The Heaven Project is theirs to understand or participate in in the moment is what comes into view when they gaze into The Heaven Project Ring.  This information enables them to know something of what is happening so that when they ask to "become what is needed to support The Work of the Source" they have an idea of the issues at hand.



In the Prototype Communities, the Discernment Rings exist on the Inner Plane for the use of the entire Community.  


Given the different geographical location of people on the Earth, it is more practical for each Heaven Agent to have his own set of Discernment Rings.


Correct Exchange 

The amount of Material Energy needed to ground the miracle of the set of Discernment Rings is US $2400.  They work as a set so it is not possible to purchase just one Ring and not the set.


To request The Discernment Rings, you can access the link provided below.





The Rings of Discernment are part of The Total Abundance Project and are a Total Abundance Miracle Tool. 

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